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  1. Watched the first 3 episodes and I'm enjoying it a lot. It reminds me a lot of 'Heard it Through the Grapevine' (a brilliant hilarious heavy well acted drama). I adore the new mom. Her personality is much like my own. I believe in happiness, well being, individual thought, and mental health above everything. All the education, money, status, prestige; is meaningless if you are miserable. The first family is a prime example. Everyone thought they were the perfect family. On the outside they looked happy. Gorgeous mom, doctor wife, son accepted SNU medical school as desired, but he hated himself and his life. His dad was verbally and physically abusive, mom was no better in that she was silently complicit and gave consent so long as he achieved their dream. It's no wonder she ended up taking her own life (I wouldn't be surprised if the son and father end up doing the same). I feel bad for the bob-haired wife. She is living the exact same life with her worthless, arrogant, and selfish husband. She needs to take her sons and get out before it's too late. They still go some good in them (the Elsa scene was so cute) but it's only a matter of time.The lead daughter is such a brat. Truck of doom should do us all a favor. I understand ambition and that she wants to succeed to please her mother and stick to a grandmother who all her life perhaps has made her feel inferior because she wasn't born a son; but that doesn't excuse her nasty behavior and attitude. She thinks she is above everything and everyone, is pretentious, and has her nose so far up her own richard simmons. Is SNU medical school something she truly wants or what she feels she has to do to please her mother and such? Once she gets it, then what? With her attitude and selfishness; she bound to end up like all the other mothers on the block, living meaningless doll house life. I so hope the new family does not get influenced from the skiers and their happy life isn't turned into one of misery. The mom and her son are so cute together and unlike almost every couple, she and her husband share a bed (it's interesting that everyone but the comic relief family have separate bed like something out of a 40's movie), actually talk, seem to respect one another, and are happy. I want them to stay happy and true to themselves and their values for the entirety of the drama.
  2. I feel bad for Jang Hyun. These last two episodes he's been killing me with his emotions and the reveals about him. None of what occurred in this week's episodes excuses any of his action/behaviors towards Yoo Young. Cheating is cheating and it is bad and wrong. But, wow does his aloofness, weirdness, his randomness and just his emotions all make so much sense now. No wonder he wanted to help that bullied gossiped about first love (she reached out her hand and he had since learned not to reject such pleas), no wonder he took her rejection so hard and it was so traumatic for him. His not being able to get close, destroying his own happiness....it clicks now. Too bad its too little, too late now with Yoo Young. I believe he is sincere in how sorry he is. I believe he's learned and grown from this and will never ever be who he was again. I'm happy he seems to have grown or be growing from this. I want him to let Yoo Young go. I want him to be a part of his child's life and be it's father, but that doesn't mean he and Yoo Young have to be married or living together. They can co-parent and he can still very much be a part of his child's life without the whole "Love and Marriage". I want him to not give up and fight to be his child's father because no matter how many women he cheated on her with, Yoo Young cannot take that right from him. I'm mad at Yoo Young. No, I still love her But, I'm also in awe and confused by her. Is it possible to switch feelings off just like that? Has she really switched her feelings off or is it a very fragile act? In ep 11 when she sees Jang Hyun walking, for a blink and you'll miss it second, the corner of her lips turn up. For the briefest of seconds the sight of him brings a smile, she lit up. Then she remembers herself, remembers the situation, remembers she's suppose to hate him, and the smile never gets to fully form and she turns to avoid him (bless Lee El's acting because her face lights up and then goes dark and. blank again justlikethat). Then she's asking Seok Moo to a motel, but then she can't kiss him. She gets teary as he finally agrees to break up (wishing her the best marriage) and then it's like nothing this ep. I keep wondering, does she truly no longer care for this man and is over him? Or does she want to not care about this man and wants to be over him because she does not want to be like her mom? Whatever it is, she has no right to keep Jang Hyun from his child. She can choose to not get back together with Jang Hyun (I honestly can't see them getting back together). She can choose to really be broken up, over and done, pack all your things (that one duffle bag is/was not all) divide things 50/50 and be gone. That's fine, but she can't keep him from his child. So long as he wasn't abusive, and wouldn't be a danger to her or their child (which he wouldn't) he has a right to be involved. I know she's broken hearted and hurt by how he did her (which is fine) and how it all ended, but he's still the baby's father and he has rights. I was hurt when she was all "I can't show the sonogram to strangers" (my jaw hit the floor). Whaaaaat...it's his child too! Again she doesn't have to take him back, marry him, or live together, but she and he can co-parent and both be involved in their child's life, without all that. Like, get over your hurt feelings and mom up! He wants to be a part of his child's life, let him be a part. Raising a baby isn't easy (or cheap). If someone is going to help you pay bills, change diapers, feed, cloth, play, teach, celebrate and love your child, do it! Especially if it's their child too and they haven't given you any reason to believe they would be damaging to the child and their life and growth. Having been a bad spouse (and other than cheating he wasn't bad) doesn't mean they'll be a bad parent. She does't want to fall for his suicide mom and bad first love stories, that's fine. But why is she keeping him from his child? Hwi Roo and Seok Moo continue to frustrate with their lack of communication to one another! Everyone and their grandmother can see they still love and want to be with one another. Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles (if he were alive, rest his soul) can see they love one another and should/would be back together. The two tell/show to everyone (EVERYONE) expect one another, how much they still love and care....Grandmother needs to do them both a favor and lock them in a room together and refuse to let them out, unless they talk and are honest about their feelings for one another!!! Did the show drop the lesbian sister storyline they were hinting at!?!?!!! I knew KBS wouldn't have the courage to follow through I can't wait for next week. The ending with out broken hearted men singing was hilarious. The preview looks so sad though. Cleared house, written confessions, and "I don't love you anymore."
