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  1. Text preview to Final Episode (20) 궁을 장악한 휘(윤시윤)은 상왕의 복위를 천명하고. Yi Hwi successfully seize control of the palace then proclaim to restore King Emeritus to the throne 자준(박주형)과 어을운(김범진)은 나겸(효영)과 감금된 강(주상욱)을 구출하기 위해 다시 궁에 잠입한다. For the sake to rescue Na Gyeom & Yi Kang who had now been placed under confinement of house arrest, Ja Jun (Na Gyeom's brother & Minister of Military affairs) & Eo Eul Eun sneaked back into the palace 탈출을 거부한 강(주상욱)은 휘(윤시윤)과의 최후의 결전을 위해 궁으로 향하고.. Yi Kang thwart to escape & proceed at risk to engage in a final showdown with Yi Hwi at the palace ground 마침내 강(주상욱)과 마주한 휘(윤시윤)은 모든 비극에 종지부를 찍기 위해 다시 형을 향해 칼을 드는데..! In the end, Yi Kang confront Yi Hwi who have no choice but to put an end to all their vicissitude, yet again to cross swords with his elder brother End of Episode 19 I hope that Ro Si Gae survives, Ja Hyeon had sewn the brigandine (면갑, 棉甲) for her, hopefully it will save her life. It is said that a Joseon cotton brigandine is made from 12 layers of padded cotton & 1 layer of cotton cloth. It is said in 1866, during the French Invasion of Korea, the cotton brigandine was increase to 30 layers of cotton to be effective against bullets
  2. For those who are interested in the location of the scene, this is Oksunbong peak (옥순봉 玉筍峰), one of the 3 peaks in Woraksan National Park in Jecheon. Oksunbong peak (283m) is one of easiest hike among the 3 peaks, it takes an hour to hike. It is one of the many hikes I have done in South Korea
  3. Text Preview to Episode 19 결전의 날, D-day(combat attack) had finally here, 휘(윤시윤) 일행이 매복한 능행길에 어가행렬이 나타난다. Yi Hwi & his group lay an ambush on the route of the Tour to the Royal Tomb where the Royal Palanquin will appear in the procession Neung Haeng (능행,陵幸 Tour/Procession to the Royal Tomb/Mausoleum). Throughout the Joseon Dynasty period, going to the preceding kings' tombs (in the drama, Yi Kang is going to the Taejo tomb - founder of Joseon Dynasty) had functioned as a political tact to reinforce the power of current King & to propagate the orthodoxy of succession. 휘(윤시윤)은 공격 사인과 함께 어을운(김범진)을 향해 살을 날리고, Yi Hwi signal the attack to shoot arrows to target Eo Eul Eun 휘(윤시윤) 일행의 화살은 공중을 뒤덮는데.. Yi Hwi's group launch a spread of arrows in flight through the air 대혼란을 틈타 휘(윤시윤)은 강(주상욱)이 타고 있을 연을 빼돌리지만 강(주상욱)의 모습은 보이지 않고.. Amidst the chaos, Yi Hwi takes the opportunity to seize Yi Kang from his palanquin (yeon,연輦) but Yi Kang had discreetly disappeared & no where to be found 작전의 실패로 루시개(손지현)과 북방 3인방의 희생 속에 휘(윤시윤)은 피눈물을 삼키며 궁으로 향한다. Seeing it is already a botched attempt, Ro Si Gae & the 3 North Frontier comrades risk their lives through thick & thin to hold back the line, amid for Yi Hwi to proceed to make his way to the palace 한편 기특(재호)와 함께 소년왕을 입궁시키던 Meanwhile Gi Teuk together with the Young King & Ja Hyeon enter the palace 자현(진세연)앞에는 능행길에 있어야 할 강(주상욱)이 나타나고.. Yi Kang who stay back from the tour of the Royal Tomb makes a precipitate appearance in front of them 휘(윤시윤)은 어가행렬 습격의 실패를 대비해 2차로 준비했던 안배를 시행하는데.. Grand Queen Dowager moves to execute into her prepared Plan B after learning Yi Hwi failed reave palanquin attempt
  4. @kdramafan1 "Thanks again for the translation." You still have not got the "notification" correct. Take note the above mentioned than your "@gerrytan8063"
