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  1. Touchy Touchy Hands Collection. Aye yai yai...didn't expect what I got myself into when I decided to make these GIFs. This OTP just love to touched each other hands too much... I hope I got all of them captured.
  2. Can you tell me which scenes are these? It's episode 45 right? Thanks! Edited: Never mind, it the applied medicine scene...hehehe
  3. You're not alone, I also lost counts how many times I re watched HSDS 19 episodes. Lol....of course rescuing his wife is more important than ZYZ.
  4. I believed ZYZ and his bros knew about his rescuing ZM. Remembered after he break up with ZM in ep. 39 and went back to his bros place and healed ZYZ his injury. ZYZ warned ZWJ about ZM in front of all his bros (advising ZWJ not to be tricked by her beauty because she poisonous ). After that ZD make a comment to ZWJ that ZYZ is holding grudged because WJ only rescued ZM and not ZYZ so that's why he making that statement about ZM being poisonous so public (not giving WJ's face). hth...
  5. Apologize for flushing the forum with GIFs, I'm kind of having fun here. Loves the way the couple make an entrances.
  6. Hahaha.... Let's compared how Zhang Jiao Zhu expressed his body language Look at that cheeky smile. What smile? Heartbreak for Wifey. ZR! you interrupted my thoughts of MM's bite marks.
  7. Worried husband afraid wife get sick waiting for him in the rain. Protected wife when his subordinate bad mouth her. Very attentive husband served tea even before wife sit down. Who the boss between this couple. Wait! How can I forgot the kissss.
  8. The sub is incorrect, it should be "even though she is beautiful and 100 times more gentle than I am"
  9. WJ didn't say it to her directly. At the Snake Island, XX did asked WJ why he doesn't want to marry ZZR , is it because she's not pretty enough. WJ answer no, ZZR is pretty.
  10. Here is presented, ZM's wardrobes Again, you guys have any favorites? 1.
  11. He wore this outfit in episode 28 at 23:41. WJ and YX playing disguised as an merchants. This outfit should be XZ last gift for WJ before she left for Persia. Edited: I believed XZ made this outfit while she was waiting for WJ at the Inn before they left for Snake Island. This outfit is the mystery one that he might have packed with him to changed. Jeez... WJ probably have more outfits than ZM.
  12. I don't think so, but the closer look alike one might be #10 then the waist tight look like #9. Picture too small to analysis..lol...
  13. These are WJ's wardrobes for the drama. Hopefully I got all of them. Which one(s) are your favorites? I'm going to post ZM's wardrobes later. 1.
  14. I did try to help subbing the series last night, it's easier than I thought but required times. I jumped around the episodes and only can help with the easy sentences leaving the complicated one for the experts. hehehe.... Btw: Are you the only one who can make correction for the completed sub episodes?
  15. Please do translate this one, I'm angst to read about WJ's thoughts. I always wanted to know his personal feeling for MM as we already knew how MM feels for him.
  16. Lending her his shoulder First thing seeing her face in the morning reaction Heart pain hearing his uncles calling MM witch P.S. Finally able to post screenshot
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