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  1. Ohhhh greeeeat! I'm sooo happy because Joo won finally back of that service...... Ahhhh I waited a long time... But he is back finally.... Aaahhhh I'm anxiously waiting his new project!.... One question what is the mame of webdrama of him? I want to Watch it!
  2. I miss him so much.... I hope to see him soon in a new series! I want that ahhhhhhh
  3. Jhahahahahah really really I'm not new here... Actually I have Be here Many years... is just because I'm not here often but of course! I follow him here un this soompi page of course... After in this Pages hehehehehehehehe.... But of course I love him so much!
  4. Yessss yessss of course! Please! I hope he can accept that!... I want to see him now!!
  5. Ohhhh yessss, i'm gonna Watch this series!!!! Of course!.....
  6. Of course! He is one of my favorites!..... Ahhhhh he is amazing in everything!
  7. the series are soooo good... I`m happy because finally our cutie boy could be in a good script ... one of the best of him.. and he deserve a good script with quality ... I loved in his character jin woo...... that topic of video games are so dificult to make.... for that reason I can say : a big aplausse for good narrative, the ost so beautiful..... ahhh I hope he do another series soon, with quality lke he deserves!!!! I MISS HIM SO MUCH!!!!!
  8. I miss my kang ji hwan.... really I hope He do some project soon.... because feel good to die I love so much... one of the good of him ahhhhhh the best!!!!!!!!!! what is he doing right now???? I miss him!!!!!
  9. Iris 1 is a great series, the story ... All I love it, I was waiting the 2..... Sadly was very tragic for my taste, our Jang was si tragic character... And unnecessary, if they had another name, maybe it would have improved a little...... Is sad... I think Jang was wasted in the series....... And wok of love...... I would have preferred that he did voice 2! :'(:'(:'(
  10. Ahhhh soji... He is a bad boy, very few times he do a series, ahhhh I missing terribly always!.... I 'm soooo happy because finally he back ti the screen..... Ahhhh ve with you is antes awesome movie, I've watched twice ! Is great!... I loved his cut hair there ahhhh .... Anxiously waiting his new series! Great soji.... please! Do not desappear!
  11. Ohhhhh, really really! I'm Gonna watch this series! Ufffff can see yo Ji sung is a deleight completely! I'm soooo happy yo see himmmm yeahhhhh he is the best!
  12. I'm really curious about...... About children of lesser god, is his recently series, have not news about the filming, about behind of scenes, about everywhere..... Like monster, all series were follow.... But children of lesser god , nothing about that, no Photos, after the script neither comments nor info..... Nothing, why?.... Is so sad that, have a few info about this series ..... And I would like to know more about the filming..... .... (TT)
  13. Yeahhhhhh! I'm waiting this series anxiously! Ahhhhh looks great! I hope yo watch soon... I miss our cute Ji sung!
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