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  1. Ah... so that's the secret he chose Thailand..

    Okay, from now on I'll tag him beautiful places and yummy food in Indonesia (better yet to my small hometown) :)) :))

    Go stalk him to airport if you wish... hahaha.. I wanna know his whereabouts in Thailand

    @AdelaM I have connection with ahjumma, remember? and of course minions everywhere in Thailand.. :P:P

    My friend told me, someone saw him with his friend at the airport, when that someone saw him she immediately recognized the Healer and called him "Changwook ssi" and he smiled...

    Other than this info and his beach pic, we don't have verified info if he's indeed in Thailand...

    Haha let's do it promote our beloved country!!! Last two years i went to jkt very often!! My previous company is doing business in indonesia.

    Yesterday i saw his friend ig update Bkk picture. I thought does Puppy be with him? In the morning, my friend told me someone twitted that she saw puppy at suwarnnabhum airport yesterday. OMG what should i do!!? But still not sure. And bang!!! Puppy post coconut trees pic. Haha but there are tons of coconut trees in Thailand. How can I know whrre u r puppy!!? U made me nuts today!!!

  2. My source said he's in Thailand right now.. the beach (the palm pic) is in Phuket, Thailand..

    I wonder how he can manage to escape Korean media and fans' attention?? :-?

    Using Healer skills? Ahjumma hacking airport CCTV? :)) :))

    I stay in Bkk, Thailand. I dun know where he is. He may be in Phuket or Samui. These two islands are quite far from BKK around 1 hr filght! Phuket is also a big island.

    If i am lucky enough i want to see him at the Bkk airport to send him back home!!!

    Haha i always tag him pictures of nice beaches and islands also yummy food in Thailand and invite him here!!

    Have a good time in Thailand my Puppy!! I am so glad u chose Thailand!!!

  3. from the pics above there are a lot of photographers outside the venue...

    both fans and the news media.... i wonder, PMY has a big van, how about JCW? hmmm:-?

    He has 2 black vans the old one is KIA, the new one is Mecedes Benz. I think both vans belong to Glorious. I am wondering he drives what kind of car? :-)

  4. HI GUYS...


    for easy tracking, please copy and paste this post (including others answer) and then add your answer.


    84 submission...thank you all!!!    


    AppleBanana - I just LOVE LOVELOVELOVELOVE Healer

    too much!


    2.     uctqepe - Healer is like a thrilling, seductive and fun puzzle where by each

    episode, writer gives us small parts, asks us to place them and surprises us

    with the meanings!


    3.     azzhuragreen - For me, Healer is a gift. Love, heartwarming,

    and caring. Like saying don't try to throw away your past. Just face it with a

    big heart and you'll find the way to healing your pain. There are so many

    people who will believe and love you no matter how hard your life 


    4.     sunshinefate - Healer is a drama crack for me after several

    months not being able to find any dramas that could ease my loneliness and

    finally I found it in Healer which makes me a crazy fangirl! ^^


    5.     kdramafangirlz - Healer is one of the rare gem I've ever seen in

    all kdramas to date because of it's unique and refreshing and awesome portrayal

    of all the character and story developments.


    6.     MyXavienne - For

    me, Healer is the epitome of a perfect K-Drama!


    7.     lovesikara - Healer

    is seductive and sexy.



    Artist2601 - Healer is the BEST DRAMA OF THE




    Noxn - Healer is DAE to the freaking

    BAK and I love it to bits and pieces.


    10.  larienssi - Because

    of Healer, my Korean drama watching will never be the same again.


    11.  valsava - Healer

    is like serenity after the seductions


    12.  kanyaprasetyo – Healer is the drama that keeps

    exceeding expectations


    13.  keroppikero - healer makes winter warm like spring and hot

    like summer.


    14.  seinhi - Healer

    is like the ray coming in my lukewarm life


    15.  rixxanna - Healer

    is a rollercoaster ride, one surprising present with its unexpected story, and

    a lesson to learn.


    16.  Hafie - Healer

    is a dream come true.


    17.  rrmski - Healer

    is amazing. It made me create audio message, fan messages and fan videos that I

    never thought I will do. Therefore, it will forever hold a special place in my



    18.  sia3 - Healer

    is a gift from heaven and hell: it fried my brain, but gave me

    an one-of-a-kind story and layered characters - portrayed by a group of

    awe-inspiring actors/actresses.


