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  1. I noticed it too the first time I watched. WJ doesn't mind the kiss I think all the older versions have this part too. But I like this version the most because the lip stick mark is very light. IIRC the 2009 version used a bigger cup and the mark was so intense it's look kind of gross.
  2. She is the daughter of the old man who disguised as XX when WJ was at the red plum villa. Remember those 2 families (Zhu and Wu) tried to tricked WJ for XX where about.
  3. Definitely not necessary because even XX who is blind can tell how deep WJ loved MM.
  4. Loved reading your perspective. Agreed WJ was infatuated with ZR that's why he kept the handkerchief for so long. After she stabbed him at GMD, she was captured by ZM so no further relationship development their. Then come the most beautiful princess who is daring, witty, flirting entering his life. After the wedding WJ healing ZM at the cave, he said there's no future between them because he is more afraid. Afraid she is true to her words (she'll sacrificed herself for him if her family try to harm him and she also won't allow WJ hurt her family). Yes, he fear she'll lose her life in the process with the conflicts of the war.
  5. Indeed, so many breakups hahaha.... 1st breakup > snake island on the beach 2nd breakup > by the river 3rd breakup > WJ and ZR getting marry 4th breakup > return to Mongols, threw hairpin WJ mentioned three women in the drama resembled his mom MM > beautiful A Li > her eyes and smiles XZ > singing Sorry ZR, WJ never mention anything about you.
  6. Loves this MV with Good Bye My Princess Soundtrack https://www.weibo.com/u/1801734354?refer_flag=1008085010_&is_hot=1
  7. Yeah, you r right. He has that quilty look like being caught expressions.
  8. Indeed, in ep 40 he's trying to forget ZM and at the same time he wanted to try to love ZR and move on. So he kind of forced himself to show some affection for ZR. He probably thinking ZR gonna be his wife sooner or later anyway. But there was a scene in ep 41 where ZR waited for him to eat dinner late at night. They have this conversation , ZR mentioned she will treated and spend more times with Jue Er then WJ keep saying thank you. ZR stated WJ being too courtesy treating her like stranger or something like that. Then you can see a uncomfortable expression on WJ's face. So yeah, I think he's forcing himself with the touchy touchy affection, at lease this is what I wanted to believed. Hope I'm not over analyzed.
  9. Do you think WJ ever like or have a crush on ZZR or more like care for her as a sister/life saver? I can't really tell with some of WJ's expressions in the earlier episodes.
  10. Yeah, I loves this MV too. They keep repeating the kiss scene with differences songs.
  11. Here you go! He called her 68 times Min Min https://www.bilibili.com/video/av49267375/
  12. You r welcome! Yup, my most favorite ROCH version. My dream is Joseph play YG, Yu Qi play Gu Gu. Somehow the background theme song give me that thought.
  13. Loves her MVs too https://www.weibo.com/u/6116652893?refer_flag=1008085010_&is_hot=1
  14. @LaurenPanna Not sure if these are shared before, If not hopefully you have time to translate for us. Thank you https://www.weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404360921471420783#_0 https://www.weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404361094964589721&is_hot=1#_0 https://www.weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404361850660772942&is_hot=1#_0
  15. Yes, but they updated it since the drama has ended. So the final counted was 68 MM.
  16. I saw the MV on weibo.com '忌敏' dedicated for WJ and MM. Sorry I don't have account and don't know how to link the video. Those cfans made a lots of amazing MVs. @LaurenPanna Maybe you can find it and post it here.
  17. I think it was the next morning after he feeds her medicine and heals her with his nie gong in the shed. Remember he was swooning looking at her doing the farm works. He was so touched and in love when MM said she make soupy rice for him. He even compliments it tasted good and drank 2 bowls (even though MM said it was over cooked and burned). That's true love right there. CMIIW, I don't think he ever compliments ZZR cooking skills. Then he confessed he was glads that MM interrupted his wedding with ZZR because he doesn't feels right and might regretted it. I believed WJ decided to be with MM at that moment. He can't hold back any longer.
  18. Just curious, If I remembered correctly WJ's grandfather did mentioned in the drama that WJ appearance resemble his mother right? I know only Jue Er said out loud that he good looking. So I assumed WJ is pretty handsome since he resemble his mom. But how come his grandfather and uncle don't recognize him at GMD.
  19. Loved that scene, ZM was so cool, scolding everybody even WJ's grandfather. WJ, didn't even try to stop her for being too blunt. hehehe...
  20. Fan made the video, Lol...WJ called MM 68 times total, I think this WJ break all records. I truly believed this version WJ loves MM as much as MM loves him by the end of the series. That's why he never give up looking for her and she never give up waiting for him. That was a heat of the moment when she said she doesn't want him anymore. hahaha...
  21. Sad to say it was never mentioned again. I was hoping he had it with him all the time like the gold box. So after he threw the box away he still have the gold hairpin to yearning for MM when he missed her.
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