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  1. CC as JC was so awesome. Could tell he his heartbroken behind the serious expression he gives to the public esp. when he is at home, he cries.
  2. Ep 38-39 -40 I think. jC return in ep 38 to mortal arc. Mortal arc lasts until ep 49.
  3. He never shows up but he is mentioned a few times in conversation and is playboy after all so good thing she did not end up with the real song guy.
  4. Several episodes into the mortal arc when they are couple - it will be funny . I don’t want to spoil for you but there is a kissing scene involved.
  5. You are absolutely correct. She thinks JC is her fiancé and he does not correct her.
  6. Yes. She is on the same level as god of war -although JC said there were levels within high immortal.
  7. I like the ending as it is/ after all the tribulations: they are together with a daughter. Just hoped for more OTP scenes. why would you want to wish death of JC. His return is the fulfillment of his promise to LX after they made their vows
  8. Ep 19 recap below. http://dr-myri-blog.blogspot.com/2019/09/love-destiny-episode-19-recap.html?m=1
  9. I do like this trailer more. it has the essence of their love and destiny together . thanks for sharing
  10. What episode was that when JC gave him advice ? I must have missed that.
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