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  1. I hope this is not too much to ask, wondering if you can do all the screen shots of WJ and ZM's wardrobes. I know it requires a lot of you times. I tried and failed miserable. It's okay if you find this is too much works. I really love the 2nd last white outfit that WJ's wearing. He looks the best, very handsome like a gentleman scholar.
  2. I don't like the 2009 HSDS too, I think ZM screams too much in that version. Lol...did the C-Fans gave WJ's nickname as 'black chicken'?
  3. I loves both the bickering and lovey dovey scenes, indeed great acting skills from them. Just wish we have more episodes of them to watch. Do you know if weibo's fans still insist or make request for the production company to release the DVD uncut version? I think their request should be very effective. Just like when they complained about the slow motions in the beginning episodes, and they did make the adjustment after that.
  4. Men and women distance only apply to ZZR, never apply on MM That smile on his face
  5. You got it right! lol... who can come up with an idea to tickle a lady's foot on their 3rd odds meeting? Only ZWJ can just like ZM saying it out loud.
  6. No wonder once they become official, they can't stop touching each other hands.
  7. Hahaha...too funny, this drama is so worth it to re watch to find small details like this.
  8. The porridge is probably burned and overcooked like ZM stated but is still tasty to him. Ah..the power of love. I don't think he ever compliment ZZR's cooking even thought she have good cooking skills.
  9. I also repeated those two scenes you mentioned a zIillion times plus the kissing scene. I love the way WJ treated ZM once he make the decision to be with her. The tone he speak to her are super gentle and sweet. His body language and the warmth in those beautiful eyes. Melting I remembered in the earlier episodes that ZM complained to WJ that he treated her harsh whereas he treating the other girls gentle. She requested for equal treatment. Her wishes come true and more.
  10. Lol... can't believe you guys are still not giving up on making wild imagination for the raining scene, me neither.
  11. Do you mind give a little synopsis on Take My Brother Away? Did you like it? Do you recommend the series?
  12. Like some of you pointing out if only she open her mouth just a little more then WJ don't have to work so hard on the kiss. Agreed, the director probably wanted to demonstrated that both WJ and MM are innocent and inexperienced. Obviously it's their first kiss.
  13. Agreed with you on the kissing scene, I wasn't expecting one too so it's a bonus for me. You're not being ridiculous, I dream about this couple many times already since the series ended. I'm not kidding at all, re watched too many episodes and MVs side effects. I also loves to look at ZZR facial expressions every time WJ addressed her as Mrs. Song. Lol. she asked for it, always trying to bring up her being married to SQS. Probably testing to see if WJ is jealous or not.
  14. I don't know how to post the GIFs here, but this weibo's account make the whole kiss is slow motion GIFs. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4364529448398597
  15. Loves reading your analyzed. One more thing I like to add is when they were visiting Wudang, WJ didn't plan to marry ZZR anytime soon, right? She's only his fiance, so he can still smile and laugh all he want, no pressure yet. Remember he told XX and ZR at Snake Island that he wanted to wait 3 years before marrying her due to YL (1st wife) death. Even thought YL ending up still alive they didn't have to rush the wedding neither. WJ always find excuses like country/peoples/goals etc. more priorities than man and woman feelings until pathetic ZZR faked the suicide then grandfather pressured him to marry her right away to avoid gossip.
  16. Hehehe... I always stopped after they break up at episode 39 then resumed when MM showed up at Ming Cult. on episode 41. Definitely avoiding the between episodes. For some reasons I love re watching episode 42 too, when MM scolding everybody including WJ.
  17. Lol...I can't make myself to re watch those 2 episodes, don't want to vomiting blood. One time view is good enough for me even though I love Joseph. My guess he pretended to be happy in front of those wudang elders plus he and MM already break up. Just accept his faith and try to treat ZZR nice.
  18. Some very nice cartoon drawings of WJ & MM https://m.weibo.cn/u/1676504492?uid=1676504492&luicode=10000011&lfid=100808b107d2996480025716f12059fba4b0a2
  19. I'll never ever get tired of the kissing GIFs https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4364529448398597
  20. I'm more upset when WJ told MM that ZZR is not the type of people that like to accuse/back stab other people. Why he lies for ZZR? Edited: At lease he didn't slap then strangled her like some other versions.
  21. Hahaha....too funny!! WJ break so many promises, definitely deserves slaps in the face.
  22. Love this song from Goodbye My Princess https://www.bilibili.com/video/av49842716/
  23. No, the whole episode looked and ended just like the mainland version.
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