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  1. Happy Birthday Joo Woo! Hello everyone ~ Today is a special day - so I want to drop by to thank everyone here for keeping this forum active, and for sharing so many goodies / links! Happy to see familiar names @flutterby06 @kittyna @valinor500 and I wonder if there are other long-time fans out there? I have been watching Alice and trying my best to catch up with all your comments and detailed analysis! I really enjoy reading them every night after a busy day. Sorry for being a silent reader - I have so many to say but can't write well and fast enough My thoughts on
  2. Happy Seollal, Happy Chinese New Year everyone! It suddenly hits me that Joo Won is back!!! I was tired and busy with work n life recently but seeing his refreshed looks and happy smiles really energized me lol Is it me or he seems a bit teary in those pictures? I can't wait to see him in a new production soon. Also, Thanks @airplanegirl for helping to change the forum title and @flutterby06for sharing HB's video of Joo Won!
  3. Wow ~ so many posts to catch up here! Thank You @kittyna and @moonstrike for keeping this thread alive and @Ma OO for your awesome fan fic! I wanted to drop by to share the review of Good Doctor on Dramabeans but realized @kittyna has shared already I'm also surprised someone will want to defend it because it's considered one of the more successful dramas in terms of ratings and popularity. When I first saw the theme of the month in Dramabeans, the drama that came to my mind immediately was actually Yongpal, and probably Nae II's Cantabile. Although Yongpal had high ratings, it wasn't
  4. Finally have some time to check out the forum and I'm happy to see this thread is still very active! Thanks to@airplanegirl, @kittyna and @moonstrike! Wow ~ JW's fans @airplanegirl and @kittyna are really very talented writers! I can never write such interesting stories so I envy your creative juices! I do not have time to read in details yet, but @airplanegirl's OB fanfic and @kittyna's NC and Gaksital fanfics will become my bedtime stories . Happy to see different genres too haha. I used to find reading fanfics awkward but I guess I will feel less awkward imagining JW in new romance
  5. Shocking news.. @airplanegirl I actually learned of this news from your tweet. This is really unfortunate but I respect their personal decisions and their openness to announce this news to fans who love them. I hope you will still support their respective works as both are amazing in their own fields. Thank you once again for your translation and hard work so far!
  6. Yay, Pali pali watch Catch Me! If I were to rank his movies in terms of my liking, it will be Catch Me, Fatal Intuition, then Fashion King. There's nerdy JW (in flash backs) and I love his pretend-not-to-care-but-totally-cared attitude in the movie. I don't watch horror movies so I don't think I can bring myself to watch Don't Click too. But Park Bo Young is also a cutie like Joo Won so their chemistry must be daebak in the movie. I wish someone can cut and make a video from scenes that are not scary in the movie lol. I attempted to watch S.I.U years ago (with my hubby)
  7. @airplanegirl You are such a responsible administrator, to announce that you will be away. I hope you enjoy your trip and take a good break from translation… and JW and BoA. @kittyna Thanks to your frequent postings, this thread doesn’t feel like one meant for an inactive actor! I was swarmed with work the past week and was amazed with how much this thread has moved when I came back. Love your writings and insights so pls do not be afraid to hog! Haha I’m really happy to read you watched Fashion King after my post and shared your beautiful insights with us. The next ti
  8. Thank You @airplanegirl , @kittyna and @flutterby06 for sharing photos and videos from the Army Festival! Happy to see wuri JW still as handsome and healthy after spending months in the army. Allkpop and other entertainment sites can rave about other celebrities in the Festival but it's really obvious who stood out during stage performance isn't it? I just want to share that I have finally sat down to watch JW's Fashion King Movie, and I'm so glad I did! I don't know where I got the thought that fans wished he wasn’t casted in this movie. I am happily surprised that it is definite
  9. Happy birthday to the most humane actor Moon Jun Won! I hope he is given a birthday off from army and can celebrate this special day with his loved ones. Thank you @airplanegirl for the subbed video! My first time seeing it too though I remember JW shared he had a scholarship previously. Thanks to @kittyna, @flutterby06, @lavender2love for keeping this thread alive. Sorry I have nothing to contribute but I have been reading your posts!
  10. I was extremely excited when I read JW would appear in a new film Clocking Out, only to be very very disappointed when I learned the length of the film.. Like @flutterby06 , I highly recommend Catch Me / Steal My Heart for rom-com and Fatal Intuition for thriller/suspense. They are both my favourite JW movies. Catch Me was my first JW movie after I just became a fan and it made me realized he can do rom-com very well too, despite his serious roles in earlier dramas. If you don't mind spoilers, check out this interview (in chi sub) with kiss scenes BTS that are full of aegyo from JW
  11. You are very creative to come up with this post @kittyna ! I checked back to JW's real life old photos and compared to your list. Seems like they all looked very different from wuri little JW in this pic. Closest maybe mini Hwang Tae Hee in OB? I have watched all the dramas above but it's hard to choose one favourite. All of them are very impressive, and I will say born talents as they could act out tear-jerking scenes at such young age. It's also amazing how the casting teams managed to find little actors that could fit the required roles so well. Definitely no lack
  12. Awww.. his first instagram post since enlistment! I thought my eyes were tricking me when I refreshed my IG. Looking forward to seeing more photos from the army festival in Oct Anyway, I just saw on instagram that his korean fans are doing another mural for his 31st birthday. How sweet! (sorry if this has been posted, my memory is failing) First mural in 2016 here -
  13. Good question for discussion Before I share my ideas, I'm thinking what role the man himself will like to do after he is discharged. One thing for sure, he always try to go for different roles so I think he will pick something new to him in his next project. Years ago, he also confessed he likes to try melodrama where he is crazy for love (even mentioned the movie Notebook more than once) but this may have changed now that he is in a relationship. My wish list: 1) Gaksital 2 - yes, I know I have been repeating for the nth time! But I really want to see him continue to fight fo
  14. Glad to see @Ma OO back! I must admit I'm not writing much because I have nothing to too. But seeing how @lavender2love has been so encouraging, @kittyna has been very insightful and knowledgeable despite being a new fan, and @airplanegirl has been dutifully sharing latest updates on JW, I just wanted to let them know I'm still here. Sorry to bring up topics that are irrelevant to you. I thought new fans might not have seen all old videos and will be interested to learn more, just like how I really appreciated fans sharing old topics when I was new. Though 2D1N was half a decade ago, it's the
  15. @kittyna Thanks for sharing the 2 music videos! I have never seen these before. His hairstyle in second video reminds me of Hwang Tae Hee in Ojakgyo Brothers I think fans who like both of them would hope to see JW collaborating with BoA too. My wish is to see JW appearing in her music videos. But I feel that they prefer to have a very private relationship. Like Rain and KTH, they will date quietly but will announce if they decide to bring the relationship to the next level. So I think we will probably only get to see "collaboration" in the form of wedding pictorials haha Also,
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