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  1. Just wondering if neither Joseph or Yukee have their Official Thread.  After HSDS 19, I personally think they both deserve to have their own thread.  Hopefully some kind souls and die heart fans can create one for them.  I wish I can do it but I'm not good at maintaining and dedication enough  to commit to post their current/future projects and news update.  I can only try to contribute. LOL....:sweatingbullets:

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  2. 7 hours ago, PutriSing said:


    BTW, I think I want to start putting in gifs. How do you guys insert them? Anyone has links? 

    I make gifs using https://imgur.com/


    Instruction:  upper left corner click on New post, then click on Video to GIF, and then paste a video URL from sites i.e. youtube.


    Or directly click on this link. https://imgur.com/vidgif


    Hope this help and not confusing you.





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  3. 1 minute ago, polar15 said:

    Ever night. Yes some friend recommended to me also. The plot is like mixing NIF 1 and general & i :sweatingbullets: 

    I prefer something completely new or remake version of other series. LOL..because wuxia series have long episodes. But thank you for your suggestion after i finished LOCH 2017 i will watch ever night, maybe i will watch for 5 ep... At first. :rolleyes:

    For Ever Night you definitely have to watch up to episode 6 to be able to determine if you want to continue or not.  You really don't want to miss the epic fight scene at episode 6.


    Sorry for the off topic.  

  4. 6 minutes ago, polar15 said:

    Maybe if you haven't watch you can try to watch Nirvana In Fire 1 & 2. It really good! 

    Thank you, but I already watched both Nirvana in Fire.  That how I become Liu Hao Ran's fan so I really anticipate his new drama.


    I also recommend Ever Night to you if you haven't watch that drama, it also good.


    Edited:  Anyone still repeating HSDS 19 here?  Poor me,  I still re-watching some of my favorite scenes, truly unable to move on at all. :sweatingbullets:

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  5. 4 hours ago, polar15 said:

    So i finally finish ep 27 of LOCH. I did not enjoy watching it like HSDS..and i also did not find chemistry HR and GJ. Did not like CG, and HR father But i attract to This version YG, OYK and MN ...:wub: 

    Its really sad, i don't like the male and female lead like i fall deep in WJ & ZM in HSDS. Their eyes contact and touch are really good. 

    Kudos to you for being able to find another drama to watch.  I tried to watch LOCH 17 too since a lot of peoples recommended it and it was directed by the same director.  But I stop watching even before GJ met HR,  LOL ... Somehow just not able to invested in the characters or the story line.  Unlike HSDS 19, I actually woke up 5 am every Wednesday thru Friday just to watched new episodes when it was airing.  Also, none of the newly release dramas catch my attention neither, I probably just wait for Liu Hao Ran's new drama Novoland Eagle Flag.

  6. 20 hours ago, kur4p1k4 said:

    Okay after watching the FY and WJ extended fight, I am pissed!!! Why didn't they just cut the useless Er Mei daily life, ZR cooking, SQS love life stuffs, even the early Wu dang uncle and child WJ stuff also, aarrrggh!!

    Why did they cut WJ's line in the mainland, where he said "Lend it to him"? Just by adding this one line for WJ it changed the whole dynamic, it showed that WJ is the leader, it give WJ a different aura as Jiao Zhu. If WJ didn't say that YX wouldn't give  the sword, aaarrgggh!!! :angry:

    Also by doing that awesome movement where WJ took back the sword it gives a whole different gravitas, that WJ already lend it to FY now he's taking it back, it showed, I'M STRONGER THAN YOU, I don't need a sword just the scabbard to shut you down. AARRRGHHH!!!! :tired:

    Do you read Chinese?  I curious about the Cfans reactions.  Did they make a commotion about the cut of this crucial fights scene specially WJ's line "Lend it to him" was completely cut out?  Fans of HSDS are already complaining about this version's kunfu department are being weak and how dared they even cut that suppose to be an awesome fight scene short. :rage: 


    TVB's version - Extended fight scene


  7. @kimmortal

    I don't like Zhang Wuji as a character in most of the previous versions but I love this version of Zhang Wuji due to he's not the wishy washy type.  The bonus for me is how Joseph Zeng who portrayal his character to perfectly how I like it.  Another reason I love Joseph's portrayal was his excellent chemistry with Yukee (I know I mentioned many times already).  Both of them are very comparable, even 86 version can not beat this. 


