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  1. I need a fanfic or anothrr cute FMV about them..Do share if you found it.. urggh..the withdrawal. ps: Did they cut the scene where Zhiwei went to tge army camp to meet Ningyi and they smiling to each other as they met? At first I thought Ningyi is a playboy, as he always surrounded by girls in House of Lanxiang. LOL
  2. Sorry to cut your post. I do agree with some of your point, but I still think Ning Yi is much more of a planner/strategist type of person. He just layout the foundation, prepare everything out and give it to another person. He is ambitious but like in your another post, if he's a ruler, he will be a ruler who ruled by his heart. As for the prince, never want to revolt until being 'cornered' to..I guess most of their action are mostly because of the people around them? Like Crown Prince that person is his uncle and Ning Sheng, that person is his mom and Peng Pei. But among the Prince, aside from Ning Yi. I think Ning Sheng is the second in term of being calculative and intelligent. I like that Ning Yi is a complex character. Still in the drama I guess no one can really 'read' Ning Yi and he keep a lot of things from Zhi Wei (that is why the misunderstanding is piling up). Even his initial intention is to protect her. Ning is no saint person either. He's calculative, manipulative and cunning. But I guess his charms makes me blind sided. LOL. Thank you for your input guys! PS: I like that in one of subbed interview by Chen Kun. He said that when Zhi Wei and Ning Yi together, there is always interruption. He says that if the fans doesn't satisfy with it just send a razor (like a threat) to the scripwriter. LOL. He also admit Ning Yi have a dark heart (probably because of the revenge). So today the last week guys. I probably need a drama rehab or drama withdrawal group theraphy after this. LOL.
  3. I never thought Ning Yi as someone who desired the throne or someone who really want to be a king. His aims first and foremost are to prove his late brother is innocence and then uncover the truth about his mother..Of course he want a clean state government, unite the country etc.2 but if it will cost innocent lives he would definitely step out of the game (He keep on telling Zhi Yan about this). In the synopsis and the trailer emphasize like Ning Yi is some sort of someone who desired the throne (in my language we called it 'gila kuasa') but actually he's none of that.. and to think about he never 'disturb' or 'touch' the princes or concubines, unless they tried to 'stir' him first. Can't wait for him to make a plan against Prince Wei. ps: I even thought he can took over the throne anytime he wants, if he wanted too.. but since he's so filial to his father, he never did that. All of this make the novel ending much more sense to me.. IDK.
  4. Hellooo, I'm a long time silent lurkers on this thread. Currently I'm diligently following the drama thru Netflix (even though I have spoiled myself with RAW - LOL). Just wanna share some clips that I did (amateurish - first time I did for a drama). That includes the scene that I love in drama. https://dai.ly/x6v3pd8 *I think I'm too old. I can't embedded the video sorry
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