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  1. Hahaha...I hope you don't mind me posting gif. Can't get over with the series yet.
  2. Talking about never acknowledge all her bad deeds. LOL.....look at that stuck up attitude Flapping her sleeve at WJ twice.
  3. Yes, his superb acting. I love repeating this scene. LOL....all his subordinates knew about his feelings for ZM, their reactions are to die for specially YX.
  4. This is his new drama going to air on 05/19. I think he only playing the support role though. Photos credited Joseph's Facebook's Page.
  5. I think Joseph posted this on his Facebook's page. He probably promoting his new drama. Handsome Fella
  6. LOL...sorry to disappointed you, but WJ did cried for ZZR. He's such an emotional guy.
  7. This give me inspiration to make GIFs for all WJ and MM's crying scenes. Oh man..that gonna be a lot of GIFs. I remembered WJ teared up a lot.
  8. Did you mean this one? Episode 37 after they killed all the Yuen's soldiers before they left Snake Island. WJ cried because he thoughts ZM send those soldiers to kill them.
  9. I wonder why HSDS 2019 production teams are so stingy. Why can't they release the DVD uncut version already or let other country like Hong Kong or Korea release it? Since they don't have to follow China's restriction rules. I heard the other drama 'Goodbye My Princess" are adding the uncut scenes in the Korea's version and even Taiwan will also show the uncut version.
  10. Can you explain why he put his hair ties upside down after he thought ZM is dead? Is that the way to express his mourning for her or just errors by the dressing teams? I noticed that he dropped her handkerchief when I watched it the second times. LOL....He probably doesn't need it anymore once he found her.
  11. Indeed, 2019 version of ZWJ is truly a pure and upright man. Funny I usually find this kind of characters in other dramas to be quite boring. But here I don't find him boring at all and enjoyed watching all his interactions with all the characters excepted for ZZR. LOL...I'm one of those fan who wish for something to happen between a man and a woman when WJ asked MM to stay for one more night. I still remembered my reactions the first time I watched that scene. I was thinking they better go back to that Inn and spend the night together to complete the brows painting ceremony and ditching all those Ming Sect. hypocrites. Oh well...let wait for you guys to write some fanfic for that scene to full fill our dirty minds. Beside RYW, I think ZSF also approved their relationship. Thanks for enlightening me about what ZM said during the raining scene. It's does make sense now. She was waiting for him at the hotpot place the last time and WJ never show up. This time she got really nervous he might not come back so she still waited for him even though it was a down pouring.
  12. I know this version ZZR owe YL an apology for almost killing her and WJ owe ZM an apology for accusing her for murder. For those who read the completed novel and watched most of the tv versions, did WJ ever apologize to ZM for wrongfully accused her of the crimes at Snake Island. I just feel so bad for ZM, in the novel and all of the tv versions, WJ strangled her and some even slapped her on the face.
  13. I gave up reading the novel once I've the feelings the character of ZWJ is such a wishy washy guy, and a player. Didn't he kiss every girls in the novel? No doubt, this version we can tell how specials he think of ZM when he subconsciously have the golden box with him all the time. At Snake Island, he knew he love her and only her not ZR, YL, or XZ. WJ never denied when asked if he likes ZM by XX. Even when JFPP said ZM is his most precious, again WJ didn't denied it. Indeed, because of ZM's identity he keep pushing her away. And then later he learned of her way of sacrifice herself for him and her family, WJ got even more scared to be with her. He really fear that she'll die for him. Due to ZR's schemes and godfather's order, he has to give in to the marriage contract. WJ probably think letting her go and marrying ZR was the best way out for ZM. After the wedding clash, ZM determination to gamble and he no longer able to hold back his strong feelings for her. WJ finally give in and decided he and ZM should face it together, protected their love.
  14. How I wish this version include this part of the story where WJ ask MM to repay him with her body. Hahaha...it'll be so fun to watch JZ act the scene. I believe WJ and MM gonna be so shy at that awkward moment. But too bad in this version they make WJ's character too upright. Don't get me wrong, I still loves this version's WJ to death. Only hope he can take advantage of her sometime with some lecher words.
  15. Oh boy... I love it. Please continue this story, really like the dark side of WJ.
  16. Those of you who are able to move on from this drama. Are you starting any new drama(s)? Are there any good drama(s) you guys can recommend, new or fairly old one? I want to start once I'm manage to move on.
  17. LOL...Congratulations! happy for you. I'm still stuck in the limbo. Give me probably another week until I get really sick of it. I watched too many times of all the favorites scenes I almost can remembered there lines. Oh well, sometime re watching is rewarding too. I'm able to detected some details or expressions that I didn't see the first couple of times watched.
  18. Thanks for explaining this scene. The first time I watched this part I thought he teared up because he feels sorry for the dead soldiers. Edited I don't like this part of the story arc, hated ZZR so I wasn't paying attention.
  19. I'm re watching episode 34 and just realized that ZM did take off her dress to wash off the blood stains. The white and green clothing handing in front of XX, those should be ZM dress. Right? No wonder episode 36 when they were on the beach, her dress was almost completely stain free. Lol...all this time I thought the blood stains just magically disappeared. Wow.. they do have some amazing stains remover back then, that a lot of blood on her dress. Edited: Wait, she took off her boots too. This is like easter egg hunt for me.
  20. @kur4p1k4 Hope you don't mind, but can you correct the sub for ep. 42 at 7:43 'she shifts all the responsibility to Miss Zhou' instead of "Miss Zhao" Thanks
  21. Beside the kiss, all these intimacy moments are my favorites. Aww..They really do love each other a lot. Lol...A lot of times they treats the presence of other people invisible.
  22. @deminni My forever Wu Ji too. He definitely put his heart and soul into the role, putting 200% of his efforts.
  23. For YX's Fans Loves how she described the wedding clash, the deep love between WJ and ZM, and the love triangle.
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