    I understand Zhao Min suffered a alot for him.  WJ knew ZM like him a lot (hence: sacrificed her life when fighting the persian) and he also like her a lot.  Still they're enemies of two countries, WJ think their future is impossible, nada, zero chance.  This version of WJ portrayal as an upright gentleman, he definitely won't take advantage of her when he know they can't be together.  That is the reason why he hold back the kiss at Snake Island.


    The scene at the Lake, I think WJ already made up his mind that he's going to marry ZZR since he already make that promised.  Again being an upright and live by the principal kind of guy, he can not lies about his newly engagement with ZZR to ZM.  He has to be upfront and be frank about their situation and warned her about the consequences if they insist to be together (him and her family killing each other at the battlefield).  At this point of time WJ probably think their love is even more impossible when they were at Snake Island. WJ also wants ZM to give up on him and go back to her family and live the life she use to live. He doesn't want to see her suffer more pain (only If he know she still suffered back home and almost got beheaded because of him).  I think in other versions, WJ did mentioned that ZM being a high status princess she is, he is not good enough for her.


    We the audience might think WJ is being stupid to rejected a girl like ZM and marry a girl like ZZR (me included, no offense to others..please don't kill me).  But in reality he has to look at the bigger picture, ZZR is the perfect choice for him and his Wudang family, godfather, grandfather, uncle, and  Ming Cult. members.:lol:(WJ live for everyone else but himself).  Their lives are not solely base of their love life, they have to think about their families, duties, and countries, etc.  LOL....I have to rewatched so many times to understood WJ perspective. I used to get so mad at WJ when I watched episodes 39 to 41 for the first time.  I even told myself not to rewatch those episodes but I'm glads I did, I understood WJ more now with a clearer mind.



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  8. 13 hours ago, chipz03 said:

    I am all for more wuxia/kung fu scenes!!


    Although, I personally feel the scene of Wuji remembering his and MM encounter while looking at the box should not be cut as it was quite impactful to build foundation of his deep attraction and feeling for her. 


    I was thinking, I remembered in the sshaolin scene when XX has been rescued out of the pit from the three monks, when he heard ZZR,  the way he said her name at that time make me wonder,  perhaps in the uncut version he knew of her bad deeds?  The way he say her name initially seemed quite angry. 


    15 hours ago, achng said:

    So apparently, for TVB episode 28, they deleted the scene of WJ looking at golden box/thinking of ZM, but extended the duelling between WJ and FY.  Seems TVB version is getting good reviews for restoring the deleted wuxia/fight scenes:)

    I really love the extended fighting scene between WJ and FY but disappointed that they cut out WJ looking at the golden box.  Why they choose to cut out that scene when they can cut out other scene?  So frustrating!  Oh well, we just have to combined both versions together.  I'm still happy to find the TVB version added those tiny itsy bitsy scenes so we can keep looking forward to it.


    Extended fight scene




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  9. 8 hours ago, kur4p1k4 said:

    @jackieusa I think XX is usurped by ZM since early on.

    If you have time to make the gifs, when XX was not in the inn WJ should be suspicious/worried since XX is the most wanted man of the wulin, dead or alive, but because he was busy having lover's quarrel with ZM, I don't think he was thinking clearly. He keeps chasing after ZM lol

    After crashing the wedding ZM is also the one who keep asking him to keep going since she know WJ is worried about XX and she keep urging them to carry on the journey to go to shaolin but WJ is the the one who keep stalling to wait until ZM is healed.


    For the last gifs I would say that's unfair to XX, a parents death it's a natural order of life, especially for an adult WJ, maybe when he was a child a parents' death is the biggest sadness a child could experience, and also XX died protecting a person that he thought is going the wrong way I think he accepted his death. As an adult if you follow your parents to death after they died, I think your parents will be the saddest one.


