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  1. I've been re-watching from epi 1, since I did skip some parts due to my impatience to see what's going on later. I have only rewatched until epi 10, though. Yes, now I remember the scene when YX jumped into Feiye because od Tang Li . I need to find some times to continue on rewatching until I reach the last 'jumping scene'. I also watched the whole political scenes, including the Concubine from the Western Qiu and the King. Their scenes felt slower and rather boring in the beginning, but because I've watched most of Feiye-YX's scenes, and while waiting for the english subs, I have patience to follow their story. It turned out better than I thought. The King and Western Princess showed intelligence and skill of tacticians, as high level politicians. I really like the actor that acted as the King. He really has the charisma of a great King. His interactions with Feiye and Western Princess felt like 'battle of intelligence' between them. One of the things that I like about this series is most of the characters are smart. And it's nice to Feiye-YX are working together and complementing each other. YX is smart and witty and a poison expert, but her cunningness is still beyond Feiye. Btw, I've been wondering about this since the beginning. If Feiye is the 4th Prince, then where is the 2nd and 3rd ? Does the drama dont mention them because they dont have political power?
  2. Oh, so the girl in white wasn't BLMX ? Ok, I have to re-read that part . I thought that it was her , since she was also in love with Feiye. Twice, I think ? That is after Feiye snatched her writing to the Empress, and when she was drunk. Yeah, I notice that he easily carried her . I think JJY is small, while ZZH is quite tall and big himself I just watched epi 21 with eng subs. I remember that I watched the "Because I like you" scene some time ago , but I forgot in which episode that was. Thanks for reminding me, coz I like that scene too . You are right, that moment was an important point in their relationship, since they became more honest toward each other. Then again, actually Feiye had been asking her several times before. He had been wondering why she blocked the secret weapon from Yuzhe the other day, then he wondered why YX hated it if he was near BLMX. Finally, he asked YX why he never told any of his secrets to the ED. Feiye was not dumb afterall. And finally, YX confirmed his 'suspicion' . About dealing with the other guy, I always grin when I rewatch the episode when YX comes home drunk and both men hold her arms. Then Feiye threats Qishao with his life, if he doesn't want to let go. Feiye is indeed scary .. Even Qishao laughed bitterly at that . Regarding BLMX, dunno, up until epi 21, I don't hate her that much since I know how crazily in love she is with Feiye (to the extend of poisoning herself and regularly gives her blood to him, wow .. she must be madly in love ). She also has known him since she was small, and she was also close to his mom, so I guess she has this great expectation of marrying him . But YX got him first. Although I'm also annoyed by her, I understand if she is upset and jealous. Let's see. . perhaps I'll hate her more after more episodes with subs come out
  3. I cant help but ask, which part that reminds you to Captain America? *LOL*. The changing-into-powerful-beast part does remind me of Incredible Hulk or Werewolf *LOL* --Edited-- Oh ok, it should be this part :
  4. I was also annoyed with that scene, so I just fast-forwarded it. I dont think that there's anything like that again in the future episodes, pls cmiiw. Besides, I'm not too interested in them, so I often skip their parts
  5. I like this part too. Before the subs came, I thought that YX just decided to cook something for Feiye, and he seemed to love it (behind his calm demeanor ). It's good to know that she didnt give up on his condition and mature enough to approach him first. Feiye, considering his status and all, has a big pride. He also knew that YX knew about him being poisoned. Perhaps he just didnt want to bring up the issue, because he didnt want her to know anything. That sounds frustrating, but somehow, I understand why he did that. Regarding LMX, IIRC, the novel Feiye explained to YX that he promised their (Feiye and LMX) teacher to protect LMX until she was 18 years old. He did that because YX was jealous after Feiye saved LMX . I dunno whether Feiye promised the same thing in the drama (perhaps in the future episode?). He considered her as a sister/family, but because of his cold attitude, he didnt seem to care enough to explain it to YX. Yes, I also love it because the good guys (including the bodyguard Xi Feng) are smart enough to deal with the bad guys. It's good to see them work together and help each other. Regarding the novel ending :
  6. Hey, thanks! Regarding the novel ending : About the changes in the drama, I've heard about changes no 1-3, but never heard about the rest. Actually I read several chapters of the novel, but it was too long and I just jumped from one chapter to another, randomly picking some parts. If I understand it correctly, Yunxi's character is also rather different, isnt it? I think the novel Yunxi is more calm and feminine. Qin wang is as cold as he is in the drama, though.
