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  1. On 07/12/2017 at 1:55 AM, blu76off said:
    I don't think there will be any reward vacation, looking at the ratings.

    No news on any DVD release either.

     T ^ T

    That also means the chances of Season 2 is slim. 

    *goes back to writing fanfics for Minjoon x Hari couple*


    *finishes writing one fanfic*


    For those of you who maybe suffering from withdrawals, here's a little teaser fanfic I wrote which you can check out either on Dramabeans or Tumblr.




  2. Guys, I watched the episodes and all the scenes again about a million times. Even though the drama was based on a simple storyline and one main case, I think all the actors made it work and in the end, the last scene was so rewarding and proved how far each character had come since the beginning. 


    Of course, I would have like more confirmation about Hari and Minjoon, but again, this drama was never about the romance (DAMN STUPID HEART FOR FALLING INTO THE SHIP) and I think the subtle clues and exchanges in the final episode tells us that they are together.


    I would be so down for a Season 2. I mean the ending is pretty much just the beginning of them as a team. Perhaps this time, we can see more than just one case but have the Mad Dog team solve a few different cases that somehow lead into one conspiracy. I think that was what I initially thought the drama would be like, instead of just focusing on the plane accident. 


    If there was a Season 2 though, we definitely need all the actors of the Mad Dog team on board. And I would love to see more interactions and development between Hari and Minjoon, Cheetah and Nurse Oh, as well as the Mad Dog family.


    I think I will be watching as many Mad Dog videos in the upcoming days, at least until I decide what drama to watch next, since I currently lost both my Monday/Tuesday drama slot and Wednesday/Thursday drama slot all in one go. Talk about major post-drama deprived syndrome. Sigh.


    See you guys all around.

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  3. 9 hours ago, crazyyo said:

    Hahaha take me with you , I think we need to find a boyfriend for hari to wake minjoon up.

    When he said they are not in that kind of relationship my heart torned in thousand pieces! Boy if you guys are not in that kind of relationship then the f you have been doing for almost 15 episodes? I get his reasons and all and I know he likes her veryyy much but he really shouldn't have said that , broke my heart :( like you said stop playing with the girl. I love that guy but was kind of disappointed today.Guess he likes her so much he can't control himself. 

    Lets wait for a confession scene tomorrow :wub:

    Exactly. He says he doesn't want to see her hurt but he's the one hurting her. Idiot. I shall wait with a less hopeful heart so if nothing happens I am mentally and emotionally prepared.

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  4. @crazyyo @stroppyse I swear guys, if nothing happens to our couple tomorrow I might jump off this boat and drown myself in Minjoon's pool of idiocy. Take Hari with me and go find ourselves some mermen or something.


    I think I get what Minjoon is doing but I don't see the point at the same time, especially with one episode remaining. I seriously think that Hari really has to get hurt for some sense to be kicked into him.


    When he responded to Pentium that him and Hari werent in that kind of relationship, I was like "Dude, stop playing with the girl if you're not interested. You know how her dad was scammed and now you're scamming her feelings. No wonder you're a con artist" I love but hate the guy. Can't imagine how Hari feels.


    Anyway hopefully when I wake up and finish work tomorrow, I will see a good ending.

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  5. I'm so done with Kim Min Joon. Girl is being all sincere with you and you go make fun of her. Dude, just because you're afraid of starting a relationship with her. 


    Hari should just go off with some random dude to make him jealous.


    I know I'm just saying that because I'm annoyed but really I want them together. Wish there was more than just 1 episode for that. This couple literally takes one leap and then two steps back. They need to have some consideration for us shipper' s hearts.

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  6. I think with 2 episodes remaining it would be too big a plot twist for Hari to go to the dark side but I can totally see her doing something to help Minjoon and Kangwoo. I mean it wouldn't be bad if she pretended to go to the dark side and help Hyun Ki, but only for the whole Mad Dog team to be in on it too. I also wouldn't mind if she got hurt so then there will be some development between her and Minjoon. I mean I have noticed in the latter episodes, their lines have mirrors each other's from the beginning.


    Examples that I can think of...

    1.  Hari fell on Minjoon on the table where he ran off because of the cockroach / Minjoon (kind of) fell on Hari when he was drunk
    2. Minjoon taking his clothes off and telling Hari to "turn around" / Hari changing in the car and telling Minjoon to "turn around"

    So given this observation, I'm kind of thinking that if Hari gets hurt and ends up in hospital then Minjoon will be the one by her side. I'm also imagining some confession whilst she's unconscious/or pretending to be and somehow Pentium records it which later on the whole team listens together (preferably Cheetah and Pentium reenacting the scene by lip syncing the voice recording) leading to some embarrassing/shy moments, whilst Kang Woo looks on like a proud father/brother. THE END.


    If none of this happens, I might have to start writing fanfics again.

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  7. Internet is back at home so I can join in the discussion again.


    MJ x HR moments are still gold to me. It really does take the edge off the intensity in this drama. 


    I'm super happy to see everyone being a family now in Mad dog so I don't want any more deaths.


    Although ep.14 preview looks like there will be more crying and that has me worried, especially for HR as she is pretty much bait for both the crazy killer lawyer and HK. When MJ said "tell me I did well" it reminded me of when HR complimented him for being nice to HK's secretary. 


