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  1. Hmm, kind of sad they make North mountain leader to refuse the return of ZhaoYao or disbelief the change in ZhaoYao attitude and that anluo guard LZY become jealous b***h, in the novel, both of them are very loyal to ZhaoYao, when they're punished by ZhaoYao because of their rebellion (for their loyalty to ZhaoYao), they obediently accepts the punishment and genuinely happy that their leader is back. All people in WanLu are very loyal in their own way to ZhaoYao (including MoQing); Zhao You should be proud of that
  2. I wish they keep the part like in the novel where ZhaoYao was angry at the pill seller because of her becoming fireworks after her time had finished. In the novel, the seller said that they had researched it and human find fireworks to be beautiful; they make it like that so the human will find it beautiful instead of sadness LOL
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9OiKPwYVWI They're so sweet
  4. It's just my thought but maybe ZY thought of rock-paper-scissors game? JW gave rock, so ZY responsed with paper
  5. Pity they don't include the scene where LZY bought dream pills to go inside QQX 's dream to tell him QZY being kidnapped by JW; QQX was alarmed at first and said that LZY finally also appears in his dream...(QQX thought his 'xin mo' returned LOL) before he finally believes that it's real LZY who appears in his dream and not his 'xin mo' those funny scenes...it's also not allowed to be shown in drama? ahhh I hope Zhao Yao could be made into anime too, at least anime can show ghost and the likes.
  6. Ohh, Kang aunts' husband...he is Cai Quan? wow I really miss that one. yeah, Daylight production seems like to use many actress and actors already well known to them (not that I complain though, the actors and actress are very good); maybe because it's easier to work with as they already know each other well enough so less trouble in location shooting. However, I think many actress and actors are very much willing to work with daylight production too since their works are usually very successful.
  7. Yes, thank god they keep the ghost route. Though I don't know why the director must change the scene when ZhiYan meet ZhaoYao for the first time; They're suppose to meet in ZhaoYao's tomb made by MoQing....
  8. Ahaha, Yes, it makes sense in the novel, but in the drama, her blood was used to melt the ice. I haven't yet finished reading the novel, just half way but I don't mind they change the story, just make some good and making sense explanation to justify it and could flow nicely with the story. But I still in hopeful state that Zhao Yao to be ghost and not become what I feared.
  9. Yeah, I think the husband, the Emperor and Empress was trying to protect her (lessen her punishment) in a way because of their guilt; that's why it becomes a problem in the palace too; In a gist, Prime Minister HanQi has to advice the Emperor saying that the empress owed to the concubine family is her personal feeling/problem but the General Shen owed to Duke Ying is country problem. Yeah, they married her wife's sister to General Shen, mostly because they feel guilty to her family, so in a way they still want to take responsibility to take care of the first dead wife family. Not like General Shen has felt any real love to that concubine.
  10. ahh, after watching episode 4, I don't think the drama will follow the novel and, making Zhao Yao died and become a ghost (Noooo, it's the funny and interesting part) instead they make Zhao Yao become frozen and melted by a little bit splash of Zhi Yan's blood. Does the drama will ever explain why Zhao Yao who was falling to the very deep pit inside a demon cave....and suddenly she was transported and frozen in frozen forest? and why ZhiYan blood was able to melt the frozen ice? at least I hope they'll give us some good explanation and not just scrambling whatever to change the story line to fit the censorship standard.
  11. Ohh that's good then, because I saw that main wife cried out and the one who help her delivery said that she is bleeding too much and the husband fall down to the floor crying...so I thought she will be gone. Though, that spoilt concubine will be punished surely.
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