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  1. You are not alone @lsemun99 I also can’t bring myself to watch SN even though I want to support JHI. After watching SYJ and JHI in SITR, it’s really hard to move on....
  2. I agree with you, @Oww TooCute, on your observations about JHI. He also seems tired. I miss seeing his bright smiles during the SITR presscon. Hope he’s not working too hard. I actually rewatch the SITR presscon after I saw the SN presscon coz I miss this couple so much, and I really could feel the difference. Maybe the MC there also helped to liven the atmosphere, but I also felt the happy vibes not only between the director, SYJ and JHI but also with the reporters. @Oww TooCute nice to see you again here. Glad that this thread is alive again!
  3. As I said before, I have mixed feelings after hearing both SYJ and JHI won’t be in Spring Night together. The rational side of me tells me it is a wise decision as it would seem awkward to have them play different roles so soon after Pretty Noona becoz viewers can be confused between their new characters in Spring Night and Jin-A and Joon Hee. However I can’t help but feel sad as we now don’t know when we can see them together again. To be honest, I was actually hoping both of them would reject Spring Night but JHI has accepted it, so it is what it is. I do however worry about the comparisons viewers will make, like how JHI will act/interact with Han Ji Min in Spring Night, how he will behave and what he will do or say at the press conference of Spring Night, the next Baeksang awards or any other award shows where Spring Night and its cast are nominated etc etc......maybe I think too much but I just can’t help but think of these things. I don’t know about you guys but for me I think it is very unlikely I will watch Spring Night coz I think I won’t be able to bring myself to watch a drama of the same genre with JHI in it, together with the same director and writer and an older actress, as it would definitely bring back a lot of memories of Pretty Noona and our couple. I guess in the drama world, these things are inevitable and there is bound to be shippers of the new couple in the drama once it starts airing. Pretty Noona will always have a very special place in my heart and I really hope it will be fondly remembered as a classic beautiful drama with amazing chemistry between the 2 leads. And of course I will continue to hope for SYJ and JHI, the first and only couple that I ship.
  4. Yeah I also wonder why no one is talking about JHI also currently being in LA, where it seems SYJ is still at. I only just realised that there are a number of people who have jumped ship...ie. to another ship, in a blink of an eye. I suppose everyone has the freedom to ship any couple they like but it's kinda sad to see people switching positions so quickly and even saying certain not-so-nice comments about shippers of SYJ and JHI. To everyone in this thread, thanks for hanging in here!
  5. Today has been a very difficult day. It’s been like a roller coaster ride. When I first heard the first batch of news regarding the supermart pictures, I felt really down. It’s nice to hear they denied it a second time but still can’t help but feel worried as the rumors continue to persist. I’m feeling very confused especially since I still remember how SYJ has been more open about giving out what we consider to be “hints”, how she has been reading shippers’ comments and how she behaves whenever she’s around JHI, which is so different from when she is with other male actors. But no matter what, I will always support SYJ and JHI so I will continue to hope for this couple.
