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  1. I wish i understand what they were discussing about... Really miss the memory couple. MGY still updates once in a while and seems to go for a number of interview, but i don't really hear any news or update on KDW
  2. saw this instagram acct: https://www.instagram.com/kdramarazzi/ this acct owner put together memorable scenes and quotes from Kdramas. Now she's doing one for FMIYM. it's very nice, feel as though i'm reading a book on the drama
  3. @000231846597 and @Sortie15 , same here. i'm definitely a 그친놈 ... still rewatching the show ... when i love a show i need to rewatch it many times until my heart is ready to let it go
  4. love this clip put up by MBC ... sort of like a summary of the first part of the drama ... hope MBC will continue to upload more
  5. @nitttss , me! rewatching too, for the umpteenth times (since i rewatched while waiting for new episodes) while rewatching i've also been wondering when exactly JH fell in love with HJ. @kaykafisyah, i agree with you about that first kiss. JH almost caved in, but even when he "came to his senses", he didn't pushed HJ away quickly but did it in a very gentle way... at that point he was trying very hard not to fall in love with her. I think it's a gradual process too. He had empathy for her after learning abt her memory lost from TE, then care & concern due to the stalking photos and during that time, interactions with HJ made him fall in love with her. @sadthe1st, thanks for the update! Maybe HJ will ultimately show us a video of exactly what qn JH asked her?
  6. @vangsweetie637, thankfully it's all over social media ... but the thing is, i wish i can see it from a bigger screen so that i can have a clearer view to dissect the kisses some non-OTP related thots ... i love the CEO for trying to speak ENGRISH so often, She is so cute! My heart broke for TE at one particular scene when he spoke to his dad after the dinner. He told dad that he knows he didn't live up to dad's expectation as usual. The dad was criticising him for choosing "petty" work after all the trouble he took to send him to medical school and then dad added this "don't go to dangerous place" ... just one phrase showing some concern for TE's safety. The actor is good, i can see his face showing surprise followed by feeling touched... TE has lived his life not getting approval nor love from the dad such that a stingy word of concern from him touched his heart. Sigh.... anyway, in the storyland, i hope he goes on to meet another female doc with the same life mission as him, they fall in love and go on to do volunteer/charity work together happily
  7. Oh mine ... the cable tv in my country shows the final episode just now and i was so excited. Finally i can watch the sizzling hot kiss scene on the bigger tv screen instead of from my phone. BUT they censored the kiss scene!!! ... It shows them drinking beer, light pecks on the lips while giggling then no more! Screen went dark and jumped to the press conference... i guess the kisses are too hot for the tv here to handle. I feel so cheated .... Well i guess i have to make do with watching it on replay from my phone ...
  8. @000231846597, i totally agree with you about this. I really thot writer would have shown us the above based on their consistent characters throughout the drama. Was surprised in final episode that writer really decided to let them cut contact for 2 years. Their breakup and get-together were both super chop chop & fast i rewatched their breakup scene. And i think that actually if JH were to hold on to HJ then, she would not have let go. Both at 1.01 and 1.20, after she said she think it was right for them to part, i felt she was waiting for JH to counter her reasoning. Esp after JH agreed at 1.30, she was speechless for a while... i think she was in a confused state, feeling responsible for all the people suffering bcos of their relationship, she has always respected JH, and JH agreeing without protesting seem to affirm that she was right. But deep down she was hoping to be stopped ... just my own thots, trying to find reason for out-of-character behaviour Anyway, sooooo happy we got our happy ending... the breakup made both realise they are best being together than apart i love the kiss BTS, esp the part when MGY has her armed wrapped around KDW while they were discussing, and she was actually massaging his shoulder ... and KDW doesn't even react, as though it is something very normal .... me and my delulu mind btw, i read that due to the current sensitive situation, the staff asked that should anyone shared video or pic of the unofficial party, to please remove them.
  9. in the kissing BTS, i seriously wonder why KDW need to hold up the cushion to cover their faces. By right in the show JH&HJ were alone in the house, there is no need for JH to cover their faces... so KDW must be using the cushion to prevent the staff from seeing their super hot kisses
  10. i was really hoping that KDW&MGY would do one last IgLive tonight before the final episode, and then they can watch the final episode together ... but looks like it is not happening
  11. @mooster , i saw on instagram someone analysing this comparison pic. in the uppermost photo when they met, the traffic light was red, whereas in the preview when they meet (bottom most photo), the traffic light was green, Signalling the stop and go button of their relationship... i wonder whether that was really the PD's intention or we fans are just so in love with them that we try to soak in every possible clue May i know whether any of you have recommendation of an accurate Eng Sub version of the OST 1 sung by Jooyoung? I love it so much and tried to look up one so that i can know what exactly the lyrics were describing. but different youtube clips give different translated version so i'm quite confused. Thanks
  12. same here My first thot was whether KDW was inspired to go camping bcos of this scene, or whether the PD made last minute change and included a camping scene in JH's house bcos of what KDW said ... whichever way, it will be nice for KDW to have company for his self-drive camp, someone can bring along a book to read while waiting (im)patiently for the final episode, i rewatched the show and some random thoughts pop up ... (1) HJ & HK's parents are non-existent.. when HJ's abduction made the news headline, her motherly CEO was so worried that she needed to be treated in the hospital, and she wept when HJ was rescued. But we didn't even see a phone call from their parents (2) JIK told HK that he fell in love when they had the training together, but i think he was already subconsciously interested in HK before that. Which guy will prepare all the stuff and spend a night at the hospital with a girl he has no interest in? (3) i really LOL when HK asked HJ why she wants to bring crisis to her originally good relationship with JH by trying to prepare food for him for the picnic (4) It is so funny everytime JH looked so nervous and scared when HJ mentioned she wants to prepare food, and funny how relieved he was when he realised she was not cooking (5) someone in this thread mentioned before (i can't remember who) .. the scene between TE and HJ in ep 15 was really touching. What HJ said seemed to release TE from all these years of guilt and self-blame ... in deep contrast to when TE's father carelessly mentioned it, disregarding TE's feeling and scolding him for feeling bad about it
  13. @kaykafisyah, May i know what is TMI? i could hear this term mentioned in the IgLive a few times but i don't understand what it means. And will they have anymore livefeed before the final episode? Thanks She looks so pretty and he so handsome. And somehow their clothings are so matching. Really great couple look
  14. wow, i'm totally unaware of the existence of this drama. Now i finally understand Lee Chung Ah's reactions when KDW's identity was revealed in King of Masked singers. out of curiosity i googled this drama. Look at the relationship chart on page 1. Isn't KDW's mother in this show same as JH's mom in FMIYM? It's a reunion of friend and mom for him in FMIYM
  15. I have the same sentiments, indeed ironic, considering what happened to HJ & JH in the drama... I do not know who LJH is until this show, then i saw him on Master in the House. He doesn't appear to be some haughty guy, could be wrong use of words without that intended disrespect. i don't know. When he asked his fans "what will u guys ever do if i start taking lead roles", my first impression was that he was taken aback by his fans' adverse reaction to KSG calling him honey on igLive, and he wondered how they would react in future if he were the lead with lots of romance roles (as in, will his fans bash his onscreen lovers?). i can never understand such fans' mentality.... obsessive and possessive
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