    While ZM for WJ it felt like it's his fault for failing to protect her and letting ZM being alone in this life and afterlife, and ZM died for falling in love with him and being an unfilial child to her family. Even if ZM went to hell for that WJ will accompany her



    I would also like to add, It's also a bit unfair to ask the question, who is more important, your wife (ZM) or your parents (XX) to anybody, since they are two different entities and two different rank of people in a person's life. ZM can ask that to WJ and WJ can answer so confidently it's just proof that WJ only think ZR as a friend in need, but XX's wellbeing is still more important

    I agree I'm making a unfair comparison.  ZM and XX are two differences person and two totally differences kinds of love for WJ.  I guess I just wanted to make a point that with post ZM appearance had caused such a big impacted in WJ's life, and the choices of life he want to live or follow if neither one of them hurt or dead.  I'm pretty sure WJ will do all his best or even give up his life if he have to just to protect both of them, and I don't think he ever want to choose just one between them.   For me in HSDS storyline, WJ's journey almost always involved WJ looking searching for his godfather once he become Ming Cult. Leader.  From Snake Island to XX being kidnapped by CK to rescuing mission at Shaolin.  Just happened to be in his journey he met and found his true love.  LOL...now that I think of it, WJ did a crappy job as a Ming Cult Leader.  Beside making peaces and saving the six big sects. from ZM and also able to make the Ming Sect internal conflicts under control.  He basically running around searching for XX and dealing with his personal love affairs.


    PEACE ALL!!   These are just my personal humble opinion.

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  10. I actually love these scenes a lot.  We all know how much XX means for WJ.  So when evil ZZR threaten to kill XX, WJ is so ready to kill himself so ZZR can spare his godfather's life.  A life exchange for a life.  


    Then ZM step out and confronted ZZR about her shameless evil act at Snake Island.  We can see once WJ  heard ZM's voice he pretty much awake from the suicidal spell.  He's like Oh sh%% I still have my MM, I cannot die yet.  She need my protection 24/7.


    When evil ZZR attempt to attack/kill ZM and we can witness how fast WJ come running over to rescue her.  At this point of the story I find WJ might care and love ZM a bit more than his care and love for XX.  I remembered in the early episodes, ZM asked WJ a few times between his godfather and ZZR, who is more important to him.  Every time WJ will answer XX is more important without  any hesitation.  If ZZR has ask WJ the same question now, between ZM and XX who is more important .  I'm pretty sure WJ will have a tough and difficult choice to make.  Don't believe me, let continue. :lol:


    In front of her grave, he promised ZM he'll come to her once he had accomplished his duties.  Ask her to wait for him, he won't let her be alone anymore.:bawling:


    After XX passing, WJ was devastated by the loss of his godfather.  But he did not promise his godfather he'll come look for him.


    So at the end, ZM can actually surpass XX place in WJ's heart.

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  11. 7 hours ago, kimmortal said:

    8 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You

    1. He says he’s not ready to get married.

    2. He uses his cousin’s death as a reason to postpone marriage.

    3. He keeps gifts from an ex-lover.

    4. He lets his ex-lover lay her head on his shoulder as they sleep in the same cave all night.

    5. He’d rather spend time with other women (dinner scene).

    6. He doesn’t care about your relationship with other men, even the slightest.

    7. He’s always busy or he keeps you waiting.

    8. He doesn’t include you when he’s with the guys.


    (I’m not good at finding pictures of the corresponding scenes but if someone could put pics in between each line that would be golden! :lol:)

    Hehehe... Let me do it.:sweatingbullets::lol:   I hope you don't mind but I prefers gifs better than screenshots.


    1. Grandpa, godfather hasn't been found. Furthermore, the Yuan's haven't eliminated. How can I have a family?






    4. :love:


    5. :love:






    8. LOL...WJ look so happy hanging out with his brothers.






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  12. 5 minutes ago, PutriSing said:

    @jackieusa Have I ever mentioned that YOU ROCK? I must have right?? In case for some strange reason I haven't, YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND. 

    (ok, I just realized that I simply assume you are a she.. sorry if I got this wrong.)

    No worried, I'm definitely a she.   LOL...I love making gifs ever since I know how to make them.  I'm just happy you guys give me new ideas or topics to make them and also really glad you guys enjoy them.