  6. Just want to share my honest thoughts... I also have a feeling that there are many people out there (beyond this thread) gradually losing faith in this couple : ( It seems understandable, given the events that have happened recently. To be honest, I also felt disappointed and lost when I heard about SYJ's rumours which came out of the blue, especially since I always thought she is the more "obvious" ones in giving hints / showing affection. But after giving myself a few days to cool down, I felt that I may have been too quick to misjudge and think maybe I should have more faith, especially since I've been a long time fan of SYJ and I still love this couple very much. Afterall, we are only third party bystanders who only know of matters as they are being reported in the media. No ones fully knows the truth except the two of them. The truth will only reveal itself in future...and whatever it may be, I will learn to accept it. But in the meantime, so long as there are no confirmed news that one of them is dating someone else, I will still hope for this couple. For the new drama "Spring Night", I think there will always be people who will love it and people who don't. Even though I see so many negative and not so encouraging comments by the netizens as posted above, I'm sure there are an equal number of people who are looking forward to seeing them both in this drama. To be honest, I have mixed feelings about whether they should accept this drama. On one hand, I'm worried whether the result will be as good as Pretty Noona given that it is also a romance drama (I've always thought that things lose their lustre / value when there's too many of it, and the "second" is never as good as the "first"). I'm also worried how the cast is going to deal with the negative comments from the public (afterall, filming a drama has its commercial considerations). But on the other hand, I love every opportunity to see them together again (their chemistry never disappoints) and I love the thought of them spending even more time together. I'm not so sure whether it means that they are just close friends if they agree to act with each other a second time (to me, being close friends equally mean that the actors can easily reject the drama, especially if they see no value for themselves in doing this drama or if they have other better film/ drama offers). And even though this drama may be of the same genre (romance), I trust Director Ahn Pan Seok (he's an award-winning director afterall) enough that he will make this drama different from Pretty Noona. I also trust SYJ and JHI (who are both such fine actors) enough that they wouldn't make this a repeat of Pretty Noona. Moreover, "Spring Night" seems to deal with the stage when the couple is going to get married, so it seems to me to be like part 2 to Pretty Noona! No doubt, Pretty Noona is not a typical K drama. Frankly I also don't like certain parts of the drama (and I wish for a happier ending) but I respect the writer's choice in wanting to depict a more realistic storyline (afterall, she's the writer, not me). There are so many K dramas out there which show the rosy / perfect pictures of everything (of course which viewers wouldn't want to see happy endings all the time, since dramas are usually seen as an escape from reality?) but it's rare to come across dramas which choose to portray realistic scenes / storylines (including all the not-so-rosy circumstances) which we as ordinary normal folks can actually relate to. Hence, it is understandable why Pretty Noona is not everyone's cup of tea ... and yet Pretty Noona still wins awards more than other dramas....so that must mean something as well! Whether SYJ and JHI will accept this new drama is something that they, as professional actors, will decide. Whatever their decision is, I will have certain feelings either way but I will respect their decision. Lastly, I just want to say I really appreciate every one of you who are still keeping this thread alive, including @katty27 and @Cedric Ong who continues to post updates of our couple.
  7. Wishing Son Ye Jin a very happy and wonderful birthday! Hope JHI will be doing something for her birthday...such as getting her a gift (like how she bought him a gift for his last birthday).
  8. Me too.... I don’t follow her whereabouts during her birthdays in the past years but I just find it surprising that she’s overseas during her birthday this year. It’s disturbing that this news came just 1 day before her birthday. Hope this doesn’t affect her birthday. I wonder how JHI would feel about the news. JHI is in Korea for sure coz I think he has a fan event on 12 Jan.
  9. Yes she is! (and I say that even though I’ve been her fan for many years). But I’ve heard JHI said (I think it could be during the Seoul Awards interview) that one of her charms is that she is so easy-going. Maybe it depends on who the person is.
  10. It feels good to be back as I’ve been terribly busy earlier. Have been missing both of them a lot! I just realise that JHI at his Osaka fan meeting today was wearing this sweater which is from the brand, Sandro. https://us.sandro-paris.com/en/mens/sweaters/round-neck-sweater-with-lobster-motif/S2777W.html Then I remembered this: A coincidence? Or is Sandro a very popular brand in South Korea? Or.....
  11. SYJ is appearing in next episode of Master in the House on 2 December! Can’t wait! Does anyone know how I can watch it live?
  12. Wow, I can’t wait to watch that (especially the Q&A part)! Hmm.....what’s with both of them these days coz both seem to be participating in variety shows at the same time I read that SYJ will be appearing in variety show “Master in the House” as the “master” very soon .....not sure how certain that is though. But if it’s true, I read that in the variety show the hosts (all 4 are males haha) will spend time with the “master” for some time to learn something from the way the “master” lives (hope i’m right). If that is really true, I can’t wait to watch that and hope to see some “hints” during the show!
  13. Thanks @randomthotz for posting those YouTube clips. You are definitely resourceful...I don’t even know those fancams exist! Please continue to post them here if you can, if you come across any more in future! I am definitely a fan of slow motion clips haha. Here is another one...I can see he was somewhat a bit disappointed when she didn’t stand next to him and I can see even more clearly that he was secretly overjoyed and felt so satisfied after Seohyun allowed him to stand next to SYJ. I must say his facial expressions are quite a dead giveaway. Even though he’s an actor, it seems he can’t act to hide his feelings when he’s around SYJ
  14. Yes I could sense the power they used for the hug coz I clearly could see they bumped into each other while hugging ... for that you need to watch the clip with the normal speed (not the slow motion one) to see the “bump” definitely not a sunbae-hoobae hug or a noona-dongseng hug too..
