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  1. And here Oct 25th 2018, when I posted about 1MDB, because at that time, I had came across many links related to level of debauchery in that clan.
  2. I don't know why that singer never achieve this number of views, bc his fans always said NO.1. 70 millions for Donghey
  3. Don't forget to watch Wookie tonight, with one of my favorite actress. Check out @soompi’s Tweet:
  4. Yes, very clear indeed. And one chicken restaurant at Siam Square, one flopped comeback album, and lavish oversea honeymoon every month. I don't think all that just cost 1000 yen, as what the loyalists so proud about. Hahaha, oh yes that 2 minions, I still want to give them big kiss muah muah for confirming about Donghey, and yes I remember the ATMs ruckus. I still wondering if they still stalking Wookie, some of other minions did attend Wookie's Japan fan meeting few years ago. I know they want to check how HANDSOME Wookie in real. Another thing, they encouraging, brainwashing DH to work in China only and trying their best to smear her name in Korean market by none stop attaching their names to her. Their best argument, DH and her family allow to be associated with it, so none of our business, her non axx licking fans need to shut up their mouth whenever she is mocked by K-netizen and why keep questioning, when is her next project in k-dramaland etc.
  5. @dolley if Mr Kim is really the guy we stalking since 4 years ago, then it's our biggest achievement ever. He is now missing in cyberspace, deleted his IG completely without a trace 2 days ago, what a coincidence. He knows who we are, the most stubborn Donghey shippers. We love playing hide and seek with him and the clan, and they love reading this thread. Yes, I'm willing to break soompi rules, being called the most senile, the most black hearted soompier bc I refused to lick Lee Da Hae's boyfriend buxt. Most of them thought bc of sinking ship bla, bla.. it's far from that honey. Of course the details never being discussed here, this is not a forum for tracking a scammer, but when I know Jhlow is in the picture, everything is not "none of your business" kind of things. The prostitution thingy, Yes none of my business, but the mocking part is my/our business. It's related to the few people from that clans who love reading this thread.
  6. I can imagine the blink blink in their ,(clans) eyes whenever they see the "drinks" there. Their BFFs 1000% follow the way Jhlow throwing his party. That brave woman reporter already said, one of the reasons for her starting the investigation is bc of how they party. For reading pleasure.. http://www.sarawakreport.org/2016/01/how-jho-lows-gang-blasted-malaysias-millions-at-new-year/ Qubaisi has also invested huge sums in the South of France, where Jho Low’s groupies have also regularly hung out, especially on the luxury yacht circuit. Jho Low took delivery of his own personal super-yacht Equanimity in 2014, but before that his gang of friends were treated to several extravaganzas aboard various hired boats. As they proudly announce, this is Jho Low’s “style”, meaning disgusting extravagance with money stolen from the poor of Malaysia?
  7. @dolley yes, English speaking part caught my attention in the link attached, and I still remember the luxury trips in the IG. Our economy badly affected due to 1MDB and the mastermind is none other the kleptocrats/JhLow in our country. I even made a joke few years ago dreaming suddenly people wrongly deposited RM2.7 billions into my account. Our corrupt politicians are way more advanced in mocking the public. Bc 1MDB is my favourite topic among my friends, I realized the way the clans seducing rich people, MOCKING the people, the way they party, so similar to people involved in 1MDB. That's why I posted about the connection in this thread last year. Bc of the latest update, I forgot to compliment the old stylist and make up artist. She did a good job yesterday.
  8. Jlow, Jlow, we know how you party.. hehehe..you use our money on "them". And Wow, Mr Kim's name appears again..the one I know, yes always went to Thailand since 4 years ago. Not sure if the same Mr Kim who always teased us before. In August 2016, DH also posted a picture at Siam Square, near to her joint venture chicken restaurant. https://en.businesstimes.cn/articles/114185/20190625/why-former-yg-chief-yang-hyun-suk-entertain-investors-abroad.htm
  9. Every quarter also they will inform the reporter to update their love story status to the public bc it is so Holly. So far the scheduled update always on track for 4 years. Wonder what the audience thinking about her career as an actress..
  10. Let's see if she will be invited to Chanel event, due to her excessive promotion of the brand, and reconcilation with Wookie's stylists team.
  11. As expected, reconcile with old friends will gives us DH in public event once again this year. DH and Bada
  12. And @dolley to me it's good some Chinese fans are aware of it. In her Xionghonshu, if DH posted about make up tip and free goodies, she got more than 30 000 comments/video, but if she posted her honeymoon with her boyfriend, she got less than 5000 comments/video. Maybe they are afraid to support the moving ATMs hard work.
  13. It gives me a chill if the BFFs really one of the Mastermind, a real pimp (who knows). For the welcoming back of old friends that she kicked before, just wait and see how they gonna use the successful old friends. They are in desperation now, bc Korean journalists are attacking them non stop since 6 months ago.
  14. Somewhere last year, I posted about my country 1IMDB case in this Donghey shipper thread, and my friend asked me, are you out of your mind. I just said, wait and see, and plus I just teasing the similarity of that clan behavior when they were on holiday with the people involved in 1IMDB. Fast forward... https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/06/mbc-straight-reveals-new-report-that-yang-hyun-suk-arranged-a-trip-to-europe-for-investors-and-10-prostitutes Maybe Mr Kim deleted his IG yesterday bc of the above case.
  15. Wow, the great Mr Kim, the guy who said DH is the best female BFF to him, also a matchmaker for DH, now his IG is no longer exist, or just technical problem. The great YG and Seungri Co-CEO.
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