    19.  azzurri - Healer

    fills all my senses - so beautifully shot with wonderful actors so it's good

    for the eyes, such great music and Healer's wonderful deep voice soothes my

    ears, so wonderfully unpredictable and fastpaced, it keeps my brain in a whirl

    and most importantly so warm, with so much heart that it moves me deeply. 


    20.  nana4ever - Healer

    is a wonderful drama with an extraordinary cast of actors. It has touched my

    heart in so many ways. Just a look or touch between the leads generated so many

    emotions and made me a believer ... Truly amazing.


    21.  rachelpark26 - the drama that keeps exceeding expectations


    22.  minozyeh - Healer = terrible withdrawal syndrome


    23.  paulette - Healer

    is JI CHANG WOOK!!! Saranghameda!


    24.  AnneVarrattha - Healer is a Beautiful Healing Drugs reassuring

    us that - Just Believing in the power of everlasting love, we can make it if we

    stay together, our love is just enough


    25.  cmoirae2 - Healer

    is my morning fix, my cup of tea that perks me up and makes my day


    26.  minoz-joyax

    - HEALER has been my life for the past two months, no ANDs, no IFs, no



    27.  qwenli - Healer should have been a book, it should

    have been 30eps, it should have a sequel with Healer juniors.


    28.  aoikarin - HEALER is magical, beautiful love story,

    full of pheromones, dangerously capturing hearts, body and minds of the viewers


    29.  Chizawa95 - Healer is my topic that make me spirit

    everyday for the past 2 months


    30.  AdelaM - Healer is about wonderful people, charming

    and talented actors that touched my heart!


    31.  sweesal - Healer is beyond everything!


    32.  Canavalia Hot Entertaining Amazing Lovesome Emotional Rollercoaster


    33.  treasure51 - Healer is the reason we are here in this

    forum. it is the sweetest, lovely, action drama (and funny too) (Sec. Oh has

    funny side too, sexy goodbye kiss for dec.yoon)


    34.  Olga2010Ans - The answer to the question of the healer

    and that for all of us aficionados Healer this drama means you can write

    endlessly, and then all the words just are not enough to adequately describe

    all the feelings of light that brought this masterpiece that drama in our

    lives, is an unforgettable happiness try to describe the most important words

    that really feel in my heart! **will take this as your best one-liner though

    its long but its okay. 


    35.  soso97 - Healer is so so amazing and mind-blowing

    that I will keep rewatching it for eternity.


    36.  NRGchick - Healer : Evidence that there are fans who

    love a tight script, perfect for the role actors who will forever be ingrained

    as one of the best K-dramas I have ever watched. And we truly appreciate what

    the cast and crew have done. HWAITING!


    37.  andremarie - "Healer" heals your pain and

    reminds you what it feels like to fall in love all over again...............


    38.  maddymappo -

     Healer plays a symphony of love on my heart strings.

    39.  dk_sadia– For me it was a total addiction…if

    there is one addiction that gives you out only good effects, it would

    definitely be watching HEALER. Everything related to this drama is positive.


    40.  pnaysurfer84 - Healer gave me hope that there is a bright

    future for anyone who aspires change.


    41.  Ahpheng‌ : Healer is

    everything I look for in a drama, introduces me to JCW and Writer SJN, makes me

    participate for the first time in Intenational Fan Project and makes comics,

    one of the best weeks I have spent watching KDrama. Healer, thank you.

    42.  rushcute Healer is my

    breakfast, my lunch, my dinner... Makes me crave for more. My daily routine...

    My energizer... My 'dream'... Now, my standard for men (boyfriend) has

    changed when I met HEALER and without it my life will never be the same again.


    43.  sunshine15 -

    Healer, you're not just a kdrama for me,but instead such an incredibly amazing

    experience for me that I can't recall my life before you came; I feel I've

    always knows Chae Young-shin, Seo Jung-hoo, Ahjumma&Bongsookie... And

    there'll never be another one, 'cos I'm eternally yours!


    44.  babyred358 - HEALER DRAMA  makes me go crazy ..

    jichangwookshi..full fill my heart, my mind, and my soul... i'm so fall in love

    with him.. i wish can meet him in my next life..


    45.  Lissabonni - In my

    heart, Healer is the number 1 drama to beat!

