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  1. This user habitually brags about intentionally delaying subtitles at Vicki and even went as far as saying for each complaint, she will take a one minute delay on subtitling. She said she would not give you cheese with your whine and suggested you learn Korean yourself. So if you wondering why there are certain titles that drags on Viki, literally every drama she's on has the same the the same issue.

    1. nohamahamoud2002


      Why is that? This is not nice :(

      I know very little Korean and do my best to help my friends. This is very sad

    2. foreverempress


      The following is what this person wrote:


      I am right now one of the subbers of Korean to English on a few current channels at viki. I've written 2000 lines on Graceful Family. I am a volunteer here. It seems to me the number of complainers about the speed of subtitles is increasing and it totally demotivates me.
      Starting with episode 12 I will first check the volume of complaints. For every complaint on-screen and here, I will wait one minute before I start to subtitle. For example, there were nearly 100 complaints about episode 11's subs so I would have waited nearly two hours before I started. Saying "please" in any language does not make me want to spend more time -- a complaint is a complaint no matter how it is worded.
      My suggestion is that you watch something else at viki which has every episode fully subbed or you learn Korean as I did. .As there are several thousand titles at viki, it's not hard to find something to fill your time.
      If there are any negative replies to this post, I will add another ½ hour of wait time.
      If other viewers take initiative to pm (don't write comments here) the offender(s) that would be very much appreciated."

    3. nohamahamoud2002


      My God, this is not nice. I usually watch without subtitles if I am curious, then I can watch later, even the next day. If it is on channels other than KBS, like SBS or OCN


      But usually I depend on KBS world on TV. No need to beg this subtitler. She is using her language skills to make others angry

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