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  1. I am just loving this drama. Spent my whole weekend binge watching and catching up. And I am not disappointed. I knew I wanted to watch this drama with Han Seung Yeon as lead and I am so glad I decided to watch it. This was after seeing her post on IG of her and Shin Hyun Soo, looking so cute. ^^ Idk if you all watched their VIKI interviews but they described their characters matching the seasons. HSY --> winter (ep 1-4), fall (5-8), and summer (9-12) SHS --> summer, fall, and winter And I definitely see this through the timeline. Was very sad to see how cold Hyun Oh was. All the way from his hairstyle to his expression. Missing his cheesy smiles. X{ I have rewatched ep 1-4 like cray. Lol Ep. 9 was upsetting bc lack of interaction. I mean I get itttt. But as a viewer, I hated how little time they had with each other. Hoping the last 3 eps they'll have a combination of 1.5+ hr of screen time together. Lol For ep 10. I hope the "fiance" catch on quick and exit out of the story peacefully as the otp has a lot to catch up on. Hopefully Hyunoh can face Yoo Kyung and have a real conversation. Although I have been thinking a lot on how they will continue with their careers. He pretty much has to stay in S.Korea for his job. But now she has the flexibility to travel and be a photographer. So she can move and stay with him, which is what I think will happen. I also hope he signed on to a different company and not his "fiance's" lol Lol thanks for reading.
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