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  1. What does coffee mean in this drama? My rational side aka don’t get hurt by this writer AGAIN, came out to play. Jeong-won wasn’t/didn’t lie to Dr. Jang. He really did have weekend plans with his mother. My queen Ms. Rosa (I like everything about her character and have always worshipped actress KHS), got upset about his acceptance and cancelled those plans. He didn’t lie. His plans fell through and he chose a weekend with IK and son instead. I’m must curious as to why during the dinner he intended to pay for (lol, funny how that didn’t work out) Jeong-won didn’t tell his friends he had been accepted to Italy priesthood training program. They know he applied and this is something he’s seeming wanted for years; why not share the good news with his friends? ETA: I would be down for Jang and IK and have been secretly wishing for them since a while now. I gave it a little hope when IK told his son (in relation to Mon-e and Mon-a, aka thinking you like one person but really your heart has been with the other friend or not seeing who/what has always been right in front of you) you never know how love will turn out (or around). I thought that would fit with Dr. Jang crush on Jeong-won and helpful friendly trying to be cupid IK.
  2. I love Juwan much. Tsundere characters are my weakness and boy is he the most perfect kind. Although he allows himself he come off as cold or indifferent (I think he just has strict professional lines he does not want to cross. He also doesn’t want to get too emotional about work least he gets drained or emotions lead his decision making), he cates about his patients and co-workers so much. I loved that he asked for the heart so they could research and potentially save other children. What he did for his resident was huge and is something he would have done for anyone because he knew what was being requested wasn’t fair tho the doctor or situation. LOVE HIM. Yes, Jeong-won rejected Dr. Jang. I was so happy about that! I don’t care, I don’t care what I know about this team of writer and PD; JEONG-WON LIKES DR. JANG. I’m also happy he got accepted to Italy priesthood training. The fact that he puts off the interview is telling. The fact that he’s been putting it all off (“just one more year”) is knowing. I need him to come to the realization that priesthood isn’t what he truly desires and that the things he believes he can achieve as a priest; he’s already doing so in his role in pediatrics. I don’t want him to come to these decisions/knowledge because of his mom or Dr. Jang, or the squad. I desperately need/want Jeong- won to reflect on himself, his passions, his family, his friends, his career....and come to some realizations of what he wants/doesn’t want and why this may be the case. Do we even know why he wants to be a priest? (Other than it being a family profession lol). Please let Seok’s mother be okay. The “adopt us” bit was hilarious (I was cracking up when IK called him “dads” and SK responded with son) but now obviously foreshadowing. I hope she’s okay in the end and no one gets to inherit and 10 story building. Also this is the first ep where I wasn’t bored the first 35 minutes. I like to think it’s because we saw continuation in the opening minuets which I appreciated. ETA: I felt so bad for Min-a. She was exhausted and overworked all episode. I’m so glad that Seok acknowledged her hard work and efforts. That he comforted her and gave her a bit of a moral boost. She needed it. I loath the cunning resident who doesn’t do her job and just want to look good to others. How dare she not show up for days, then continue to dump all the work she needs to catch up on, onto Min-a. The nerve to help prepare the OR (a “easy” work that isn’t her duty) when she knows she had an arriving patient and also go home early instead of taking the night shift...puta!
  3. Is Egg Drop the Subway of this drama!?!?? I swear if I see another lunch with Egg Drop I’m going to scream. It’s a little pet peeve but such blatant product placement in tv shows and movies annoy me so much lol. I mean their sandwiches look delicious, but enough. If it has to be there does it have to be so glaringly obvious. That and the chocolate they keep eating out the can...grr...make it subtle or stop lol. ETA: since it’s hard to see humor in tone over the internet, the above is a light hearted humorous complaint. It’s not that serious and I don’t take it that serious (it’s not ruining the drama for me or nothing). It’s just so obviously in your face, like isn’t Dr. Jang tired of them sandwiches now lol. She should be like, “let’s order pho this time...burger anyone...Bueller...Bueller..” lol
  4. Just finished the latest ep. The friendship is awesome and the best parts of the drama for me. I love watching each character as individuals (this includes the nurses, residents, and interns) and as friends or colleagues with one another. It’s interesting the different relationships and dynamics they have with one another. I try not to read too much into things. For me personally it ruins the drama when I do this. I get angry because I feel doped that things didn’t turn out as I thought. As if I was deceived by the writers/PD when in reality I allowed my POV to skew the story/narrative being told and as DJ Khaled says “played yourself.” I did this heavily with Reply ‘88 (but not ‘97, ‘94, or Prison Playbook) and the heartbreak of Jungpal taught me a huge lesson. I now let a sneeze be a sneeze and a hug, a hug because the story will eventually let me know so go with the flow and accept what it’s telling me. With that said: I have never wanted to see a character’s