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  1. Dear All ... I know you guys still new and do not know or DO NOT read the rule before posting comment in this thread but Soompi Moderator already give you guys a few warning before. Do not quote Images, gift or video while replying or refer anything. Remove the image, gift, video, IG pic link before quote. If you guys do not want this thread to be closed, please obey the rules.
  2. Why they push awkward YSC-JSM loveline? It make me skip their part. Even if I not ship Kookmin, it look soo uncomfortable. JSM should just know with her craziness not this random love line. Their more suit as friend
  3. Soo sad.... i thought our ship already save & sail to happily ever after... Why they get divorced too fast? They both such a good person & used to be perfect for each other
  4. Dear All... One of the most toxic thing happen to a shipper is when you start comparing OTP. I already in this "shipper" games thing since 2009. I already saw soo many fan ship crumble because of this comparing stuff so please do not compare our Kookmin with "the" other OTP. If they start compare our OTP with theirs and say bad thing about Somin, we feel hurt. They also feel hurt too when we start comparing. So we should be more mature and enjoy our Kookmin moment only without comparing. Just lets all of us be happy in our Kookmin Clan. . BTW, I keep wondering what Kookmin need to stay close together? Look how close they sit together when there was soooo many empty space. Joongkok...I hope you found your other piece of puzzle.. I'm happy for you. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxsZH-bB356/?igshid=1e85uo0jqvl9r
  5. i want krusher -orea choc flavour i want chocolate with walnut tiramisu,black forest cake from secret recepies... i want kfc meal.. i want cheese pizza.. i want garden salad.. i want rice with malay cuisine..getting hungry again
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