  3. Holy spoilers! @nohamahamoud2002 could you please put your spoiler under the spoiler tag. You can do it like this [ /spoiler] spoikergoeshere [ /spoiler] without the spaces. As someone who has seen the original I’m not sure it’ll end the same here. Things have been changed and Im not sure what I know to be, will be. I can see one couple getting back together and one staying apart. But I need to watch these weeks eps with subs to know. Will post thoughts later. Happy watching everyone.
  4. I have watched the Japanese original and Korea is mixing and matching, changing things up, and adding things. I honestly don't know how it's going to end even though I've seen the original. Granted Japanese original was only 11 episodes and now Korea is having to stretch 11 episodes of content into 16 so they have added a lot (the background characters) but the core story and dynamics are still there. I like some of the changes (I love how Lee El and Son Seok Goo are playing their characters here (or how they are written) more so than the original. Go Ayano owns my heart, but here I feel we get more emotions, more feelings from the two than in the original. I also like some of the changes made to Seok Moo (the original husband and his feelings are...yeah LOL). I don't like other changes because there was some female bonding I really enjoyed and just little bits of Yoo Young/Hwi Roo I wish hadn't been changed. I'll spoiler you this I don't think there was a new episode tonight. I believe the ep was delayed. Is this drama pre-produced? The ratings are pretty bad (which I expected since this drama isn't the typical kdrama flare. I feel it should have went to TvN or JTBc) and I would hate for KBS to reduce episode count or have writers change the story to try and draw in viewers. I hope it's pre-produced and done so that what is done is done.
  5. OMG! Ya'll the show is actually going there. A mess, a god dang mess!! I love it. Bring on the chaos (are they playing wife swamp now!?!??? HOW COULD THOSE TWO DO THAT TO THOSE TWO!!!) .
  6. @carolinedl I actually feel like we know Seok Moo the most and that he has grown the most. I think that man has come to so many realizations about himself and his marriage and every episode I think he grows more and more. He's softened a lot. This is the guy who spent his lunch breaks talking avoiding everyone and talking to Siri like technology. But now he's running to escape rooms, and giving out annoying advice to cheer on others. I don't remember the episode (it was the divorce party) where he says he knows himself to be annoying and cold, etc etc, but what can he do; it's who he is. The man went from seemingly always annoyed with his wife and wanting divorce. To come to valuing her, seeing her as an individual (she has all these hobbies and interest outside of him. She goes out and cooks for others etc), and putting her happiness above his own (he didn't tell her about the music guy and he wanted music guy to be happy because he knew Hwi Roo is easily affected by others and didn't want his unhappiness to rob off on her). Even in his own family, he took his sister's side and is beginning to communicate his frustrations to his dad. Wanting 3 families under one roof, the guy is starting to want a family and friends and the normal happy family Hwi Roo threw books about. I think he and Hwi Roo have both grown so much and would finally be good together and for one another if they could use learn to communicate with one another. Both continue to keep how they really feel inside (it's plain as day that they want undo their divorce and be together) and that is so dang frustrating. I think the cheering up of Yoo Jung has more to do with his guilt of the past (I would feel guilty too if I unintentionally hurt someone like that. Crushed their dreams and talked so badly of their dead father whom they adored) more so than feelings for her, but I do think he has some feelings for. When the first met up agin, he was definitely trying to (since he was married then) spark and affair/reminisce and start something with her because she in his mind was an ideal and so much better than Hwi Roo (I still think he kind of has her on a pedestal and sees her as this delicate thing that must be saved -the whole jogging nonsense-) which is why I loved when Yoo Jung literally clapped him back to reality. Right now, I think Seok Moo and Yoo Jung are both vulnerable and hurting from the collapse of their relationships. I think with their shared history (which both may now be looking at with somewhat rose tinted glasses considering how their marriages/nonmarriages went) and getting to know each other again, both are idiotically rebounding to something familiar and wondering "maybe you were the one for me after all." The two are very similar imho (both are the kind of calm ones to their spouses weird outgoing personalities) and are maybe wondering was it suppose to be you since with them (someone so different than me) it didn't work