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  1. Hi @Momo_07 the link to your fanfic doesn't work for me. How can I read it, my friend?
  2. Hi everyone, As much as I want to see HB & SYJ in interviews/magazine photoshoots after CLOY, I love how they keep it low key for the time being, which once again prove that they are true actor & actress who just want to be recognized by their hardwork, not at all greedy for fame or ride on fame even though the thirst for their content is HUGE. People are longing to have just a glimpse of them both. And that's why they have my love and respect Like someone said earlier, HB looks more charming when being with SYJ, and I could not agree more. Never seen HB that charming in his previous works, except in the movie Confidential Assignment where he was also a NK soldier. CLOY was indeed created for HB & SYJ and I think in the future, it's quite hard for other OTPs to beat them in term of acting skills, chemistry, good look and esp their body language. You can't have that kind of body language if it doesn't come from your true feelings. HB & SYJ are real #ingrocerywetrust
  3. In episode 12, we had Emma’s guitar music from HB's MoA drama, let's wait for Stand by your man from SYJ's Something in the Rain drama
  4. I love every scene of episode 12, so full of emotions. YSR or SYJ is getting prettier after each episode. How can someone cry hard and still look beautiful at the same time? I cried with her in the ending scene. No kissing in the last two episodes are understandable but I do hope they will become more intimate in the next two episodes. It took more than 20 years for these two beautiful humans to act in the same drama, don't waste that rare opportunity, writer-nim
  5. Really love this episode 11, I will rewatch after this post, HB and SYJ acting so so good with their eyes. Their visuals omg and SYJ's legs when she walking with HB in her building What a brilliant pairing
  6. Haha you guys are awesome. This is what a shipper's paradise should be. I smile from ear to ear reading your posts "In grocery we trust"
  7. Isn't this how a girl talks to her bf and love those new still cuts. Every woman need a hug like that from her man
  8. I can't stop laughing with their latest Swoon video SYJ is such a troll and the always-so-serious HB LOL. Compared to the drama's BTS, HB seems like a different person on Swoon and I love that person They are just so adorable and relaxing
  9. Thank you @Ameera Alifor the forever-single gifs and all the gifs you have made for the drama Why doesn't Swoon post any new video of HB and SYJ playing games or whatever? Miss JH and SR so much
  10. @Ameera Ali Can you create gifs of the scene where SR told JH that he is a forever-single type, I like JH's expression so much
  11. Reading everyone's posts in this thread is my source of joy these days. Thank you everyone here. You guys are so witty, humorous and inspiring at the same time . It's been ages since I'm obsessed this much with a Korean drama. Our brilliant leads HB and SYJ, their love is so beautiful that it hurts to see them suffer so much in the latest episodes. Hope it's JH's father who kidnapped SR, it's the only safe choice I think... Congratulations to CLoY team - best drama and best team of the year
  12. Ohhh their latest video on Swoon , adorable HB-shi, what kind of "fighting concept" is that?? He looked so focused and working hard on the DIY calendar for fan and it turns out almost empty in the end *Hope some kind soul will create some gifs of their video
  13. Stay happy, comrades Like how cool our couple have dealt with malicious comments or rumors, let's just enjoy each and every precious moment of them together as much as we can. Happiness comes when we least expect^^ Cant wait to meet them again in three days
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