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  1. The last time I posted here I asked if PSJ will end with KDM or KNR bc the trailers didnt give me a straight answer lol. But I'm so glad I stuck through and finished this drama. Was rooting for PSJ & KDM from the start. Lol Def. one of my favorites this year so far and probably for the whole year too. Question, does anyone know if there will there be a dvd or Blu-ray for Itaewon Class? Preorder? I know it's on Netflix but usually good dramas come out in dvd. Maybe jtbc doesnt/wont make it?? TIA
  2. As of now there is no English Subs. Which I'm wondering now if it could be changed bc there's a 3rd PRE-ORDER period! Like the hype is real and we would love Eng Subs. lol
  3. Wow I never knew this was a 'club' space. I initially was looking for KJY actor page but found this page. Lol >< #noregrets You ladies crack me up. Now I know why it's a 'club' for prevy ahjummas.
  4. Hello everyone and thank you for updating IC's forum! Decided to check this out since IC was coming out tomorrow. As I've seen many post and pictures from IG, this drama intrigued me. Esp. since it's PSJ >< Anyways my question for you all, is there a def love line between Park Seo Joon And Kim Da Mi? For the longest time and from a few articles I've read, I've thought PSJ And KDM characters are just friends and colleagues in this drama. And PSJ love line is Kwon Nara? And I've went through the past 26 pages, I've seen some cute scenes between PSJ and KDM. Which made my heart flutter as I kept thinking they look really good as a couple. But also there's still Nara in the picture. Lol
  5. I love KJY and my heart just breaks every time I watch this scene. Teary KJY. His heart literally broke as CA walked away. T.T Please no more tears. >< (but I know it's not a weekend kdrama without them tears tho lol) Also I know 2019 was a super busy year for KJY but I hope for more projects and notice for him in 2020! Superb actor. <3