out. I believe Hwi Roo has this thought and fear as evidenced in her Seok Moo ex-wives club tea time with Yoo Jung. I won't be surprised if Seok Moo/Yoo Jung toe the line of starting up with one another again (but that will be so wrong towards Jang Hyun and especially Hwi Roo. All 4 have formed some kind of friendship and something like that is just foul and breaks girl code as well as boy code. You don't get with a fiends ex! Especially when it's obvious they still have feelings for said ex!). I won't be surprised if Hwi Roo attempts something with Mr. Eccentric Publisher. I'll be annoyed, but not surprised because it's realistic and Seok Moo and Hwi Roo are getting back together! You hear me drama gods THEY ARE GETTING BACK TOGETHER!! Now Jang Hyun and Yoo Jung...I can't even fathom them back together. Yoo Jung doesn't seem to want to forgive or forget anytime soon (if ever) and looks like she wants to really let him go and move forward. I just hope Jang Hyun comes to realize the great hurt he caused her (and destruction of his own happiness), verbalizes it in a way she understands, sincerely apologizes, and lets her go (breaks up like asked) wishing her well and better. I like that will be the best show of I love you and I'm sorry he could do; let her go. Put her wishes/feelings/well being above his own, by breaking up as asked.I think in that he would come full circle because he would have returned to his true self, the boy he was in high school before getting on the train. I mean high school him basically did that for the train girl. He left everything and ran away with her because she asked him to, and she needed it to get away from the art teacher scandal. He could do that again for Yoo Jung. Wait, did he already do that? When he packed his things, looked at her through the store window, then left, was he doing that? Gosh his character puzzles me.
  7. Jang Hyun living with Seok Moo is going to be a hoot. I can imagine the shenanigans the two will get into. One is so straight laced and the other so quirky. I LOVE IT! I almost felt bad for crying Jang Hyung. Came really close to feeling bad...then I remembered he had it coming, brought it all on to himself, and is only getting what he deserves. I mean yeah going in Yoo Jung knew how he was, but did she really know he was a cheater? Maybe she thought cheating with her was the first and last time. Or perhaps she did think she was a special snow flake that could change him. Regardless, he cheated on her continuously with 3 different women all at the same time. Not just the cheating (I think I could forgive that) it was the continuous lies that broke her (I mean having to go through phone, receipts, smelling and checking close). He didn't turn in the marriage certificate, and then all the women coming to her shop and embarrassing her. YOU ONLY HAVE YOURSELF TO BLAME JANG HYUN!! it's true "you don't know what you have till it's gone." (if that ain't the biggest theme of this drama lol. That and it takes two to make or break a relationship). If you were going to want to be with her and be all sad and crying after she's trying to truly end things with you, why didn't you register the marriage? Why cheat? Why throw away the rings and not go in and fight for things. So frustrating. I love You Jung and I'm so happy she's trying to let him go, but I'm not buying it. I feel like she's just going through the motions. Like she's working at it, she's trying at it, but it's all a distraction. I don't know, it all feels too fast, and false for my liking. Like she's shut it down, which isn't really letting go. I mean like in the dark (I love how the lights out showed a lot Seok Moo and Hwi Hoo hugging was perfect) she still wondered where he slept. In the dark hidden corner she still wonders about him and seeks him looking even if she acts like she doesn't. Not taking his calls, deleting his number, blocking him, kicking him out etc, etc; it feels as much a stalling tactic as out two formally roommates divorced couple. Until I see her reminisce while crying and packing his things, or she lets everything in her out (when is she going to call or visit her mom!?!) A GOOD FIGHT AND YELLING MATCH (my gods do those two does she need to fight, too much is bottled in and reserved) it ain't over. Seok Moo is annoying me. This is none of his business and he needs to stop playing marriage counselor and Mr. Cheer Up when his own house is a mess. I did not like his bringing Jang Hyun home or the drinks at night. He needs to be looking at and after his wife. He needs to keep his nose out of Yoo Jung and Jang Hyun's affairs and allow them to resolve this married not married but divorcing because he's a cheater and I don't want to be like my mom mess themselves. Seok Moo needs to pay attention to his wife who is coming to some realizations about her role in their marriage falling to pieces. I think Jang Hyun is right when he says that Seok Moo doesn't want to escape the room or cliff he feels he's on.
