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  1. @epinklyn, thanks a lot. He was shooting on winter, wasnt he? . Zero degree Celcius??? If I were him, then I'd be sick. I cant stand cold. I even wear jacket at work because of the air-conditioning. And he looked cold in the scene of EN too . Well, luckily he's still a strong young man.
  2. I love you too, @epinklyn . Yeah, although I'm pretty sure that they'll make a lot of changes, I'm still going to read it Yeah. It seems cocky, but it is because he has a high standard which is understandable. Once he fails, people will say that he is embarassing his parents. I'd say that being a son of CKG is a heavy burden. He has to look good all the time .
  3. His time management seems better than mine, hahaha
  4. I love u again, @angelangie . Thank you His views about girls fashion are similar with mine, hahahahahaha. I thought that it was uncomfortable to wear mini skirts, because you can't move freely *LOL*. Regarding high heels, I got traumatized because I once sprained my foot (torn ligament?) when I wore high heels and had to wear bandage (?) to work, for a month. I never wear them anymore, unless for special occasions and I just walk slowly . Yup, he's a loner, alright .. and so much mature than boys his age. I really like this one . It's a very good answer : I also love this one. It's like me and my Dad. Thanks! He always gets into the water in every drama that he's in, isn't he ? Well, accept for Secret Fruit .. but he had to stand under the rain there . I wonder whether he has to jump into the water again in his 3rd drama
  5. Does anyone know what he said about his character Lu Ping? I'm curious whether it will follow the novel or not I think I've heard him speaking English somewhere. His english was great. Perhaps he is ..predicting his future
  6. I read the comments hoping to find info about Lu Ping, but I read that CFY's suit was worn by Danish prince catwalk ? I guess it should be very expensive
  7. Let's just say that I like EH's style more, without the flowers About the outfits, dunno .. They seems normal, but dunno, I just don't like fashions for men and the models' I'm also worried about the story ..and the FL . The hair should be nice, though. Drama wont make its ML looked bad . I think .
  8. Nahhhh They just want the little ones to be together Hiii welcome back!
  9. So based on that interview, CFY inherited more of Mom's traits, but he got the aura (like masculinity) of Dad. And I love that cat that he's holding . The other cat cant stay still, so they use the black one
  10. Would you rather to discuss about his handsomness or hairstyle? Yes, fake and hoax news are easily spread. So we need to be able to see which one is reasonable and which one is not. @epinklyn, I'm only sure that the producer is Gordon Chan . I'm interested to see LoA because I like and also dont really like some of his works. Still, it is a major production, so it should be at least decent, I think . I read comments in weibo saying that CFY was seen shooting many fighting scenes (like in many hours a day), so I'm reaally curious. I really like Gordon Chan's Jet Li movie, and I heard that he is good at making action movies? Well dunno, I'm still keeping my expectations not too high, just in case. @angelangie, I LOVE YOU Thank youuuuuuuuuuu
  11. I can only say that the story that is spreading behind the scene is not so good . But oh well, since there is no proof, cant say anything about it . Personally, I do agree that they perhaps miscalculated CFY's success in EN. @angelangie, have I told you that I love you? . Thanks! I also have to take bath. I was taking baking course a whole day long, hahaha
  12. Thanks! I've watched this one, but too bad that there was no eng sub . Do you mind telling us what they are talking about? Well..just overall, although I wont mind if you want to translate the whole thing
  13. I agree! *LOL* Well..I still like his school hair style in EN, that long hair one. Perhaps the one in LoA will give the same effect, hahaha
  14. Hahaha this one is not stiff, I think...unlike the one from ancient wuxia series *lol*. This one is commonly used by males in other wuxia dramas, like Li Yi Feng in Chusen . Regarding fashion for men, yeah..usually it makes them looked too girly and artsy. I prefer men in simple or casual clothes. Actually, I also dont really like this clothes..but it's still in my tolerable level. The style and color are simple, it's not straight, no blinks or glitters, and no flowers *LOL* . His hair also still looked normal . I like this one better than the black one from last year. Of course, I prefer a casual wear ..like the white one he wears in the previous pics (with the bees). I agree with this He also looked stiff in Secret Fruit's interviews with Ouyang Nana. But, when he only talked to OYN, he looked more relaxed. Yeah, he was shy introvert and ackward . It seems like he is a dreamer and a loner type, while his brother is a business guy (I like his bro, hahaha).
  15. The one that's going to air is that other white snake, not JJY's version. So, if JJ's version airs this year, then we'll have 2 white snakes in a year
  16. I never understand fashion for men in Paris, so I'm glad that CFY didnt wear anything strange . About that LoA pics, hmmm..his style is very different with EN. It's the classic wuxia style, and I'm curious to see that in motion. It should looked good in fighting scenes.
  17. Errr...I like reading psychology books when I was in high school . You know, the psychology for teenagers ..the ones about understanding yourself . But, I didnt watch old or art movies Yup. With many females becoming heart-broken out there, is there still anything more to discuss? It's already clear enough *LOL* I find it difficult to imagine everything that I read in lnmtl *LOL*. That's why I dont have any progress with my LoA reading
  18. This is another quote that amazes me : "People, the best way to grow is to be alone. Especially the loneliness of a stranger drifting, more inscriptions. But if you make good use of it, you will gain independence and self-improvement, and then enjoy the freedom of restraint. Such a rich spiritual world is fascinating, as Chen Feiyu pursues." I needed many more years to think that way, but he already got it at the age of 18 And, this : "In addition to communication software, Chen Feiyu's popular mobile app is a map. Because he likes to set the destination and walk in the next step, just like taking a trip to the future one-way life train, the dream is the end, there will be various uncontrollable things in the middle, the only thing that can be mastered is the present. For this reason, Chen Feiyu is more valuable in irreversible seconds, and knows that it is worth to invest in self-improvement." Wow .. Hmmmm I read it in LNMTL for chapters that havent been translated. For the translated one, hmmm...I think it's WebNovel. I forgot. I've closed the page but I havent bookmarked them *LOL*
  19. Eh I've just finished reading the article from @caranita . Wow, he is really mature for a boy his age...like really mature. He reads serious reading materials and watches old and art movies. He also already has some kind of understanding toward himself and what he has to do. He and his brother are really something. I like this part : "In Chen Feiyu's concept, men should have two basic temperament, one is the ability to express, and the other is the ability to calmly analyze problems. The latter's achievement, in addition to being related to natural genes, also constitutes an inevitable causal relationship with his study abroad career." And this one : "He said that he is a strict time manager. When he is studying in the United States, he will divide the 24 hours a day into pieces of time, and then give them their respective values and meanings, and then complete them one by one. He is very fulfilled." To think that he is a senior high school student .. . I've always thought that Liu Haoran was the most mature young man that I've ever known
  20. @epinklyn, hehehe I'm expecting a different drama/movie now, and havent rewatched EN anymore. And I want to continue reading LoA. Although the drama will change a lot of(I think), I still want to read it, so that I wont be too anxious while waiting for new episodes To be able to make a very deep impression to some viewers, that is really not an easy achievement, yeah. I think it's because EN was just over, so of course fans still regret about the replacement. And I think if he was a big star, then there would be a lot more chaos *LOL*
  21. Owww..so there wont be continuation after that? I thought that I read somewhere that there was this other novel for that ?, but it was never completed? Awww that's too bad. But at least NEF has already finished.
  22. This is a very good article. Thanks, @caranita
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