    46.  princessbelle1022 - HEALER, There will never be another one

    cause I'm eternally in love with Ji Chang Wook


    47.  dearme85 - Healer surprises me at every turns, and it

    also surpasses everyone's expectation!


    48.  dancingunicorn Healer is my daily dose of medicine every Mondays and Tuesdays; Healer

    completes my day.


    49.  heartoppaya - One of the Best Healing dramas,

    physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and sexually. No more words. Healer

    is my addiction. I'd rather die than not watch it, hence I'm in the Great




    50.  Layali - Healer is the fruition of all my wildest

    wishes regarding Kdramas coming true.It has

    exceeded all my expectations beyond  ways I never thought was

    possible.Thanks to Healer,mykdrama tastes have been refined to a sophistication

    of the nth degree!


    51.  mjang - HEALER is like a rainbow piercing through

    a cloudy day with each color shines on its own making you awe at its




    52.  OO1230 - HEALER is like a sun during the day and change

    into moon at night. It's unavoidable. It always "be with me" (in my

    mind) every time! Wondering about it everyday, every night! Visiting this

    forum at least once a day and excited feeling every

    monday&tuesday prove it!

    53.  secretup - I'm impressed at how Healer proves his

    ability to heal people while showing his need for healing, on the way to find

    true meaning of family, friendship, and love.


    54.  ikeikeke - Healer has all the ingredient that i love

    to see in a drama (a lot of lovely dovey scene and skinship), is my greatest

    K-Drama addiction since my K-Drama life (since 2003), crazily waiting for

    monday and tuesday instead of weekends, stay overtime at work just to stream it

    without lag.


    55.  Charliew - "Healer took over my life"


    56.  arlequine - The one k-drama you need after Healer is

    Healer-2. Please!


    57.  tiffyjiffy - There are many first for me because of

    HEALER from looking forward to every Monday, to live streaming, spending

    countless hours on Soompi and re-watching OTP scenes ZILLION times and never

    get bored. I think I'm in love. 


    58.  briseis - "HEALER has ruined me for any other kdrama this year. It's the crème de la

    crème of the kdrama universe. Unforgettable, awe-inspiring and



    59.  Cinderella1 - Healer is TOXIC , it's a sweet

    painful obsession , it burns me out inside , it possesses my mind and heart ,

    consumed me , had me hostage , turned this unnie into a teen fan girl and now

    i'm having Healer compulsive disorder


    60.   letta - I love lovelove this show!!!!!


    61.  tehlimau- Healer makes Mondays and Tuesdays the best

    days of my last 10 weeks!


    62.  mary_of_bethany- Healer/ Heroes of the world we need not,

    but need us the healing that comes only when the one you loved has faith in

    you, for faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things

    not seen.


    63.  yenbird - Healer is everything I've ever dreamed of

    perfectly packaged in a drama - intriguing plot, amazing cast, and explosive

    chemistry - it pulls at my heartstrings like nothing else! 


    64.  fidda868 - Healer is one of the most beautiful drama ever

    produced and well written by a brilliant screenwriter which has made my life

    turn upside down by turning myself into a half zombie half human with a

    completely ruined sleep cycle.. 


    65.  namedx - Healer renewed my faith in Kdramas again; the

    epitome of hallu - fresh, alluring, and stylishly charismatic. 


    66.  FemaleQuixote - Healer = most addicting Kdrama experience

    ever!!  Watch at your own peril: universe/life will turn haywire.


    67.  cityhunterlee - Healer = Amazing Action-Romance

    Drama of year 2015, which i can re-watch for infinite time without getting

    boring because of Ji Chang Wook smile


    68.  sanika - It was as good as reading a book and thats the

    highest compliment that I can give it !


    69.  Tomi22 - Healer is a masterpiece with just the righ

    portions of mystery, love, drama, family,.. It's a drama to be watched multiple

    times a year with a wonderful cast and staff. Just a caution message : Beware

    of the powerful withdrawal symptoms that are waiting for you, you will never

    forget it


    70.  urbanscrappy - Healer is the reason why I can't wait for the

    weekend to end.


    71.  Addictedtokeverything - Healer=Mx10=

    My muse, makes my monotonous meaningless Monday, mighty magnificently magical!


    72.   Yumiko_hitoshi

    - It's hard to fall in love, but Healer is my love now. Tôi yêu Healer



    73.  jerboa3 - Healer set the bar so high that I don't know

    if I'll be able to enjoy other dramas! 