    Fingers crossed nothing major happens to any of our gang. My hopes are if HR does get hurt, then she'll just be in hospital unconscious for a bit but MJ would get so worried that he just confesses. Only for her to wake up later on with MJ acting all cool again. Then NR plays a recording of the confession and Cheetah makes fun of them whilst KW watches on like a proud father/brother.


    Anyway...a few more hours to go

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  8. 4 minutes ago, kasjady said:

    I love the titles people are coming up with LOL. 


    E7 - This is my first confession 

    E8 - This is my/our first date


    I think I'm a bit too optimistic with my titles, maybe we'll see it in eps 10+ haha. 


    Damn...that is some optimistic titles. Sadly my internet will be cut off for a week or so which means I won't be able to catch up on the show next week T ^ T Such bad timing. Hopefully there will be progress for our main couple.

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  9. So sad but happy that MJ's brother wasn't trying to crash the plane and glad that KW was able to hear it himself. Hopefully that will build up their trust for each other. MJ really needs to drop this con-artist facade because it really doesn't work as a first impression kind of thing. Made everyone not trust him. T ^ T


    Loved the subtle and small interactions with HR and MJ...hehehe...


    But of course, this whole conspiracy is the main deal. So does HJ know that her dad is involved with the plane crash, I hope her conscience catches up with her and she helps the Mad Dog team with solving the entire case.

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  10. 4 minutes ago, xxPeepsxx said:


    I just hope that he knows what he did to offend her. He's got a point, but he's so hilariously direct. When he means well, it's swoony. When he's unhappy, his words cut like a knife to the heart.


    I know right? I can feel my heart slice open for JH. Well hopefully he'll figure it out soon. Or at least the other boys could give some insight but then again the other two aren't the brightest lightbulbs in the group hahahaa.

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  11. Currently watching the raw and thought I explain the scene after they go into the house and JH picks up the cat and the rest of the scene is then cut in the clip, as this also explains why JH became cold towards SH in the morning.


    So JH picks up the cat and calls it "Uri" meaning "We", she explains about giving the cat a name blah blah blah but could tell from SH's lack of response that something was wrong so she asked him if he didn't like the name. He responded by saying it's not that but he feels uncomfortable. The cat belongs to him so having someone else call him by a different name makes him feel uncomfortable.


    JH is shocked and perhaps realises that this has an undertone meaning and agrees, asking if her going to the office was also uncomfortable, which SH also agrees too saying that although they are married, they are in fact still a landlord and tenant relationship. Then I think he said that if they can avoid doing other married couple things later, it would be better.


    Therefore drawing the line.


    JH being more affectionate and wanting love, definitely misunderstood SH's use of 'we' but you can't blame the girl. Even if it is a fake marriage, I think anyone with emotions would get sucked into it. SH being logical and thinking that JH is the same as him, hasn't realised that unlike him, JH is and already has been affect by him emotionally and therefore she cares about the "we' and the "us" in their relationship.


    @xxPeepsxx you beat me to it hahaha


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  12. Just watched ep.5 and was balling my eyes out from the mums letter. I think all parents just want the best for their children and even though there might be some miscommunication sometimes, it's always nice to see dramas revealing that truth. Hopefully JH and SH will learn from each other, that both their parents care about them in their different ways and begin to understand how to care for each other in a non-contractual way. Can't wait to watch ep.6 with subs.

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  13. Finally got round to watching all of Ep.1 - 4 and I'm enjoying the cast and their characters.


    Definitely on the MJ and HR boat. Hahaha I mean how steamy was the slam on the wall scene, followed by what seemed like a sweet softer conversation after.


    Shall be interesting to see how the plot thickens and how the Mad Dog team will become fully accepting of MJ.

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  14. I asked my Korean friend to help me with the tickets for the fanmeeting but yeah...it was a failure...hoping a miracle happens.

    Also I wonder how long they were in HK for....because I'm actually in HK...arrived this morning and got super excited knowing the boys might be there for a 12 hour layover but seems like they have returned to Korea now??

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  15. 9 minutes ago, ichahoo said:


    Yes, if he does a solo fanmeet I'll do everything to go and see him!  But you know, it might still takes a time and not gonna happen anytime soon? Also, I don't know if this right or not, but don't usually those kind of fan meeting exclusive only for registered fan or smth?

    Anyway, lee dong hwi is also the reason I wanna go so badly. hahahaha.

    I guess I'm going to contemplate tonight whether I should go or not before the ticket selling tomorrow.


    Hmmm...true. I should really think about it too. Arghhhhhhh decisions decisions.

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  16. 3 hours ago, nano1234 said:

    I'm going to Korea in March and I am contemplating on going to the Reply 1988 concert. I just really want to meet him and say that I'll always be a Junghwan supporter :dissapointed_relieved: 

    And of course to hug him and take a picture with him LOL

    I'm currently living in Korea and was debating whether to go to the concert too, but the drama ending has left me bitter. I don't want to see anyone except RJY. Are you going for sure??

    1 hour ago, ichahoo said:


    Going to download v-app only for RJY :wub: don't we need hashtag or something while commenting his v-app later? 

    @nano1234 are u going to the concert on march? I feel like cancelling my plan seeing the ending but but I BADLY WANT TO SEE RJY IN REAL LIFE SO T______T what should I do T____T

    Me too. I know what you mean.  I hope he just does a fanmeet  and we can see him by himself.

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