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  1. @lonetwilightmy disappointment was refering to the reception of netizens towards her in the drama. I naively thought that once the drama settles, k-netz would have a kinder stance towards her but unfortunately wasn't the case.... Nothing in my post mentioned anything about my disappointment towards the drama, her choice of drama after 5years.. Styling choices? Yes, but that's the fault of the coordis. I don't see how expressing "disappointment" is perceived to be irrational.
  2. @lonetwilight the whole point of my previous post was to vent my frustrations about the styling and makeup team of YEH. You quoted the picture with her character in Goong 12 years ago and her current character in FW, proving the point that she got no work done, which I'm fully convinced, cos knowing her it's not something she will do... Which is why it's so frustrating because her visuals onscreen are many of time... Prettty off... which is not due to her getting work done obviously but because her team is not giving her looks that actually suit her. And that could be prevented......
  3. Whoa whoaaa... Chilllllllll. First and foremost I am not intending to start fanwars and whatever I stated has no intent of malice(can't be helped if you took it that way) .... I was just purely stating my opinion in a rational manner(isn't what the purpose of this thread was????) When I mentioned about netizens blabbing about how they felt HGE was a better fit for leading role ... It was UNDER THE CONTEXT of my point about how critical the reception netizens were giving towards YEH. Why not you head over to the Official mbn thread and share with them your opinions? I simply stated my opinion on cjm's character which seeemed to be the most attractive and saying how i reallly recently liked him as an actor through this drama. Did you read any part of my post that include bashing towards YEH?And... How. Does. That. Add. Up. To. Me. Intending. To. Start. A. Fanwar.......??? (i don't see how expressing my liking towards cjm would initiate a fan war....)
  4. @ck1Oz honestly I am pretty disappointed with her 5 year comeback. I said before and will say again... Her stylist and makeup artist screwed her overrrrrrrr big time.... For a "top star" role..... Her visuals are prettttty dis.taste.ful.. Many of times they come across as super gawdy over the top. There were few scenes where she looked good #1 her bare face when she talked to WH while she was warded. #2 when she packed her luggage for her beach vacation #3 dancing scene with wh #4 kiss scene during beach holiday plus a few others...... Regarding her voice, there were some scenes where i had to turn down my volume cos it sounded pretttty crac.kly.. I noticed it tooduring her TVN variety... Pretty awkward to watch but there have been reports of having nodule issues (so can't be help, thats just really unfortunate...) to sum up.... Really gutted after having high anticipation for her comeback aft 5 bloody years... And sincerely believe she's a reallly down to earth and kind human being but sometimes the cards are just not in favour (so many up and coming actresses and >35y/o actresses who are older but are pretty sizzling on small screen) so life is realllllllllly unfair goddammit. Netizens have been saying that Han Go Eun (playing yj's unnie) would be a better choice for the lead cos her styling is more decent and classy looking.... And her lip looks normal at least (well, she got the right makeup artist),........ That's just the way it is. Her reputation in korea right now is pretttttttttttty filmsy right now cos of her fatal decision to join a variety.. I thought it'll be better once the show settles but I guess nooooo. Primarily Cos of her styling team . My only hope is...... Her coordis stop making her look ugly+ we will have decent last 6 episodes to enjoy. Cjm's killing it! Just hope the writers will do cwh some justice. If not, my heart will reallllly break because he's incredibly talented!!!!!! Sorry if i'm being a wet blanket or whatsoever but just wanted to vent out, and nooooo I'm not against YEH or anything, just really sad how things are going for her..
  5. I have been loveeeee drunk since yesterday night... Sooooooooo giddddddy!!!!! It's such a gentle and simple scene but they made it seem like it was their first night together as newlyweds..... . Both of them had done steamier kiss scenes (lol)in other drama but this isn't steamy..... But theres so much depth to it...
  6. Hmm.. According to viki, interview has been done before hand already, it's only gonna be broadcasted via fb.
  7. Couldn't agree more!!!!!! I was so excited for yesterday's episode cos from the last scene of ep6 CWH looked soooo lovingly in her eyes when he confessed.... But they had to troll us like nobody's business?!? So... Throughout the day i was feeling super restless and a lil crestfallen...3hrs plus before ep8 airs... Hope all our hopes for 우유couple won't crash into the seaaaaaaa. See you guys on the other side. *fingerrrrrrrrrscrosssssssedtightlyyy*
  8. Last night's episode didn't sit too well with me especially how PD-NIM TROLLED US UPSIDE DOWN FROM THE START OF THE EP?!?!?!?! Aside from that, it was really specially nice to see how YJ bridged the gap between WH and fraudster mom (lol) and made them up. How she cooked dinner for them and was considerate enuf to leave them to talk alone... What an A* girlfriend Realllllllllly curious +major apprehensive to see how the rest unfolds cos from the looks of ep 8 prev..... WH says something along the lines of" This is too damaging for YJ, I've decided to break up"........
  9. New OST guys!!! Sounds saaaad. Brace yourselves for heartbreak ahead lol.. They barely started and break up is so soon?!????
  10. Guys.... Click on the left menu... Select MBN STREAM 5.. Stream 1-4 ain't working
  11. @ck1Oz valid point made about YEH's makeup artist!!!!! What the heck is she doing with YEH's face?! She needs to be fired............. Realllllllllllllllllllllly hope it gets better.
  12. My favourite scene of episode 3 was when Woo Hyun was eating alone and he recalled what Yoo Jung said at the breakfast table in episode 2.. When Yoo Jung ate a spoonful of rice and said 'yummy', he looked at her endearingly
  13. The last scene of EP 3 really got my heart fluttering.. YEH's outfit and hair really worked.. As for some other scenes.... Her makeup is realllllllllly working against her.. Seems as though her makeup artist is an anti fan, trying to screw her over;maybe that might be the reason why people mistake her for having got her face fixed.... Really hope it get betttterrrrrrr.
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