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  1. I believed he princess carried Min Min three times if you included Lu Liu Manor foot tickled incident. @LaurenPanna Please translate for us, pretty please...(google translate is really mess up)
  2. Another MV I love, beautiful bgm https://www.bilibili.com/video/av50287472?from=search&seid=2299890861102934364
  3. Ooh la la..... Lets repeat the 7 minutes kiss again https://www.bilibili.com/video/av48934338/?spm_id_from=333.788.videocard.4
  4. Just wanted to share it again. WJ called her 68 times MinMin. Love it that the fans actually counting it on the screen. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av49267375/
  5. I love it...please continue this fanfic. I actually cried when reading it. I said I love to see WJ being tortured for missing MM but I also has a soft spot for him.
  6. I watched the TVB's version today ep. 9 and looks to me the cut are identical to the Mainland version. I'm becoming less and less optimistic on how are they going to have MM appear on episode 19. How are they going to cut 4 episodes out of the 10 episodes? scratch head
  7. 忌敏纯甜小片段!(根据19版忌敏,改写,添加。) 秦时明月_月神 04.25 01:04 阅读 14494 关注 前言 本人十几年忌敏铁粉,19倚天槽点实在多不胜数,一直只为忌敏在继续追。这版忌敏线虽清晰,但剧情过于为虐而虐,那场不知所谓的淋雨戏,深深刺激到了我,决定写一些忌敏小片段。 保证纯甜!!! 鉴于前期深化对立立场,一直在虐,一吻定情后又是明教中人反对,又是后面诸多事端,忌敏也没有机会好好的甜蜜,于是,决定写些小片段。想到哪儿写到哪儿,预计是一些本来设定不错的场景,但是编剧台词尴尬的地方改写,一些转场突兀不流畅的地方,补一些忌敏小片段。 唉!那场淋雨戏起的念头,但一直犹豫,本人文笔不好能力有限,不敢轻易在忌敏身上动笔。今天实在是忍不住了,鉴于这版逻辑人设已经偏的这么厉害了,我就大胆一回了。 第一幕 雨中等候 (一) 正是午后时分,却忽然下起雨来。赵敏站在房檐下,听着雨声淅沥,目光在街上匆匆来去的行人中徘徊,张无忌一去近一月了,还没回来,她心中实在难安。不知他进没进到少林,救没救到义父。 若没救到,受伤没有?可难过吗? 若救到了,他还能回来找她吗? 一阵凉风入体,赵敏纷乱的思绪被打散,她双手抱臂,忍了凉意望向远处的街道。计算着日程,从此地往少林来回,最快的速度五天前就能到,因此至五天前开始她除了吃饭、服药、睡觉,都在这门口等着。 五天的等待,五天的等而不得,让她心里的不安越积越深。她既怕他不能如愿救到义父,又怕他如愿救到义父后,会被谢狮王和明教中人左右,不再来见她…… 不要想了!想也无用,等吧! 赵敏甩了一下头,抛开脑中的思绪,目光在街上一点点搜寻,左边目尽,转向右边。 忽然! 那道期盼已久的熟悉身影步入眼帘,是他! 身体行动先于思绪,她心里一声“无忌”还没喊出,脚步已经先动,向他奔去! 那边,伞下大步走来的张无忌看见了她,立刻跑上来一把拽住她拉到伞下,“你跑出来做什么?本就伤重,再着了风寒怎么办?你不要命了?” “我……”赵敏张口,还没来的急说话,就被他重重揽在怀里,大力带着快步往客栈走去。 “先进去!”张无忌不由分说,带着她几步走到客栈门前,见她头发、肩上已经被雨水淋湿,握住她手更是冰凉,他眉头紧皱拉着她就往里走。 “无忌,我……” “先不要说话!”张无忌拉着她快步进客栈,到房间将她推到床边,放开她转身走向旁边的柜子。 赵敏看他这样,知他生气了,抿唇没有言语。她心里升起一股苦涩,一月等待,好不容易他回来了,却是这样…… 不等她想更多,张无忌翻出了包袱摊开在床上,转身将她按坐在床上,“你先换上干衣服。” 说完,他转身端起铜盆,回头见她还愣着没动,大声说:“你快换干衣服,我去打些热水来。”话落,他人已经出去了。 关门的声音惊醒了怔愣中的赵敏,她看着身旁的干衣,默默的拿起,开始换。 很快,张无忌端着热水回来了。见赵敏正在系外衫衣带,他拧了热帕子走到她身前,神情严肃动作却极轻柔的为她仔细擦脸。热气上脸,他又正在面前,赵敏不由得屏住了呼吸。 张无忌仔细给她擦了脸,见她衣带还未系好手却僵住,他拉起她冰冷的双手用热帕子仔细擦了一遍,随手将帕子扔回铜盆里,自己动手为她把衣带系好。 “对不起。” “对不起。” 两人同时开口,后都看向对方。 “我等你好些天了,怕你不能来了,怕再也见不到你了。”终究是赵敏压了近一月的情绪先控制不住,说出这句话来,她眼眶立时红了。 “傻瓜!”张无忌一把拉起她紧紧抱在怀里,“我说了会回来的。我知道你在等我,怎么会不回来。” “我知道,可我,怕……”赵敏双臂紧紧抱住他,数日来的不安的心,终于有些着落了。 “别怕。”张无忌拍了拍她的背,将她拉出来,带到梳妆台前,回身拿了干帕子为她细细的擦拭头发,一边擦拭他一边柔声道:“对不起敏敏,刚才我太着急,语气重了些。” 赵敏缓缓摇了一下头,从镜中看他,“你进了少林吗?救回义父没有?” @LaurenPannaHopefully you have time to translate this for us. Not too sure if there are any sufficient different from the drama 'raining scene'.
