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  1. Do you remember My Girl? Hahaha, which girl Wookieshii. For old timer, who can forget My Girl..I still remember the hype among us, from SEA to China, with limited internet coverage, but the forums everywhere were so popular comparable to nowadays 3G,4G or 5G. In Korea, DC forum, minihompy, cyworld all were crowded. In China, of course where we got most of the links and translations from Korea website at that time. Cfans always the first in getting the juicy news out of Korea. Thanks to Wookie for still wants to hype that drama and of course ..it leads to the main "Girl". https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.philstar.com/entertainment/2019/10/11/1959368/secret-hallyu-success/amp/ Do you still remember My Girl?” he asked the crowd, whose screaming response suggested that they didn’t forget, of course. Throwback..When Wookie introduced DH.. This beautiful lady by my side is "My Girl" Lee Da Hey.
  2. Gong Yoo has a rival actually, I saw in SFH's thread and Weibo, C-fans shipping him hard with Im Si Wan.. hahaha. Btw, they always talented, not just ordinary fans.
  3. The naughty and scene stealer..I really love seeing both of them doing the Goblin meme..
  4. Well 8 years ago, Mister X said mismanagement, but fast forward, bc of her own attitude too. The way she showing her middle finger to her own fans, meaning acting is just part time job or when she wants to see if people still remember her. In other words, acting is just for fun, for her acquaintances, she can be used for business opportunities in China.
  5. @Lovebeats3 oh I forgot, DH too, dated twice the hottest guy aka Wookie, in between the Chinese Lamborghini guy (Yi Feng) ..so her past resume is very amazing too,- just nowadays maybe karma, she just end up being in honeymoon with alcoholic beverages all day long and sometime being sale promoter for her new boss products. And looking at the pictures, I wonder if Wookie will be invited IF IF IF suddenly DH suddenly realized marriage is important to her sanity or mental health. We still don't know who she is going to end up with. Same with Wookie too, wonder if DH going to be one in his guests list. Based on his latest cameo, seems like he has no issue meeting his ex and flaunting his wedding card.hahaha. Btw, looking at Gong Yoo, he seems happy being "single" or unattached, so don't know if that going to influence Wookie too. Plus with nipplegate fiasco lately and the crumble of songsong couple...many I heard afraid of marriage.
  6. Hahahaha, the fraud one no need to buy oven, flour, baking powder etc bc free cookies always available 24/7. Yes, maybe joining Gong Yoo's agency, can close the gap, big chances to bump into each other -"My oppa is a best friend with my instant ex-bf." Wookie's charm is hard to forget especially to young girl. Well IU used to be Wookie ideal girl, hahaha, that kind of baby face, -used to be DH trademark b4 colluding with the fraud.
  7. One of his gym buddy. But I don't know Gong Yoo also joining the group. So far we know Seho and Youngji. Hahaha, why not.
  8. Seems like October is the wedding month for Korean. Sohere bunch of eligible bachelors spend their free time, -attending wedding ceremony. Is that Gong Yoo next to Wookie, doing the love sign. Nice editing
  9. I know Wookie and Gong Yoo is one of the best bromance in Kdrama history..but to me JH and OJH is forever phenomenal.. with the best historical drama complete with commercial and artistic value. I saw Wookie and old DH (I mean DH in the past) are lucky enough, both were casted in breakthrough kdrama (Goblin and Chuno respectively) and both were very successful, except Chuno is not for younger audiences. Then both were very successful in hard melo (Hotel King) and psycho characters (SFH and Miss Riley respectively) Thanks for posting these epic artistic fighting scenes.
  10. @dolley My Chinese friends said that kind of alcohol is always offered during very important business negotiation. Maybe for future Brazilian Wax advertisement. They worked so hard on that video promotion 2 months ago.
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