  8. I loved the ending scene of today’s episode. The four of our divorced not really divorced married but not married crazy suppose to be adults was hilarious. SHE’S JOGGING!! and the lights going on and off and taking and switching sides. I was in stitches. Like, how the divorced roommates going to advise anyone lol. All the actors played off each other so well, I loved it! Was I the only one yelling at the sister and roommate to kiss...kiss...*in Sebastian’s voice* go on and KISS THE GIRL!!! It was confirmed that the roommate is a lesbian, her parents were/are religious and against it, she dated the bff who does not have the courage to stand against society. I so pray the sister had that courage and knowing of self (and KBS -a public channel can you believe- and the writers the strength and progression) to go after that love because it’s clear as day she’s in love with the girl. I love love love the women of this drama. They are seriously the sole draw of this show for me. I adore the womance between our female leads. I grinned watching them eat together in the restaurant, walking and laughing together, then having each other’s backs in the end scene I won’t even be mad if they both ditch the men and go Thelma and Louise living together in the fancy expensive app product placement apartment. The mom rocked so much telling her daughter to get a divorce and not being st the memorial (I laughed so hard st her firecracker gift). Her and grandma bonding warmed my heart. The little sister is so awesome and I love the advice she had for her former nephew in law about him being a sh** but still young and can learn and grow from his ways. How awesome was Yoo Jung’s reflections in the bar and walking away from that worthless mad. Her whole look of “rolling my eyes I don’t have time for another weak man” was a mood. Her walk off, I feel more in love. How the heck does our lead (y’all in so in like with our second leads I can’t remember/haven’t learnt the names of our leads. I always get second leads syndromes) think she’ll afford such a place without a job, pipe dream lol. I’m so looking forward to her journey of independence. I want her to move out. Get a job. Adopt a cat. Publish that book. She’s so awesome and has so much to offer, I don’t want things to go back to how they were for her. At this point, neither man deserves our awesome sauce leads and until they prove otherwise #teamsingleladies I adore that the big theme in this drama is that women rule the world and men are weak and truly aint’t sh**! Jang Hyun, he’s weak. I can’t believe a sensible high school rejection had him so shook that he chooses to be this way *rolls eyes* high school girl made the right choice They was babies and his little dreams of work and love wasn’t going to happen. She didn’t have those kind of feelings for him, was using him to escape abuse (from the teacher and classmates which is fine to me), and was honest. Why he so hurt and let that hurt shape so much of him. None of it excuses what he did to my queen Yoo Jung. Like, sad story (not really) but still cheating *shrugs* the same time I can’t hate him. His personality applies to me so much. He’s so soft, I just want to cuddle and protect him. I find his weird quirks so enduring (also I’m a bit like him). How can I hate someone who falls asleep in the middle of a psychoanalysis about him, or apologizes, not apologizes and just confuses ppl and finds our lead “he’s annoying”. I just can’t hate him. The moment in that one ep where he stood up after our male leads grans speech of self realization (it was post divorce party I believe) to declare he has a camper suited for 8! I was a goner (that scene was so so so hilarious to me. I laughed a goo 7 minutes straight. His comments was just left field and completely shattered the mood. I loved it!). I hate what he’s done and right now he doesn’t deserve nor earned a second chance (I don’t even know if I want them back together) but I enjoy watching him and think his trying will be hilarious, insightful, and painful. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s episode. I hope the preview was misleading because I am not here for Yoo Jung and male lead (I do look forward to jealousy chaos of hilarity it can/will/should bring).