  8. I really don't mind the emotional crying scenes, especially angst scenes from WJ mourning for MM. Love seeing him being tortured, that crying scenes when holding the hair pin are beautifully done. I want more..evil smile...
  9. Do you guys think they probably sharing the same bed in that farm house? When MM woke up from the pain shoulder, she kinds of looked to her left like checking if WJ is still sleeping. The 2003 version also have the prince story with MM. That prince was so madly in love with MM.
  10. I noticed it too the first time, WJ happy seeing MM first thing in the morning when he open his eyes.
  11. You're welcome! Which parts do you want translation? Let's see if our wonderful fans here can help.
  12. Both of them are not willing to back down. It's fun to hear WJ said "If you think the reason I saved you is because I still have feeling for you, you can just give it up" Lastly "You used my godfather's life to threaten me to run away from my wedding. I did not even have a chance to explain to ZR. You make me become a bad person. I don't want to be with you for this life time, and I also don't care if you're dead or alive" So did he mean, if MM didn't crash his wedding, after marrying ZR, he still want to be with MM in this life time.
  13. Please let us know if it's going to be 50 episodes, 60 minutes/ep (Weibo source). If that's the case the Korean version might include some cut scenes.
  14. The raining scene. Why wouldn't I return? I know you are waiting for me, no matter where I am (?), I will always come back to your side. The coffin scene. MinMin, I don't care what you think. I'll definitely go look for you. After I finished the duties I promised, no matter where you are(?). I'll definitely bring you back to my side.
  15. Hahaha...So he can make that cool entrances and get the hug of the year awards Drama director requested.
  16. I never watch the 94 version, but my guess is probably the actor and actress (Joseph and Yukee) playing the characters. They don't overacted and have amazing sizzling chemistry.
  17. I'm wondering does XZ's job descriptions include bathing and changing for WJ. I remembered before XZ left for persia, didn't she requested to changed for WJ one last time.
  18. You r not alone This is such a distraction, I can't concentrated on my daily life anymore. Every nights I have to re watched WJ-MM scenes and MVs. I even dreamed about the drama. I really don't know how long it's going to take for me to let go and move on to another drama. This is bad, really reallllyyyy bad. Edited: Oh yeah, for TMPB, I was able to moved on after about 1 week. But I was not addicted to the point to stalking a forum like HSDS 19.
  19. Agreed on everything you said about the OTP, WJ can be himself when he's around MM. She's the only one who can challenged him to the point where he threaten to kill her, (love and hate) definitely not the other three ladies. On WJ-ZR pair, I believe WJ can accept her as a wife, he had developed infatuation with her for 10 years. If he marry her he will try his best to love and protect her for a righteous gentleman he is, keeping his promised. Of course only if she still the same ZR before the GMD and Snake Island incidents. But ZM is still his true love and occasionally he'll look at the bite mark and be miserable.
  20. I think that is one of the reason why ZM can forgive WJ and be together with him after ZYZ plotted killing her father. Definitely fall under WJ's influence.
  21. I wonder what are they going to cut to let ZM appearance in episode 19. I watched episode 6 today and it ended just like the mainland cut. Hopefully they can cut most of ZZR scenes, I found her scenes at Er Mei was rather long and boring.
  22. WJ's uncle get on my nerves, selfish and arrogance. That's why I called him bastard and don't consider him to be WJ's close family member. Think about the way he treated his own wife and daughter. What right he had that he can be a father figure for WJ. So not surprised that he want to kill ZM to avenge the death of his father. Indeed, those Ming Cult's members really disappointed me. I loves ZD in the beginning because he give us some comedy relief. Man, he turn out to be an idiot to believed in Cheng Kun's lies and schemes. They almost forgot entirely how despicable Cheng Kun is.
  23. 10000% agreed, killing himself will end all the quilt and suffering he have for MM.
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