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  1. Official MV released for the 1st OST , "Right in front of you" by K.Will You Tube: https://youtu.be/NES1TdFkq2U Naver TV link: http://m.tv.naver.com/v/10281015 Melon link: https://www.melon.com/song/lyrics.htm?songId=32080213&subType=&ref=twitter&snsGate=Y Just a few minutes to go for Ep 4, yay!!!
  2. Hello everyone. First post in this thread, even though I have been reading for a while. As we are heading into the second week, with just mere hours to go before episode 3, I wanted to throw in also my 2 cents about MMS. The quick version: Based on what we have seen so far... 1. is this drama perfect? No, far from it, imo. 2. is it enjoyable? Yes, very much for me. 3. am I going to keep watching and looking forward to what comes next? Yes, by any means. And not just for JCW. Elaborating a little bit... 1. It is definitely not perfect. I honestly understand, and to a certain extent agree with, a lot of the criticism I have read here and elsewhere. Like others, I think the editing and directing could have been different to make the 2 set-up episodes (especially ep 1) faster and more gripping and compelling. Then some inconsistencies... In particular the "how on earth they managed to simply get up after 20 yrs being frozen (well, at least they did look pretty bad...), find their belongings and leave the lab to find themselves in downtown Seoul???" bugged me too, especially while live streaming. Let me clarify: of course if I decide to watch a drama about frozen human beings who wake up after 20 years I am fully ready to suspend disbelief about the whole freezing and thawing process as well as the need to keep the body temperature below 33 °C. But in order for the sci-fi element to work, we usually need all the other details to be perfect and believable. And this didn't happen here. Anyway, I trust that as we fully settle into year 2019 and the present story, there won't be more head-scratching moments like that one. Finally, I don't really consider it a fault or a weak point but... the slapstick humor. I am aware it's not everyone's cup of tea. Based on the writer's previous work SWDBS, I guess we'll have to expect more of it. We'll see how much exactly and how it is handled... I am personally ok with slapstick as long as it doesn't overshadow everything else. Let's see. In any case, we've got to accept that not everyone will like it. That's ok. You can't please everyone... 2. Despite what I just wrote, I can honestly say that I enjoyed the first two episodes. Not just for the JCW eye-candy or because I am super happy to see Wookie back on my screen, even though this is a factor too. Some good points in no specific order: There were several funny moments that made me laugh out loud. I liked the choice of bgm. I liked both Ma DongChan and Go Miran and I am eager to see more about them. I found Hongki and Baro really good playing the younger versions of MDC's assistant and GMR's boyfriend. Brilliant casting for the young and old versions of the characters in general. It is actually almost believable that they are the same people. And Kim WonHae playing MDC's dad in 1999 and MDC's aged brother in 2019 is genius. Great acting - just as I expected - by both the main leads. And the supporting characters (with maybe one exception) were really good too. Now I am looking forward to seeing all the sunbae actors in their roles. Last but not least: I liked the second episode more. The pace was much better, and seeing an improvement can only make me happy and confident about what it is to come. 3. I am definitely curious to see how the story progresses and how the characters will be developed. Of course I am looking forward to the romance, since based on the very few glimpses we saw in the previous ep and in the previews we can expect great chemistry between MDC and GMR. But not just that: I really see a lot of potential for the story and the characters' growth. There are so many aspects from the funny to the more serious ones to explore. I am sure that there will be many amusing scenes as our hero and heroine adapt to life 20 years "into the future". But I also hope there will be time to explore how the 2 feel realizing that they have missed 20 years of the lives of their loved ones, 20 years of the world's happenings; that all the people they left are now in a different place in their life; that they have the looks and experience/dreams/expectations of people in their twenties and early thirties, but are in fact 44 and 52 years old... For instance, I really laughed when the lady at the police station asked MR what cosmetics she uses upon realizing that the pretty girl before her is actually 44 years old, but I am expecting that all these aspects won't be used just for comedy but will also receive a more serious treatment. No doubt that both JCW and WJA can pull off all the nuances brilliantly if they are given the opportunity, so there is really a lot I am looking forward to. Can't wait for ep. 3 in just a few hours. And today I am also looking forward to Laborhood on Hire guest starring Wookie and Im WonHee.
  3. Ouch, I am late! Well, only in part because it's still D-61in my time zone. And I posted my countdown in time on IG. Only I couldn't come here sooner to share... But here we go for D-61 And also my congratulations and wishes to Hyunie for her 15th anniversary Last but not least (in Spoiler to comply with the rules), another lovely video to celebrate Hyunie's debut anniversary. Credit and thanks to @adi2019jiji
  4. D-62 (almost over, but not yet... ) And it's less than an hour to Hyunie's 15th Anniversary as already mentioned by @pauliza Happy celebration and happy week ahead to everyone here
  5. D-63!!! And if you need a mood buster, here is our ball of sunshine for you... BTW... It's D-2 to Hyunie's 15th Debut Anniversary, so to get ready... Happy weekend everyone!!!
  6. Happy D-64 and happy Friday, girls! And we have updates about our soldier Credit to owners and thanks for sharing More of our boy... Again thanks and credit to the owners ETA : I tried to make separate posts to comply, with the max 3 pics per post rule, but soompi merged my posts... Sorry everyone if this cause any inconvenience
  7. D-70!!! I am almost late, sorry. But here we go with a treat of Wookie 's smile and laughter And my countdown... Happy weekend, ladies!
  8. D-71!!! And... Hyunie doing the commentary for HDH sporting a new haircut! I am honestly a bit in shock think about her gorgeous long hair that is gone now, but she always look super pretty anyway I just wonder if it's for a new project... We will now soon if that's the case, I guess Lastly, my 101 countdown... (on a funny note today ) Have a great Friday
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