  9. @carolinedl you brought up why I think Yoo Young never said anything until her sister came along and forced her to see exactly what she’s been pretending against; she knew exactly what she was getting into with Jang Hyun. Like you said she “stole” Jang Hyun from a former friend. Going into the relationship she knew he was a player and womanizer. So when he continued in his ways, I guess some part of her felt she had no right to complain or confront him, that she had to endure because she brought it upon herself (karma for “stealing” him) and it’s retribution for her past (judging her mom). It’s interesting here sister mentioned how she’s always going for the bad boy types and it’s very telling that her compliment fur her sister’s husband was that he’s faithful. Jang Hyun’s dream of the endless snowy rushing train tunnel...snow is white and pure and it’s dark there almost no lights and the train seems to be going and going. I’d say it’s just him, himself his subconscious and being in a fog a loop of guilt and unknowing, searching want of something brighter better (at the end of tunnel there is light) but fear of what lays at the end, the opening, the new beginning (why the train seems forever in the tunnel). I think Jang Hyun does love Yoo Jung but not wholly not unselfishly. I think some part of him has disengaged from the world, like a part of him he always kept closed off, didn’t let anyone in and that why he could cheat. Like his logic was she didn’t really know everything (anything?) about him and what she doesn’t know doesn’t hurt her. Since she didn’t know about his cheating (so he thought) it was fine because ignorance is bliss and it wasn’t the only thing he was keeping from her? Or maybe he seems to live in two states of being and the cheating to him had nothing to do with Yoo Jung because she was of and owned a different part of him. But then these last episodes he wanted her (or was willing to try) to have her own all of him and well, all of him is a selfish cheating hoe that wanted to change for her. Can the the two get back together? I think they could. It would take a lot of work. A lot. Hes going to have to really really work for it and earn the trust and happiness again. Fir her, It’s going to take a lot of forgiving, letting go of any resentment, and some forgetting, and willingness to be happy and love/like him again. For both, they need to come to terms with their individual pasts (her sister told us so much and his dreams, the friend mentioning the runaway now divorced first love, and also the mistress that seems to know him well/longer, the way he just shut off his hurt and threw the rings...intriguing) and by gods communicate better: They need to fight. Fighting isn’t always bad. They need to fight and be honest and not hold things in. Start really talking to one another. It’s takes a lot of work. A major do over/rebuilding. It’ll get messy and hard and hurt, but it can be done. Now should they get back together....? Is the relationship worth trying again... I cant wait for tomorrow. The last episode dealt with habits and we saw our four falling back into and attempting (some succeeded) to breaking out of habits. I wonder what tomorrow’s episode will be about. I wondering, where did Jang Hyun go? Did he meet the mistress? Where did he sleep? Why did he throw the rings? What now cause they surely not going to divorced roommates like our leads...”I’ll never forgive you.” What now?!?!?!???? I think she loves him but also hates him so what now. The actors name is Son Seok Gu. He’s a newbie but older (35). I think he’s debuted for 4 years now but had his break out told in ‘Mother’ which he was soooooooo good in and soooo different from this character. He also made cameos in Sense8 as Bae Dona’s police partner and Korean Suits. I saw him in ‘Mother’ and fell for his talent (as did most in the business). I truly hope he continues on his streak of bagging roles.
  10. I am watching and loving this drama. I binged all 8 aka 16 episodes in a day and a half and there is so much to dissect in this drama. Each character is brilliant and flawed in so many ways. The acting is....I could fangirl all day over the acting. Bae Donna is just...she’s brilliant. I feel all her emotions. The scene where she broke down throwing the books talking about the meaning of family and all she ever wanted with/from her husband. ALL MY FEELS. Lee El my queen. I love love the way she is playing the restrained yet deeply scarred wife. And it’s not just her marriage but her whole life. I find her and her husband, Jang Hyun to be so fascinating. I enjoy watching their relationship more so than the leads. The leads to me are predicatable in that two opposites with bad communication that took each other for granted married and divorced but still very much love each other and are obviously bridging a path back to one another. However, Yoo Young and Jang Hyun are such a mystery. I can’t predict them. I knew Yoo Young was going to eventually snap (she could have submitted the original marriage registration herself, but didn’t, couldn’t because she knew she lives in a house of cards) but so much about the two is just a question. Do they love one another? Why? Why did he agree to this marriage in the beginning? Why did she want to marry him? Why does he cheat? Why did he cry and wasn’t willing to give the papers? I do think they love one another, but why? What about him is worth her enduring everything she poured out at the end of the latest episode? What about her after countless women and all his cheating made Jang Hyun have wanted to truly try and not wanted to lose her? But then why did he throw the rings? (Well I know that his own knowing of himself, his own doubts and fears to be a loyal normal husband and all the negative words of doubt his mistresses threw at him). Why didn’t he ever after looking for lost dogs, register the marriage? They interest me so much because well, how do they as individuals and as a couple comeback from all his cheating and lies and their own individual wounds? Her noticing and asking about the changed shirt said so much. TRUST, how do you even begin to trust someone who has again and again with so many woman, betrayed you like that. He shattered her sense of being, her crying about how much she hated herself. Being with him turned her into someone she never wanted to be (her mother, a pathetic woman) and makes her hate herself. So why and how could they repair that. It’s a pile of mystery and I’m so looking forward to more layers being peeled when it comes to the two (Jang Hyun interests me so much. I don’t think he’s as carefree as he makes himself out to be. I think there is a lot underneath the spacey alof flighty weirdness that I find a bit enduring) and their relationship. I love the sister and her roommate who she’s totally in love with. I hope the drams is bold enough to go there. I feel they’ve been throwing bread crumbs towards such a storyline and please writer do it. I love the talks/showing of consent, assault, rape, social norms, and discrimination. The security buddy and his tears of heartbreak cracked me up. Grandma is a gem who I hope doesn’t die. @carolinedl hey girl we meet again how have you been?
