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  1. Flash back to the early 2000s...the song that got me into Kpop <3 BoA
  2. True !!! ......daymm... the thoughts of pineapple on pizza...mmm...actually, the thoughts of pizza itself....I now have cravings..... AHAHAHAHHA. Next person enjoys sleeping in on the weekends.
  3. 482 Heya @MinLyn . yeah I rarely post in here these days. The forums is also acting like poopoo and sometimes doesnt load properly. =/
  4. Just caught up with the new 2 eps.....this bit was a bit odd to me hahahahaha. Like OK, im a guy, but im pretty sure most girls dont wear high heels at home when they wake up or are having trouble sleep and go out of their room etc. LMFAO And here we see the flamboyant Mun Yeong in emerald green high heels right after she cant sleep.... hahahahaha I like this light blue outfit though.........Legs
  5. Team Add has plenty of people, so I don't need to step in. Also have no points either. Back to watching kdramas.
  6. Gongcha or Xin Fu Tang I need my Bubble Milk Tea with pearls .... hahaha
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