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  13. 17 hours ago, PutriSing said:

     Ha Ha - He's just not that into you. There should be a list of all gifs showing this!! Who's doing it? 

    Hahaha...  here you go!  I gonna try to make He's just not that into you, girl! GIFs



    WJ: Zhiruo is a woman, male and female shouldn't be touching. (MM is also a woman but you princess carried her, tickled her foot, grabbed her shoulder)


    WJ: It's not the time for me to be married while I'm Ming Cult. Leader.  If I marry Zhiruo right now, I'm afraid she'll not be happy later on.

    (hahaha...looking for excuses)


    XX:  WJ! say something.  You don't like Miss Zhou?  You don't want to cure the poison inside of her?

    (WJ: .........no answer.......... heart and mind thinking, please don't make me marry her.  I only love Minmin.)


    ZZ: You still hold onto the box.  Are you still not able to forget her? (ZZ!  Why do you have to ask when you already know the answer?)

    WJ: Zhiruo, don't think like that. I've already engaged with you. There's really nothing that I cannot forget. (hehehe...  WJ ah! You know you're lying to yourself right?  Your words and your guilty look does not match.)


    ZZ:  You just don't want to say that it was Zhao Min who did it, right?  

    WJ: I just want to say, there might be other possibility.  It might really have nothing to do with Miss Zhao. (WJ thinking: of course my Minmin won't commit those crimes. She even sacrificed her life for me multiple times. I believed her, I really believed her, even if I can't find out the truth, I still believed her.)

    ZZ:  You prefer to believe it was godfather's moment of insanity than to believe it was Zhao Min who committed the deed.


    ZM: Zhang Wuji!

    WJ: You!

    ZM: You go chase her.  Go!  She'll definitely be weeping in your embrace, waiting for you to use every means to console her. Isn't that what you love to do? Go ahead!

    (ZWJ, if you love your fiance you wouldn't listen to another woman advice.  She tell you not to chase and you really not bother to chase after her.:lol:)


    GP: He decided to marry you as soon as possible.

    WJ:  Grandpa! (Oh no! please don't grandpa)

    GP:  Wuji ah!  A man must keep his promise. Since you already promised to marry Miss Zhou, then you should take good care of her.

    WJ: Grandpa (No... I don't want to)


    ZZR, a word of advice.  Don't ever marry a man who he only agree to engaged to you was because his godfather pushed him to.  Don't ever marry a man who he only willing to marry you after his grandfather forced him to.  Don't ever marry a man who doesn't defend you when his lover slander you.  Don't ever marry a man who doesn't show any objection/reaction after you say you wanted to break off the engagement.  Don't ever marry a man who show you this uncomfortable and fake smile after he reluctant to marry you. Don't ever marry a man who still think about his lover the night before the wedding.


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  14. 1 hour ago, LaurenPanna said:



    This scene showing minmin's table prepared 2 cups, indicating that she has been waiting for wuji to visit her. There is also a hand gesture indicating that she may be feeling hungry but no one bother about her


    Then wuji ignored the rest, made dinner for her 


    Awwww so touched

    Poor baby, she must be very hungry to finished 2 and 1/2 baos.





  15. 1 hour ago, kimmortal said:

    I found it hilarious that after ZM tells him to go away (in ep 38 I think?) he chases her, then gives her water, and says to her, “Don’t be angry anymore.” He was concerned about her being angry at him! :lol: This woman, who he thinks is the murderer of his cousin, and he’s worried that she’s mad at him.

    Indeed, I found WJ get anxious every time ZM get angry at him just like these scenes at episode 42 too.:lol:



    Hahaha....look at that shocked on his face. :D




    Again, look at that surprised reaction on his face.:D




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  16. 1 hour ago, sophiesyc said:

    The funniest part about the love triangle is  when everyone had to break the two girls up from the cat fight lol in ep 41. 


    I really like when WJ told YX that he was going to meet ZM and take her to see his god father and the sword. YX gave him that weird look. He totally knew something was up. 

    I hope you don't mind too, love posting gifs:sweatingbullets:  We can tell our boy WJ can't wait to meet his date.:lol:






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