  11. Ahh memories..memories. It's such a complex subject. I did as part of a graduate course I did a thesis and whole study on memories, specifically early childhood memories. We did a research at a university and had a huge random pool of subjects. The study was basically to find out how memory works. We wanted to see at what age specially is our earlier memory, how much of our memory (especially of that which we are young, research show that our memories memories are from the age 3-4, best at 5 and up. Anything before that well it's complicated to say the least) is OUR memory and how much is influence by things seen (maybe you were shown a picture, a home movie, etc), things heard, things told to us, and our own emotional states at the time (it can not be said enough how ones emotions hugely influences memory and can conjure false memories which to the person is very true/factual), and also how memory can so easily be manipulated (by our own forces and outside ones as well). You may have seen/remember something, but someone else say/remember this, then suddenly your story begins to change to match their own. Our research findings were interesting but pretty much what had been known about memory (concert memory isn't formed until the age of 5 and above. Before then much of it is family stories told to you. Pictures you were shown. Talks you've had with friends and family, etc). Things were really informative and interesting when we would ask the pool to tell us their memories, write their memories, then given a break (bout 5 minutes delay time) without probe write it again, then with probe tell and with again, and then probe and delay, write it yet again. Funny enough the stories or memories would almost always change with each telling and writing. Once probed (we had a specific list of questions related to what was seen, heard, smelled, felt. If the memory had ever been told to them? If they were shown pictures or movies related to the memory, etc) details changed and when questioned, people now saw, heard, tasted, etc something that initially never was in the memory (many memories changed upon reactions of us testers -done on purpose-). Basically memory cannot be trusted of adults or children (that's why eye witness statements at time are not admissible in court. So many thing conjured, so much bias, so much influence of fear, television reports, etc) hell sometimes memory isn't even a memory. As far as this drama goes, I don't trust anything young or adult Tae Joon knows or thinks he knows. The drama has shown that many times (as a adult and perhaps a child) the man jumps to conclusions, is biased in his analysis, and at times misses key details because he's looking at the trees and missing the forest and vice versa. I think that's why he's in whatever he's in now. I believe he's in a coma of sorts and his mind/subconscious is trying to workout the childhood trauma that has guided his adult life and also the way he handles many a investigations (I'm wondering if child Tae Joon, once unknowingly falsely accused his father of some horrible crime and cops of the time -and we've seen how little they can at time care about evidence and solid proof of guilt or innocence- went along with it and he turned his shady father into a murder and all of that may have to do with his death and whatever he accused dad of is tied to the 2018 murders he is so desperate to find the sold proof of). I think his subconscious is trying to find the "truth" of the matter of '88 (and knowing of the infamous serial killing that happened in Korea at the time and the many movies about that subject, did he turn his father into a serial killer by acquisition alone?) and his childhood of running scared into the tunnel. Whatever Tae Joon thinks he know/remembers, he knows nothing at all. I don't trust child him or adult him and the things they "remember". I don't even trust this current world of somewhat purgatory he's in. Yes, I think he's in some LOST kind of purgatory where his own subconscious is battling in-between state of life and death and judgement on his life (mainly his childhood and father). Once Tae Joon has come to some conclusion (I truth, a new knowing) he'll either wake up in some hospital bed in 2018 or pay the toll that St. Peter deems. What I'm interested in, is who shot him that night in 2018 and continued to run over him with a car. I have a feeling the culprits was a cop or detective and obviously in cahoots with the nail polish dude (that killer is doing the most. Dude could have simply gone to cosmetology school and then be able to do all the hair, nails, and make he pleases, while getting paid too. Choices...why be a murder when you can be paid to live for passion and none has to do) or he's the original killer of whatever young Tae Joon accused someone else of doing. ETA: I adore how the drama is revisiting/reimagine real true historical crime events of Korean history. The young delivery girls serial killer (though, I don't think that was ever solved) and the events of ep 7 are things that shook Korean society and brought about the systematic changes 2018 Tae Joon (and citizens) get to enjoy. ETA 2: Nam Sik is a puppy that must be protected at all costs. I adore him and Na Yeong aka queen Yoon so much. In these type dramas the cute eager to learn puppy makanes always die. Please show, don't kill him.
