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  1. I'm amused by the stereotype flipping too, whether it's about the work or relationship stuff! The female gaze was hilariously done! However, I enjoy the work stuff a lot more than the relationship between BTM and PM. The discussions about privacy, keywords, and how the internet search engines work were a lot more fascinating than the noona relationship, which doesn't quite bring anything new to the table. I also find the complex relationships between the women very true to life. It's very multi-faceted - you're not just a mentor, a friend, or a mother-in-law - all the obligations, guilt, gratitude and all sorts of other feelings all get tangled up into a giant box of cables and wires that can't be pulled apart.
  2. I have a Korean colleague who is known by her English name to her students (we have an informal culture here, so students can address teachers by their first names). When I asked her why she doesn't use her Korean name, she says that it feels weird, because in Korea, a student would be a lot more formal addressing their teachers. (According to what I understand from K-drama,) Korean society is very hierarchical, so one is addressed by their name AND title at work. Using just the first name is for people who are really close. Also, I believe that superiors are allowed to use informal language to their juniors, but not vice versa because of the hierarchy as well. Hence, to make it a less hierarchical, yet still respectful work environment, English names are adopted and formal speech is used by all.
  3. I am confused - why is Jin-woo not crippled when he finally gets off at Granada? I thought the accident had left him with a permanent disability? I am so sad that Jeong-hyun died. That part is really well-written. Also, hugely annoyed that Hee-ju is so poorly written. She does practically nothing but cry. Park Shin Hye has got some acting chops, so I feel quite bad for her that it's more than halfway through and her role is relegated to something so minor.
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