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  1. Has anyone find out yet the BGM during Jenny's flashback? The music also being played during this scene..
  2. myb it has something to do with normal & abnormal issue like Scarlett and Alex discussed? I keep questioning myself, why am i more invested in Scarlett x Seol Ji Hwan's story rather than tammy x morgan?
  3. And I dont know where this scene at ? Because i had seen all the video of this drama so far ( OST MV, All the eps, all trailer but i dont see this scene ....Anyone know the full video ? Or had anyone see this ? SO CURIOUS I want to watch this sceneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee of CHA HYUN and JI HWANNNNNN . HELP MEEEEE GUYS Their story is much complicated than it seems?
  4. I see you are here too ... I'm surprise why there aren't any live recap for this drama? Is there any good soul out there to answer my prayer
  5. Ahnyeong everyone here this show just getting better revolve around those ladies...I find the romance is just the bonus subplot with nice cinematography.. BTW, am I the only one seeing in the next ep preview that Scarlett got punch? aigoo this girl..I'm rooting for you to find your love soon Cha Hyeon aaah
  6. Ahnyeong everyone...this is my first time in this thread...I've been away from soompi for such a long time..can't believe that it took this drama to make me returns ..i'm still recovering from withdrawal but luckily this drama was meant for such lovely memories for us..so i'll guess i'll just cherish every moments of it..this drama officially has taken a special spot in my top list of romcom kdrama
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