  12. Why didn't ya'll tell me this drama was so good. I am mad I didn't start watching it sooner lol. So much I want to analyze. I just started marathoning it this weekend (I'm on episode 3 now) and I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I LOOOOOOOOVE IT!! I adore everyone is in this drama. The casting is brilliant and each actor brings their character to life. I adore Ms. Joon with every fiber of my being. Tae Joon is near flawed perfection, and I cherish the ruff and gruff 88 cops. I am so glad the system has changed now (though sadly much remains the same) but even if I don't agree with everything he does, I adore the chief, and the detectives (especially our rookie who seems a good guy -I see he is really polite to Ms. Joon always asking not telling things towards her and saying his thank you). I can't wait for Tae Joon to accept whatever the heck is going on and for bromances and team to really form with the team. They would all be brilliant together. His 2018 knowledge mixed with their 88 sometimes brute but still natural method of doing things. I can't wait to see how things unfold. I have so many theories on what may be going on (I think he's in his own subconscious but also has time traveled and everything is connected to 2018 serial killer because 2018 serial killer maybe the son of or protege of the 88 killer). *goes back to marathoning* ETA: The humor sprinkled throughout episodes is brilliant. Like the nurses. I would stand and watch simply entertained by their macho idiocy. I hope this fight is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the two. Omo I'm going to cry if and when he returns to his time and we must say goodbye to these folks. ETA 2: All Hail Queen Yoon Na Yeong
  13. I want to talk about Mi So and her dynamics/relationship with her sisters, her role in her family and how that mirrors much of YJ''s dynamic with SY and his role in his family. Mi So and YJ are very similar and for me (I know many others don't agree) have that character flaw of passive aggressiveness, not saying how they truly feel, and flawed mentality imho when it comes to gratitude/debt. Mi So and her family need therapy (why are the sisters perhaps lying about her possibly being kidnapped when younger? Why did Mi So have too work so hard to pay for their college education -their older- and bare much of the responsibility of the family and why now even as adults they leave her in that role? -Mi So selling her car to pay of dad's debts- How has this affected their interactions and dynamics with the another? Mi So girl, there ar things related to that that has been on your chest for years, eh? The first grilled meat scene with the sisters was telling. I find that where she and YJ imho have the flawed personality trait) as much as YJ's does. But I'm trying to stop thinking too deep on this drama and trying to psychoanalyze characters from all POV. Someone just send BFF Yoo Sik my way. I love him (I would choose him in a heart beat) and will be crushed if/when he gets with his secretary. I look forward to tomorrow. That house someone posted is niiiiiiiice.
  14. I really truly detest the mistress. How in the world does she go around like she's been wrong (I admit she has been wronged in some ways but it is not the boy or the mom who continues to wrong her and her daughter. IT'S THE LOWLIFE DEADBEAT DAD AND HUSBAND OF A MARRIED MAN SHE CHOSE TO HAVE AN AFFAIR OR ONE NIGHT STAND WITH!!) She needs to leave the boy and his mom alone and go after the scum who avoids all his problems like a toddler. She makes my blood boil. Min Soo is a little less trash in my eyes now. His parents affair and subsequent messy divorce still not divorced mother becoming a bitter scorned hermit who had/has issues and was living in solitude deeply deeply scared him and his views on love and marriage. He obviously is deathly afraid of becoming like his father but seems to be walking the path he laid. He does care about Jung Hyo and even seems to feel something for his unborn child (he put the babies name in the book. heck he has the book. He came to Jung Hoy's defense -he cared about her being harmed/rumors instead of himself- and he's honestly not lying when he says how will the two of them so young take care of and raise a child when they can barely raise themselves. He had many good points of how they would work, where they would live, etc). Min Soo seems terrified of loving anyone or starting any kind of family and ending up like his mom and dad. I hope he is able to resolve his trauma and the scars they have left behind and becomes the good man he wants to be. The dads can continue to burn (especially Min Soo's) and they can take the mysterious and her mother with them. I really really love the bond out two female leads have developed and how they look out for and perfect one another. I like that the apartment is starting to slowly but surely get some light, and mom is beginning to kind of work on her issues. I hope Jung Hyo makes up with her BFF (though the other 3 who spread the news can go). They had a cute friendship and raising a baby is not easy. She's going to need all the help ("aunties" makes the best babysitters) she can get. ETA: After watching all of this week's ep and seeing preview for next week Min Soo may be right. His family is soooo toxic. It is no environment to bring a child into or raise them in. The audacity of the mistress, her mother, the scum of need to be ex husband. If those people could just disappear I could kind of see them being able to possibly struggle by raise and build a family together. I loath the mistress and her mom sooooo much. Your child slept with a married man and ruined a family and so many lives. Now she making all this demands and misplacing her anger (why is not one come for or after the reject pond scum of a diseased. disgrace husband and pilot. He's the one not coming home or seeing any of his kids because he's hanging on to and forcing thing on the younger co-piolt. I hate his character the most). Ugh KILL THEM ALL!!