  15. This slow motion clip is exactly what I need (coz I don’t have very good eyes to catch actions which are fast moving haha) - I never doubted when some of you said earlier JHI lingered after the hug or SYJ was the first to release herself from the hug....... but now it’s all very clear to me and I’m so pleased with what I see It is truly a very sweet hug I miss them so much....I heard SYJ will be traveling to the US for holiday while JHI is still busy filming. Nonetheless, still hoping we can have some update soon...
  16. Thanks @Oww TooCute We should watch what his brother does too...I heard he previously “liked” a comment that SYJ left in JHI’s IG. I find that a very encouraging sign! So sweet that a family member is so supportive haha! It’s ok if they didn’t attend the Carla Bruni concert......coz JHI can sing his own version to SYJ anytime (ie. his version at his fan meeting) and I can so imagine her smiling and softly clapping her hands to the rhythym
  17. So what did JHI’s brother’s post say? I can’t seem to see his post...(maybe becoz I don’t have an Instagram account) but his brother could be a source of valuable hints since JHI seems to be very private and doesn’t say much! Now I know why the organizers of the Seoul Awards put SYJ and JHI in the front row...so that they can have unobstructed full view of the two of them for their hidden camera! Totally great thinking on their part! I wish I could buy the rights to their hidden camera coz I want to see what else they’d have captured I still find myself re-watching all the clips from the Seoul Awards show till now and giggling non-stop. I have to watch it when no one’s around me otherwise people may think I’m crazy....Can’t seem to get enough of the two of them! By the way, I find this really weird...I don’t know what they are doing but our couple looks so good and real...so much feels when I see them holding hands (not the guy in blue though)
  18. Really?? He did?? Wow I'm really impressed with your observation skills @randomthotz ! How did you see that? I couldn't see coz the clip went by so quickly and with instagram clips, you can't play it back and forth.....all I saw was after they stepped away from the hug, he was looking at her for a while and I think I saw he had a cute smirk on his face. That's really awful! But like @cybertron said, let's all just ignore those comments. All I know is SYJ is clearly Standing By Her Man. As the song goes: Stand by your man Give him two arms to cling to and something warm to come to, when nights are cold and lonely [she clearly did with that HUG! ] Stand by your man Show all the world you love him [you bet she did, with all those shots of her while he was singing, initiating the HUG, and telling everyone on national TV that her ideal type is Joon Hee ] Keep giving all the love you can Stand by your man I also don't know when we can see the two of them together again but I agree let's just enjoy the sweet moments we have for now.
  19. I’m sad to see such comments too. Have they not considered how hurtful it is? I just hope that if the two of them really love each other, they will not allow such comments to be an obstacle in their relationship. Whether you are a A lister or not does not matter when it comes to love; if it does then it can’t be true love. But I think such comments can’t be avoided in this world. Maybe that could be why JHI is working so hard these days....so that he can prove all such comments wrong, even though we all know from last night that SYJ is already very proud of him
  20. It’s so natural of him to do that coz they have been doing so much of that in Pretty Noona This clip below is so sweet and funny at the same time.. it’s like he was probably telling her what are we going to do if the MC later asks about us? And then she smiles and steps nearer to him to whisper under the guise of her smile to him to relax and just take a deep breadth...... which he did just guessing that’s what happened .....but one thing for sure, they were clearly not paying attention when Seolhyun was being interviewed!
  21. From another angle......which looks even sweeter! All the flashbacks of Joon Hee hugging Jin-ah are all coming back to my mind! If only the hug was as tight as those in the drama, but I guess they can’t do that on stage I also think SYJ lost it last night...her usual calm composure / her well-honed wittiness in answering difficult questions. She was really not prepared for all those questions! I rarely see her being so shy...she was like a shy little girl last night! JHI on the other hand was just going with the flow of the questions. It’s so strange that he gets super nervous when walking the red carpet that his face looks so intense and yet in moments like this, he is considered fairly calm and just went with the flow.
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