  7. With an ending like that, I also want a 2nd season. But it's also a dilemma, since, usually, 2nd season sucks. I wonder whether this drama has covered the whole novel, despite the changes. Regarding the ratings, I'm also curious. I checked several forums and the response were mostly positive. Yaaay, thanks a lot to you and all the subbers out there !
  8. If only I could understand the language . I could only guess what's going on . Do you think that there's still enough materials for Season 2? Ans, it seems that the impression is positive, despite the weird ending. I checked douban and it got 6.3. I think that's not bad, although isnt good either since some idol dramas that I checked got 4-5 .
  9. I dunno when. The currently aired White Snake is starred by Yang Zhi (and I forgot the guy's name). It looks like a very 'improvised' version. I couldnt recognize the original story from there(by quickly browsing it). I dunno whether JJY's version will follow the original or not. AFAIK, it's a drama.
  10. I just knew that Yunxi is only an online drama. Yeah, the leads are a lot less popular. Still, I find their acting passable and not bad. I started watching Yun Xi because I didnt have anything else to watch, and I knew the Qin Prince actor (Zhang Zhe Han) from his previous dramas. I only knew that Yun Xi actress (Ju Jing Yu) was in Novoland the Castle in the Sky, but didnt watch that series. And she is going to be another White Snake in the newest adaptation, with Alan Yu (yup, there's gonna be one more adaptation)
  11. That one was funny too *LOL* . The shocked expression of Feiye was priceless . Then afterwards, Qishao asked her whether she had done something crazy to the Duke (due to the alcohol that she drank). LOL ..the look on her face ..
  12. Nope, he wasnt the lead. He was the lead's friend, the sharpshooter, the quite one + having some trauma from the past (Han Bing, IIRC). I also didnt watch the drama fully, just watch several episodes, then jumped to the parts that I liked, such as the action, the decoding of the purple code, and ZZH's and Guo Jing Fei's (the charismatic mentor here, as PYY in NIF 2). Anyway, ZZH's role is not big there, but quite good, I think. I like the supporting roles there, such as him, GJF and the other handsome mentor You're right. One of the things that separates this drama from the other is the leads got attracted naturally and not just bickering without reasons (other than attractions or misunderstandings ,although there are also misunderstandings here). I like it that Feiye is a logical/smart guy who doesnt trust Yunxi at the beginning and silently 'deal' with her, until he sees the real her. On the other hand, I also like it that Yunxi is trying hard to win him and the Empress, then ends up giving fake information, hahaha Yeah, I also like epi 15
  13. I also watched the raw and didnt understand, but I read some comments saying that : @40somethingahjumma, hi Dear! Yeah, it's been a while since we were watching a same drama . I also noticed that the translations for FeiYe's title were changed several times *LOL*, but then they continuosly used 'Duke' and 'Duchess'. That's why I'm confused. I've been wondering what's that supposed to mean, so thanks again
  14. It's very rare for me to watch 'sweet' dramas like this. Even if I did, I just did a quick browse and not interested to watch the detail. In case of this drama, I was curious because I like Zhang Zhe Han in his previous roles (Decoded, Demon Girl) and I also noticed him as the young Lin Shu in NIF. So I still did a quick browse, peeked the ending(RAW) :p , then decided to watch this from the beginning. Surprisingly, it's better than I thought. The story is quite interesting (well, I skipped some palace politics/supporting chars that I dont have any interests in). Although the usual setup from this kinda drama still exists ( a cute cheerful optimistic kind girl, a cold handsome guy whose heart is waiting to be melted, a kind devoted handsome rival guy, annoying pretty rival girl , etc2), but I love the chemistry between the main leads and I found the story about this 'poison intrigue' interesting. About the leads, I really love their contradictions, that is the really cold (it's so good to see his rare slight smiles or naughty expressions while teasing Yunxi) Feiye vs the cheerful, sometimed shy Yunxi. Hehehe, it's actually nothing new in dramaland, but they are loveable. I just hope that the ending is better, after reading some comments and watching it (no subs yet). Thank you for the explanation! I've been wondering myself, since he is a younger brother of the King and they called him 'wang ye'. I have been wondering why does it translated as 'Duke'?
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