  5. Yi Kang: There is still some remainder of traitors that needs to be eliminated, to spread rumours of Prince Seungpyeong-gun to arouse public sentiments. I must say that we definitely need to find the child Young King had been demoted to Princedom title of Seungpyeog-gun (昇平君, 승평군) Yi Hwi: If we cannot get the help & support of Grand Queen Dowager, it will deem ardous for our Restoration of Restitution Revolt (반정 反正) to be succeed, we need to convey to her the news that the King Emeritus (Sang Wang, 상왕 上王) & I are still alive Yi Kang: It looks like there will a blood bath yet to fire up Pi Param (피바람, literally blood wind) equivalent to the Chinese idiom "腥風血雨" means reactionary reign of terror. Yi Hwi: Once Hyungnim's paper kite arrives, the gate will open.....before they could come out from inside, you need to shoot the arrows... Yi Hwi: If perhaps the attempt is deem a failure Ja Hyeon: I have no fear.....today, I want to become Mama's bride (Sinbu 신부)
  6. Text preview to Episode 18 양안대군(손병호)를 제거하는데 성공한 휘(윤시윤)은 자현(진세연)을 통해 대왕대비 심씨(양미경)에게 서신을 보내 반정의 뜻을 전한다. Yi Hwi successfully eliminates Grand Prince Yang An. Yi Hwi through Ja Hyeon delivers his letter to convey to Grand Queen Dowager of Shim clan on his intention to launch Restoration of Restitution Revolt (반정 反正) 휘(윤시윤)이 살아있을지도 모른다는 의심을 한 강(주상욱)은 자현(진세연)을 압박하지만 자현(진세연)은 의연히 받아 넘긴다. Yi Kang is having suspicion doubts with regards to Yi Hwi's death to cause worry, confronts Ja Hyeon for the truth but however Ja Hyeon remains resolute to his queries 휘(윤시윤)은 사람들을 모으며 결전의 날을 준비하고. Yi Hwi & his group prepares to gather amass to lay out for their final showdown 대왕대비 심씨(양미경)에게 정보를 들은 도승지 심정(김정균)은 강(주상욱)에게 반정의 낌새를 고변하는데... Royal Secretary Shim Jeong update & inform Grand Queen Dowager of Shim clan whether Yi Kang had caught the wind of occurrence (i.e. idiom - smell the rat/revolt) regarding the upcoming revolt 낌새를 채다 - kkimsaereul chaeda equivalent to the idiom - smell the rat In history Shim Jeong (?-1418) would be Queen Soheon's Uncle but in drama, it doesn't depict in that manner
  7. http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2018/04/27/2018042702902.html Alternative Text Preview Episode 17 죽산 안씨(김미경)를 미행하던 어을운(김범진)은 자현(진세연)을 발견해 강(주상욱)에게 보고한다. Eo Eul Eun who was doing secret surveillance to tail on Juksan Ahn ssi (Ja Hyeon's mother) movement, discover Ja Hyeon whereabouts & reports to Yi Kang 강은 직접 자현을 만나겠다며 그의 은거지인 산사로 향한다. Yi Kang personally decides to rendezvous to resume contact with Ja Hyeon in the secluded mountain temple 이 사실을 알게 된 휘(윤시윤)는 재빨리 피신하려는 시도를 한다. Unwittingly Yi Hwi on learning the fact on Yi Kang's journey & quickly makes his attempt to flee & escape 자현은 자신이 강을 잡아두는 동안 휘에게 소년왕과 도망치라고 말한다. Ja Hyeon tells Yi Hwi that she has the confidence to hold up Yi Kang while Yi Hwi makes off with the Young King to escape 자현이 걱정된 휘가 이를 거부하지만 루시개(손지현)가 나서서 자현을 지키겠다며 그를 안심시킨다. Yi Hwi gravely concern for Ja Hyeon refuses, Ro Si Gae comes forward to rest assures Yi Hwi that she will safeguard Ja Hyeon's safety 강이 찾아오자 자현은 국모의 자리를 원한다고 그를 속인다. Yi Kang arrive to meet with Ja Hyeon, holding the fort, Ja Hyeon play her deception & demands that she want to be Queen Consort (Gukmo) Gukmo (국모 國母) - Queen Consort, literally meaning the mother of a nation. 자현이 시간을 버는 동안 휘는 소년왕을 안전하게 피신시킨다. Meanwhile while Ja Hyeon is making time, Yi Hwi & the Young King safely escape 강과의 거래로 자현은 집으로 돌아가고, In her negotiation with Yi Kang, she asked to be returned home 휘는 자현의 집을 찾아 안부를 확인한다. Yi Hwi comes to look Ja Hyeon in her house, to personally confirm her safety
