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  1. So..has this been airing? I wanna know how JJY is doing as the white snake. Although I like her as Yunxi, but I liked her in gentle roles, like her previous drama
  2. Ahh I see. Thanks! No wonder that the way NQ was holding a brush is different with characters in other dramas that I've watched. Anyway, I think C language is difficult. That's what I heard from my friends in the Faculty of Language/Literature *LOL* , back in my university years.
  3. I think they look alike, but CFY also inherits his mom's facial features. I dunno..perhaps he gets her eyes and nose? His eyebrows looked like dad's, while his mouth is the combination of both. Is thay how you hold a pen to write chinese characters? That looked so difficult
  4. I see , thanks! Hahaha CFY ... The way he talked was adorable and he made such a clumsy mistake in front of those important figures And Hu Ge himself becomes trending *LOLOLOL* https://mobile.twitter.com/dramapotatoe/status/1084627400787283968
  5. This is what he said ..slip of the tounge . Hahaha he's so adorable https://mobile.twitter.com/TrendingWeibo/status/1084474903989051392
  6. Yeah, their bantering are heart-warming. I'm also reminded of my parents , my Dad specially. But the situation was reversed, coz he was the one who was standing there
  7. There is Hu Ge too there, right? Btw, is it true? Hahaha.I watched his speech and noticed that everyone was laughing at his error, but I didnt understand what he was saying https://mobile.twitter.com/GOODBAIBYE/status/1084469975304278017
  8. Ahhh I see. Yeah, I heard that men who go to gym usually eat eggs a lot, because it contains a lot of protein. Although ..it's hard for me to reduce fried food . Ahhh we'll see. Thanks a lot!!! @epinklyn, @angelangie, thx a lot for the pics and translations! What is this Chinese Literature Award? It it an annual event for the whole C entertainment world? And awwww to CFY - CKG . I've always had a very soft spot for people with warm family relationship. CKG must be so proud watching his son like that . CFY is such a sweet boy . He is very mature and calm for someone his age, but still with this youth vibe . What a warm family . And LOL at that 2 cm remark Agree with this
  9. Wow ..thank youuu . I'll study it. From all that you wrote, the thing that I do well is drinking a lot of water . Waahhhhh it looked complicated . Yeah ..I think I've been doing yo-yo dieting. My weight has been going up and down in the same range all the time. Well, at least CFY still eats boiled breast chicken. His food still looked decent. I thought that he only eats salad *LOL* I like the black jacket and that all black style in the airport. I used to wear similar style of outer (not jacket, though) to work, although without the black jeans
  10. Thanks! Sorry, what is intermittent Fasting method? Is it fasting in every 2 days? Ahh, carbo diet, isnt it? I've tried that twice (+doing sports), but I ended up getting sick all the time. I get sick easily if I reduce carbo too much, so I only reduce it at night *sigh*. Perhaps I should try to do it slowly or that eating less+often method That's a great idea *LOL* . I want that jacket .. . And I've always loved the whole black style.
  11. I cant even slim down 2-3 kilos *sigh*. Tell me how you do it . I manage to keep my weight stable, but loosing some is hard. Now I just dont eat rice at dinner, but I eat like crazy in the morning and at noon *LOL* Hmmm ..perhaps he loves to cook because he has to eat less for his diet, but he has to do it oftenly. So he ends up cook for himself just in case he got hungry. Some of my friends are like that. They eat less, buy they eat often. I like baking!! But I dont do it oftenly because I usually too tired on weekend or have a lot of things to do.
  12. Yup..I was right With You should've done shooting. This is a news on July 2018 : https://mobile.twitter.com/dramapotatoe/status/1019505070444957696?s=21
  13. The 1st With You is a drama, 20 (? Sorry forgot) episodes, by LHR. It's already aired and completed. The 2nd With You is the same story, but it's a movie version, starred by CFY. It hasnt been aired yet .
  14. Su Tang is soooo cuuutte isnt she??? I love her! She looked natural! Anyway, I check Deng Enxi's profile and it looked like she is considered as one of the most talented young actress? I havent watched her drama Devotion of X. Perhaps I should watch it someday..
  15. You are right about the ending *sigh*. That is my issue too, and I'm even thinking to go back to K drama now *LOL*. And they also dont mind to change main leads for multi season dramas (yup that's a big problem for me). Still, what I like the most about C dramas are the period/wuxia ones ..and I havent found K or J dramas that can give me similar experience. I watch J dramas for the manga adaptation ones, and ..yeah they have different feels. Regarding the ending of NEF, I read the novel a bit (a machine translated one) and discussed with some people who read it completely. The ending should be : The female lead is Song Zu Er. I havent watched her dramas, but she acted in Dark Lord and some people said that it was quite interesting. I plan to watch it someday. And I havent heard anything bad about her / people criticizing her acting, so I guess that she shouldnt be bad. Some people said that she acted well. I dont know much about the romance, because, like I said, I read the machine-translated novel, so I skipped a lot of parts. From what I know : Sorry, cant help much because I havent read the novel properly
  16. The novel should be different. Novoland is a world that was created by several authors. Please CMIIW, each of them wrote their own novels, but they used the same realm / world .
  17. Hmmmm .. I think I read somewhere that he shot With You before LoA, but I'm not sure ..since I also read somewhere else that he was idle at that time. We'll see
  18. I do demand for the FL to be Su Tang, but I can only pray We just have to be mentally prepared whenever we are watching dramas, arent we? Well, I hope that this'll be good no mater what
  19. Yeah, I heard that he met CFY in the Legend of the Demon Cat set. Perhaps CFY learned from him about being an actor. Please cmiiw, NEF is not the 2nd in the series. It has a different story with Novoland Castle in the Sky or other Novoland movies. I think those stories only share the shame realm, like same races and locations.
  20. Ahhhh I seee Yeah, you're right. I think he does it naturally and he probably doesnt even realize it himself. Isnt that the director's job to tell him? Let's just hope that he or his dad/management realize that and tell him about it.
  21. Li Yitong (Rong er) was around 24-26 yrs old at that time *LOL*, while Yang Xuwen (Guo Jing) was 21 or 22 years old . But their characters are 16 (Rong er) and 18 yrs old. Yeah, they looked really young, didnt they? And YXW looked more mature than her, while it was actually the opposite
  22. Probably because he is also befriends with CFY in real life? I read in his fans page that CFY considered him as a good friend
  23. I dont think he took LoA shortly after EN, didnt he? It felt that way because the drama started to air at the same time, but the shooting should've been done since months before that. Please cmiiw Did he? *LOL* ..I didnt remember. I should rewatch epi 42 .
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