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  1. Yowon looks even younger with this new hairstyle and colour. So pretty. She really doesn't look like a mother with eldest child already a teenager i can't bear to watch the final episode. couldn't let the show go.
  2. i saw an interview of JIW posted by a fan on instagram. He said the script was changed a lot bcos of Ara's injury. I'm not sure whether there is any translation error since i don't read korean. Made me very curious what the scriptwriter's original storyline was. anyway our king is now on pilgrimage at Santiago Camino ... inspired by Korean Hostel in Spain?
  3. i'm really going through withdrawal symptoms now No Haechi? No Haechi Specials? No Haechi Film making??
  4. I love her confession too. And i felt so touched that she was crying. It was as though she loves YG so much that her own heart hurts bcos she could feel his pain, his fear & his uncertainty. I love the look on YG's face after her confession ... to hear those reassuring words from a "wooden" person like YJ, and to hear her reasons and affirmation of her love for him, to see her crying for him... the whole scenario was just so emotionally charged even without a kiss
  5. @akhenaten , i love your analysis of the show and characters, especially all that u have written about the relationship and interactions between Yeoning and Yeoji i agree with you about the mv... have been searching high and low for more yeo-yeo mv but there are so few and i know nuts about how to make one.
  6. I was hesitant to start Haechi bcos i have always avoided Sageuk. But the cast drew me in, especially after their appearance in Runningman. I'm so glad i watched. Love everything about the show, even character portrayal of the "villains" are so layered. This is also like the first time i see the Court officials actually seriously working things thru with the king... i remember i was often put off by court officials in other dramas who were just "pure evil" and all i see them do was to shout "Cheon ah! Cheon ah!" during court sessions. thank you PDnim & Writer-nim for really just teasing us. I was preparing myself for the heartbreak in the end and got a sweet pleasant surprise. Love this show, the characters and the cast so much watching Haechi made me search and read up on the king in history. This king is really amazing, and so well portrayed by JIW. Thanks everyone on this thread... Heachi made me interested in sageuk ... thinking of starting nokdu flower. anyone tried already?
  7. Writer-nim, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not rip YG's heart to million pieces... how can he live with the fact that the one he loves so dearly and wants to protect, gives her life to protect him? NO NO NO .. Please let that just be a teaser.. YJ will live ...
  8. go instagram search for Haechi or goara, and you can see some clips of the kissue
  9. after his conversation with DM, the king told YJ that she is that one person he wishes to protect no matter what. If the show were to kill off YJ, that will be so cruel to him
  10. @oceluna @akhenaten , oh dear, i share the same fear. After episode 44, i was thinking maybe Lee Tan will make a last effort to kill the King and YJ will die saving him. Hope i was just over-thinking and that they will live happily every after in Ep 43, it was so refreshing to see the King's smiling and happy contented face when YJ was helping him with his robe. Otherwise in this series, he was frowning, crying, worried etc most of the time
  11. I think Go Ara's ankle injury must be really severe. She is always sitting in wheelchair in BTS. @akhenaten , while waiting for new episodes of Haechi, i watched "Cinderella & Four knights" ... watching that got me thinking about JIW's character in Moon that Embraces the Sun, plus in Haechi. The characters he portrays in different dramas often involves some Birth issues ... of lower class parentage, etc Glad they didn't edit out the hug scene ... this hug offers some form of comfort & support for them both
  12. I'm also very touched by the scene between minister Min and Jo... these two very senior and experienced ministers agreeing that they are not friends with each other, that they do not wish to understand the King, and yet humbly admitting that they learnt something from the young King and were supportive of his actions and plans, for the greater good of the kingdom ... it is so different from the usual pure evil/pure good characters i see in dramas watching Haechi made me wonder about the real King YeongJo... his life seemed jam packed with trials and difficulties, a rollercoaster rides of ups and downs. it's scary leading his life
  13. initially from looking at the IG posts, i was also disappointed with the lack of interactions between King & YJ. i thot i wouldn't enjoy this episode but i have just finished watching it with sub and i must say i like it a lot. It is true romance is definitely not the focus of the drama. The situation portrayed was so tensed for the king, with waves after waves of bad news coming in at him. Even though he only saw YJ for a few short minutes, the words YJ said to him definitely gave him lots of comfort and strength.
  14. i'm so glad to see YN-YJ interaction, FINALLY can someone pls briefly tell us what the preview says? thanks. hmm ... maybe JIW's mom was at the set to check out her future daughter-in-law ... just my wistful thinking
  15. seems like the Queen was a great lady in her time. unfortunately the drama didn't really portray her in a good light .
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