  8. @raziela "The dress Ja Hyun's wearing in the latest pictures looks like a gisaeng's dress. Wonder if she will hide out in the gibang for a bit?" No, it is not, it is just her normal hanbok clothings.....Yi Kang most likely return or escort her back to her house. Yi Kang did promise Seong Eok to "return" his daughter after he accomplish his diplomatic mission to Ming China For those who are interested there is an alternative text preview to Episode 17 http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2018/04/27/2018042702902.html
  9. @raziela "One thing I don't get is why they would still be targeting Grand Prince Yang An. Isn't he out of favour with Kang now so much less of a threat?" Grand Prince Yang An raise the "monster" Yi Kang & is his mentor & right hand man. Yi Hwi creating friction between Uncle & Nephew will diminished Yi Kang's power. In the preview, Yi Hwi through Do Jeong Guk got hold of the secret pact between Yi Kang with his Princedom investiture title, name & personal seal & Lee Man Zhu (이만주, 李滿住), the Jurchen (女真) Huligai (the Korean will refer to them as "Ho Ri Gae Ro" 호리개로/胡里改路) Chieftain (族長) Yi Kang is already looking apprehensive & chary....wielding his sword like a despotic King, he now looks more like the historical Yeonsangun than Sejo "I suppose it depends how JH makes the request. i think if she says she wants to become Queen for her own protection then Kang can understand that considering what NG used her authority to do to Ja Hyun. As long as NG is Queen with authority over the Inner Palace then JH's life would be hell if she entered the Palace" Ja Hyeon know that it will be a "tall order" for Yi Kang to accommodated her demand, I hope he choke on the wine he was drinking. Worst for Yi Kang when Na Gyeom informs him that she will borne him a Grand Prince
  10. @kdramafan1 You need to place "@" before my avatar name for me to read your notification
  11. @kdramafan1 "Looking forward to the text preview to episode 17 . We'll be able to speculate more of what's to come. Thank you in advance for posting the text preview (with translation please)." Text preview to Episode 17 어을운(김범진)에게 자현(진세연)과 근거지가 발각되고, Eo Eul Eun discovered Ja Hyeon at the hideout temple base 자현(진세연)의 소식을 들은 강(주상욱)은 자현(진세연)을 만나기 위해 곧바로 산사로 향한다. On hearing news on Ja Hyeon's whereabouts, Yi Kang personally sets out & goes to the mountain temple to meet Ja Hyeon 휘(윤시윤)을 도망시킨 자현(진세연)은 홀로 강(주상욱)을 맞이하여 당당한 태도로 거짓 요구를 하고 강(주상욱)은 이에 흔들린다. In order to make time for Yi Hwi to escape, Ja Hyeon decides to accept to meet Yi Kang alone on one to one basis, in a dignified & confidence manner in her deception, she makes her exorbitant demands to Yi Kang which in turn teeters him 근거지를 옮긴 휘(윤시윤) 일행은 양안대군(손병호)를 완벽하게 제거할 계획을 세우는데.. . After moving their hideout base elsewhere, Yi Hwi & his group device a perfect plan to eliminate Grand Prince Yang An once & for all
  12. Preview to Episode 17 Insight.... Ja Hyeon tells Yi Kang that she doesn't want to be Royal Consort - Inner Court but Queen Consort Yi Kang is inform by Na Gyeom that she is pregnant
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