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  1. New Pictures release on 30/9/09 ] QUOTE Victoria Song, a new Chinese artist of SM entertainment company, has officially debut to Korean Showbiz. Victoria Song is the third Chinese artist after Hankyung, Jang Li Yi has discovered, trained, and promoted by SM in Korea. Recently, Victoria Song will be introduced to audience through Spris advertisement. Victoria Song was born in Shan-tung. She is a student in Beijing Dance Academy School which is the most honor school in China. In September 2007, she was discovered by SM company and signed a contract with them when she appeared in the Dance Contest in Beijing. This April, she played the main female character in MV Olympic of Samsung company “Any Dream” in which she cooperated with Hallyu star Rain. Besides her dancing skill, Victoria Song also has a fair voice. SM has a plan to let her develop her skills at every area in the near future. CREDITS:Source: krfilm.net&ETrans: heoconphaphach@KST_CICHLID Her Profile Name: Victoria Song (Song Chi En) Day of Birth: 1987.02.02. Height: 168 cm Place of Birth: Qingdao, Shandong Interest / Speciality: folk / jazz dance Education: Beijing Dance Academy Experience: 07. Beijing Dance Competition <Master paintings> 1 Prize, <spent lumbar bride> 2 and received various Dance Competition Awards (M / V) music videos 08. KANGTA new album title song as the Actress 08 SJ-M debut album title song 'U' Actress (CF) Ad 08. China's Samsung Anycall along with Rain 08.SPRIS advertising model With Lee Jun Ki 08.Nuna In SHINee MV 08.Smart S Line Uniforms With SHINee 09 SPARKLING KOREA" Tourism CF With Lee Jun Ki For SPRIS CREDITS:BAIDU The Nuna In SHINee MV In Kanta mv With Rain For SamSung Any Dream
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