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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome @stella77! Yas! Literally LMAO'd at that scene! JS is hilarious and KT's kick was just
  2. Hey guys! Delurking 'cause this drama pushed my unhealthy hyperfixation for kdramas into overdrive I haven't been this invested in a drama since TTON, and since we have less than 5 hours left before ep6 I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the episode and the little details of this wonderful and beautiful show while waiting for the new episode. Everyone's analysis and theories are so great and well thought out, I always enjoy reading all of them after watching each episode. As everyone has repeated time and again, every single actor or actress in this show is phenomenal, hands down. It's amazing how MY's eyes showed that feeling the warmth from KT's hand thoroughly brought down her walls, only to bring them back up again with full force when he zeroed in on the fact that he knows she needed that warmth too. It's a funny and interesting dynamic that they have, where both of them dish out facts about the other's conscious and subconscious thoughts, and yet have totally opposite reactions. In KT's case, he's left speechless, and will ponder on what she's said hours later. Whereas for MY, she quickly and instantly doubles down on her cold exterior, paired with cutting words as a defense mechanism, which I'm sure she's learned to do because of the way she's been brought up. It's beautiful how they really do understand each other whether they like it or not, and I'm so excited for what the future episodes hold for them. I love how MY's taste for homecooked meals hasn't changed even after 20 yrs lol. The sexual tension yo! Aside from the obvious scenes from the motel (which was hilarious and very much loved by me) LOL I adore the way the director shot this scene and shows that KT is very much attracted to MY and he wasn't unaffected by their close proximity. This scene could also be misinterpreted by JS as something naughty must've happened that night. And that door kick! Damn hot and funny! lol LMFAO Juri is very much like some of my shady "friends" who initiates backstabbing gossip by being passive aggresive. Although she has that trait, I do like her a little and hope that she and MY can be like adorable frenemies in the end when Juri finally embraces her dark side and ditch the nice girl act. Not gonna lie though, I cheered when he said to let go of JR's hair and she just pulled harder! BAMF MY! When he whispered that first "I love you", jeezas I can't wait to hear that from him when he says it to her for real. Who's heart ached when he gave her the money? We all know that MY was only trying to one up Juri by telling her that she only gave KT what he wanted but he clearly heard that and misunderstood it as MY being manipulative again. They're both hurting so much and gahhh the feels of it all, it's all so engaging and wonderful. Another foreshadowing from Dooly (the cartoon ST watches) perhaps? I can't believe I've only realized this after watching this episode, but it seems that from the looks of their clothes, after KT ran from the flower field where the butterfly scene happened, he must've been sorry for what he did that he returned to her the same day, collected another mini bouquet of flowers and tried to apologize for running. GAHH MY HEARTU- I cannot even with the feels of this show On a more serious note, speaking as a person who has and is close to a cousin with autism, I really really hope that they don't go down that route where ST's the killer or something. I teared up a bit when ST was banging his head against the wall because that's exactly what my cousin does when she's upset. All too often, they blame themselves for things that are out of their control and they self-harm which is heartbreaking and I'm amazed that the show is willing to show that. Most of the time they are very sweet and compassionate. In regards to the scene where he spanks KT, I see it as someone who's mimicking punishment. If you've lived in an asian household, corporal punishment is common and does happen (I'm not saying this is true for all households and not only in asian ones. I, myself have only received a slap on the hand with a slipper once in my life, but I can't say the same for my siblings lol). So I see ST "punishing" KT for lying by spanking/half punching him while chanting the words that lying is bad, which he has seen their mother do to him before (when he left ST to go home alone, back when they were children). It's more of a "monkey see, monkey do" situation, without sinister intent. From the interviews of the cast and director, I don't think (and really am praying lol) that they'd want to send a message that mental disorder/disability = violence/murderers. The director said that this was a form of apology for people who have been subjected to a world full of prejudice and harsh judgement. The show lets the audience know that ST is human and by being human he CAN have impulses and those impulses can also be violent, just like any other human being. Even in people without mental disorders/disabilites, physical altercation is unavoided. It shows that not everything is all rainbows and sunshine and that this is the reality of people with mental disorders/disabilities and the ones around them face. I love how this drama made my heart ache so much, in such a good way. I can't wait for the next episode! 4 more hours to go!
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