  15. @UnniSarah I too think both brothers are narcissistic. The drama has made it a point to show how YJ is narcissist but for DH you can almost miss it if you don’t look. I found the very first encounter to be telling of how self adorned person he is (not mad at him because that whole family is that way lol). The plane encounter, smirk he gave after the fandom fanned over the wrong person (which he did on purpose), it was clear he’s a guy who thinks highly of himself and gets off on the fandom adoration. Just like YJ knows he’s a boss CEO who is smarter than practically everyone in the room, SJ knows he’s a boss adored writer. Also as others have pointed out, the apology and ill forgive you was again self indulgent (though again I rolled my eyes but don’t find him bad for it). He was trying to play the good guy wanted, hoped, expected YJ to just fall at feet in gratitude. Thank you so much hyung for forgiving me LOL. It’s like the silent little smiles of applause that a YJ gives himself when he dies nice things for Mi So like pick her up and pack her breakfast. Let her step first on the elevator and then move back to stand side by side. Even their first encounters with Mi So (that she remembers that is) both approach her with this holier than though sort of attitude. YJ expected her to know him becaus3 he’s CEO’s son (though it suspect she read that wrong) and SJ expected to be given her number because he’s tall and handsome and oh some many fan girls would kill for the honor of giving him their number lol. When he came to the office last ep, he was loving being fawned by his fans. I find both brothers to be a like in narcissism and other traits which is why I don’t hate either one. Both have flaws and redeeming qualities. When it it comes to suffering and pain and all of that, it’s not an Olympic Games of whose best or in this case had it worst. Everyone thinks their own suffering is the worst. There pain is the most painful. It doesn’t help to compare it to others. It doesn’t elevate, sooth or take away pain to compare it to others. It may give some perspective, but it does nothing in healing words. For example to tell a suicidal depressed rich white American “get over it. There are wars in Libya and people are being killed on the streets.” Doesn’t help that depressed person. Yes others in the world may have it worse, and I’m sorry for them, but it doesn’t mean my pain is meaningless. I shouldn’t just suck it up, because someone else is in pain too and in worse situation than me. Their pain is their pain and mine is mine. I’m not trying to say to neglect others and their pain (I believe in putting your life in perspective and see how it’s bad but not that bad) but just because you are in more pain doesn’t mean I should have to neglect my own wounds or put yours above my own. I think YJ understand this and to me he nailed it when he told Mi So that in any situation she should think of herself first. Think of yourself first. And honestly that’s one of the best advice a kdrama character has given. I’m not saying be selfish and don’t sympathize with others. Not we must empathize with others etc etc, however there’s a limit to that. We as humans are taught to be so self sacrificial even to our own detriment. To our own detriment has to stop. Do not put someone else’s happiness, freedom, joy, love, sanity, etc etc above your own. It’s not selfish to want to be healthy and happy. It’s not selfish to say no. It’s not selfish to sometimes say, I’m sorry you’re hurt but I’m bleeding too so I’m going to take care of me, before I attempt to help you. “I will not set fire to myself to keep you warm.” I think in the past YJ my have done the fire setting and has since learned from it thus his words to Mi So (who seems to ever be sacrificing for her sisters and grown father. At some point it’s enough taking care of others. Let others take care of themselves). Also I’m so confused by the brothers. It’s almost like they switched lives. Like they literally took one another’s lives. SJ seems to think he was the one bullied by YJ and kidnapped, but YJ has told us that SJ bullied him and all evidence (the scars on the ankle, the dreams, the traumas and different fears) says he was the one that was kidnapped. My theory is the parents had them literally switch lives that day. It seems like SJ was given YJs life and memories and YJ, SJ’s life and memories. Which is allll shades of messed up to both boys and I’m just wondering why? Again I’m wondering f mom and dad had to make a choice of which son....Both boys speak like the other owes the othe. SJ keeps saying YJ has his life (the company) because the incident, and YJ is rightfully(?) like little boy you wasn’t ever going to have this. You were never good enough for this. I earned it while it would have been given to you (that conversation was such a burn). So, what is going on...omg is this like the drama Circle.YJ was somehow planted into SJ *X-Files theme starts....stops the music* Have the parents been lying to both boys? Did they take each aside and tell them they are now the other. DRAMA YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO BE A FLUFFY ROM-COM. WHY DO THESE BOYS SEEM TO HAVE ONE ANOTHERS MEMORIES. ALSO PLS SEND ME CEO’s BFF. I WILL HEAL HIS DIVORCED WOUNDS.
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