date get rejected so bad. Reject her Jeong-won. Break my Dr. Jang’s heart (it’s only temporary). Wouldn’t it be best if Jeong-won DOES reject Dr. Jang? Signifying that for him, Dr. Jang is not like all the other staff? She’s someone he can’t be alone with to just eat a meal or watch a movie because it would mean something/be more than just that? ‬He can’t be alone with her because of the feels. She’s not like the nurses or Dr. Bae, she’s different. I am #teamrejection please and thank you. Reject her. REJECTION!! In a battle with God we got to play the long game. SPARTANS!! Lol. Also drama as much as I love her, please give my Dr. Jang more development/something to do other than be a potential love interest. Display her work and skills like you did in episode 2. I feel like all we see now are her quirks (she wears the same outfits, she enjoys her food, she had a blunt straight faced nature?she’s a BTS fan) and her standing around. Can we see her general surgeon skills please and thank you. I want to see her examining patients, researching and detailing the best plan for treatment, perform a surgery, post-op follow up/check in; something, anything! Give Dr. Jang something more than being in a love triangle with God! Show me her sleepless nights. Her missed lunches. I want to see her office/messy desk again. Can we get a peek into her home? Give me her general surgeon bamf! Balance out her crushing/love triangle with god, with her being a component GS that all doctors want to work with. With her right now I feel there’s a lot of being told these things but not enough being shown/seeing it. I blame the potential love interest aspect for that. If I had to choose between that (Dr. Jang/Jeong-won) or having a fully rounded, component, and well developed character; give me development/good character writer. Other than the above the drama is pretty good (I’d be a liar if I didn’t say I’m bored the first 30 minutes or do of each ep. IMHO they need to shorten the length of episodes. There is so much filler the first 30-45 minutes.Much of it comes to mean something/lead to storyline, but the way it’s handled at times feels disjointed to me and long winded). I loved seeing the mother poor the bathroom water on that trash and refusing a divorce because of the brazen gall of the pond scums they are. A part of me wants her to let it go but a bigger part wants her to let them suffer in shame while she lives her life carefree and unbothered.
  5. Honestly the child abuse victims case this weeks episode was enraging because it was so damn obvious. I was looking at each doctor who examined the first son and then the second like, “hello you idiots what are you doing!?!???” 1.) the dads story didn’t add up. A “fall” and then a “car accident” wouldn’t result in the injuries the kids had 2.) the glaring body language of the father (He was shifty, nervous, thinking too much on questions making it obvious he was making it up) and the children (both not making eye contact with dad. Much too silent and letting dad speak aka at home they’re silenced by dad. Laying in bed faced/turned away from dad -most children are scared of hospitals and seek comfort/assurance by looking at/turned towards their parent. Holding parents hand, etc-and pulling away from their fathers touch; made it so obvious. You didn’t even need to see the bruises to know. It was neglect/failure on the parts of everyone. But for the hospital, it falls on the emergency staff (Dr. Bae and nurses) who first had contact with the child and didn’t notice/examine/provide all this to inform Dr. Jang and Dr. Ahn so they could properly examine and follow up (which Dr. Ahn wisely did with the second child). There are as gross dangerous failures because with the first child it seemed Dr. Ahn suspected it, but he didn’t follow up and let the father and son be/followed normal procedures until the second child. That to me was neglect. He should have examined his suspicions then, not let it go. To leave that child with a suspected abusive parent, left the child in danger. Had anything happened to the child, a suit could have been brought onto him and the hospital. Idk about Korea but in America we are obligated to follow through on all suspected cases of abuse. No matter how small the hunch, we must follow through and are liable if we do not (I’m a psychologist and could lose my license for such actions). Honestly that storyline angered me because I felt the writer purposely dumbed down characters (Drs Bae, Jang, Ahn) to fit the narrative and I didn’t appreciate it. We’ve seen all the doctor are smarter than that and things they missed were glaring common sense/first level training things so it felt like....”WTF, you playing at writers, they know this ugh,” (who orders a chest X-ray with having examined the chest/body. He fell, that should call for a closed curtain full body examination? Lease the fall had caused “hidden” injuries), Other than this one time (cause it was too obvious) I suspend reality when watching shows. It’s fictional, they’ll play it up or down to bring about tension and drama *shrugs* I really enjoy all the characters and their friendships. I’m happy learning about all of them (the interns, residents, nurses, their parents/family) and watching their professional as well as personal growths. The show reminds me of ER/Grey’s Anatomy. I’m trying so hard not to ship (this team has burned me twice when it comes to ships) and just go with the glow. But I adore Dr. Jang’s crush so much (we’ve all once been her). She’s just too cute and relatable with it. I want Dr. Ahn to become known of her feelings and acknowledge them (even if he doesn’t feel the same).