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  1. Indeed, the wedding and the hotpot pre-wedding are my most anticipated scenes for tomorrow. Fingers crossed that we get to see the whole wedding scene and not end in the middle of it.
  2. Kind of disappointed for today 2 episodes. Too little ZWJ and ZM scene together, I really hate this arc of the story. Can't stand seeing evil ZZR and ZWJ acting intimated together. Looking forward to next week and the remaining episodes. @ildiz Please make more lovely gifs of our OTP if you have the time to quench our thirst until next Wednesday.
  3. Try this website, 1080p video quality https://www.duboku.com/vodplay/296-1-1.html
  4. Indeed, love this version of ZWJ the most. Not wishy washy at all. Up until this point he didn't show any love affection for ZZR unlike other versions. I still believe the smile he displayed at the wedding scene is all pretending. By the way love ZWJ new hair style, he look even more handsome.
  5. I guess ZWJ think it is more appropriate to call her Miss Zhao instead of MinMin at that point because he might still need to go back to marry ZZR. I keep repeating ep. 43 and 44 preview. These two have too much chemistry, too sweet and romantic and not felt cringey at all. The way ZWJ stared and smiled at ZM is pure love.
  6. Wedding scene from various versions!! lol....all ZWJs are happy https://v.qq.com/x/cover/ha7r9z89i9d234y/v0856sph2kr.html
  7. The wedding scene looks really good. Hopefully we get to see the whole complete wedding scene otherwise we have to wait for another week. waiting is killing me
  8. Please shed some light on how the Ming Sect knew about ZZR crime and not telling ZWJ in the 94 version.
  9. I have this question if someone can answer for me. So the reason ZZR kill YL was it because she wake up during ZZR committing her crime. I don't think ZZR need to drug YL since she was already badly injury but somehow she awake at the wrong time.
  10. I think WJ also said in front of ZM, he doesn't know anythings. (meaning she the brainy and the boss) Really looking forward to next week sweet episodes, but this week going to be bittersweet though.
  11. I though of that too or him holding her hairpiece pin and deep in thought.
  12. Yup, you can definitely tell his smile was forced at the wedding scene. I think after the wedding crashed he told ZM that he felt sad when he think of her and he felt sorry when he think of ZZR.
  13. When I heard him call her MinMIn at that panic moment, the boy is a gonner. ZWJ have too much packages to fill and will fight very hard to conceal his feeling for our ZM. I believed by ep 38 to 40 the 7 uncle dead part will be clear out. I also think the preview of ep 41 with ZM confront ZZR about snake island incident will lead ZZR to commit suicide and force ZWJ to marry her right away. Such a evil and manipulate woman.
  14. Also both women disguised as them. YSS disguised as ZCS to killed the whole family that failed to delivered 3rd uncle to wudong. ZM disguised as ZWJ to wudong and beggars sect.
  15. First post here, love this drama so much. I think NQ is just the general son's study buddy. The general's son is the other boy who was massacre in the shack. CMIIW
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