    74.  Ohuihui - Healer is like a box full of chocolate, every

    piece is perfectly made and makes me want to savour every moment of it. 


    75.  namyo - Healer has made me believe there is still people

    out there, wanting to reveal our truth.


    76.  naritul - Healer is one of the best k-drama ever, makes

    almost the others (k-drama) so so (average)...


    77.  suziebee - So Healer is my antidepressant. Making me smile,

    laugh, and feel happy by providing my brain cell natural boost! 


    78.  donnalauj - HEALER the

    difference between reality and sanity, happiness and sadness, and the best

    drama ever. 


    79.  kimchee4me - Healer reminded me of why i love kdramas so.much. everyone

    that worked on healer did a wonderful job.


    80.  saved2k- Healer is everything I have hoped for in a drama...great

    story, great pacing, great acting and of course fantastic chemistry from the

    OTP. Thank you to all the people behind this drama.


    81.  Redfox3 - Healer is unlike

    anything I've watched in Kdramas so far. The worst day of the week used

    to be Monday, Healer has made me love Mondays. 


    82.  azuwaza163 - Healer,

    when the husband is sporting enough to look after the kid because his wife is

    disappearing into the Moru-Moru Island.


    83.  Leylalinn - Healer is like a drug. Make u addicted. make

    ur brain exploded. And healer is the best drama ever whos can ruin mylife.makes me crazy all day.


    84.  najmizah - For me, Healer means a really beautiful

    art, a very delicious meals where the taste is rarely you can have, it's a

    perfect combination that will make you happy and giddy watching it.  I'm

    totally in love with Healer.

    palli palli guys...you have until 10pm KST tonight.

    Healer is a great drama that made me love Monday and looking forward to it.

  5. @nploan‌ yes his popularity is sky rocket increasing!! He really deserves it!!

    Even here in Thailand coz of Healer. Lots of my friends are fallen in love wt JCW! Most of them refused to try 51 eps EK but now they want to haha.

    For the musical tickets for Puppy performances (around 10k seats), i learnt from my Korean friend that they are sold out in two minutes! And the ticket sale system was downed.

    His IG is over 500k. 1M followers would be in near future i guess and i am waiting for!

    I love his IG. It's unique and funny!! It shows how puppy is in real life!!

    @sunshinefate Baby Emperor Tahwan is my love. I can't live without him for more than a week haha. Still rewatching and listening its OST!

    I do love JH/BS/Healer too but a little bit less than Tahwan!

    But but who I love the most is our Puppy, JCW! He is really talented and adorable.:-)

  6. CW appears a lot in Fing Fingers. His role is a bad spoiled boy but I can't hate him!! He looks so gorgeous as Yoo In Ha. But I kind of dun like its storyline.

    I like bromance between joo ji hyun and CW haha.

    Many people (the opposite shippers in EK) hate tahwan but I also couldn't help but falling for Tahwan. OMG there would never be an hilarious yet romantic emperor like that in other dramas. Oh, but I'm not ready to see him as a villain. Still, I'm gonna try to watch it for ji chang wook.

    Emperor Tahwan is my most favorite character. It is the pitiest role. Noone really loves him except nanyang. I am still rewatching my favourite part of EK. I cannot get over it. Missing my Paeha a lot.

    I finished all of Puppy's dramas. It took around 4 months!!

  7. Hi guys. I've been in love with ji chang wook for these 2 full months. But I've only managed to finish 3 of his dramas (EK, BVS, KARA secret love). I'm planning to watch five fingers. Did he appear often in that drama like he did in EK? I know he was the second lead in that drama but I want to watch him act in a modern drama. Were his portions as many as his portions in EK? My favorite ji chang wook's characters so far are in healer and EK. I really could not forget his character and chemistry with ha ji won in EK. Such a great performance. What a gorgeous man with great acting

    CW appears a lot in Fing Fingers. His role is a bad spoiled boy but I can't hate him!! He looks so gorgeous as Yoo In Ha. But I kind of dun like its storyline.

    I like bromance between joo ji hyun and CW haha.

  8. @sia3 i think he removed it. It is very easy to remove mole by laeer. I did once. I will try to find that mole pic haha.

    EDIT: i can't post pic via phone. I googel and find a lot of his pics in SDH time. He got a big black mole on his right nape. It can be seen even he wares a t shirt.

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