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  1. OMG GUYS!! 

    I'm at the airport in Korea right now...going to Hong Kong and I had a major freak out. It wasn't even about the usual things a normal person would freak out about...but this DAMN DRAMA. 

    I was thinking to myself...going to HK means I go back an hour because of time zones and panicked that I had to wait another extra hour to stream the show tomorrow/tonight. Of course..that's not how time zones work. I'm a BABO!!

    You know you've become too obsessed and delusional from a drama when you can't even think straight or get your priorities right.

    If the husband ends up being neither JH  or TK...I will lose  my marbles. 

    Save me guys with beautiful pictures of RJY please.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, wizengamot said:


    yes. it is about family and friends. actually when i started this series, i have not visited soompi. i only watch R97 before R88 and skipped R94 so i'm not really familiar about ship wars or anything of that sort. when the series becomes too much for my feels to handle, i thought i need people who will spazz with me so i came to soompi. i thought that i'd be happily spazzing JH and DS on the drama thread, because i ha d this idea that people are shipping them like how YJ was shipped with SW in R97. I was totally blown away that the main thread was actually intensed and that some people did not see JH as the husband and that was one of the biggest WHAT in my life.

    then i discovered this thread and yeah i got in too deep. but honestly, when i first watch this, without any previous experience of divided ships, i thought everyone was seeing JH as the husband like how Yoon Jae in R97 is certainly the husband. 


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...same for me.

    I totally didn't watch Reply 1994 but I read about all the disputes over the husband because people who had already seen Reply 1997 knew the potential plot. But people were still so invested that I guess one side of the fandom had to come out heartbroken.

    I really thought after having two series already that people will know the general gist of the plot by now...tbh if the husband isn't JH...I won't be upset or too shocked...it just means the writer wanted to change things up and didn't want to be predictable.

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  3. JH is the main lead...to my heart.

    *hears crows in the background*


    It's funny how people are so fixed on this husband thing when the main focus of this Reply series is family and friends.

    But I don't blame them...I was like that with Reply 1997. The struggles are real.

    Dooms day is here tomorrow. I hope we all survive the torture because THERE WILL BE TORTURE.

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