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  1. The pic seems unclear, though ..I thought that they were posted by fans ? You're right. I've only watched a stage theater performance twice in my life. That was a good one, but when I checked the schedule of next performances, they seemed too artsy for me. Yeah, I guess it's not a usual place for hang out. Well ..I just thought that he attracts too much attention, because he is very tall and elegant , hahaha.
  2. Thanks @epinklyn. I havent watched it, just going to read the reviews first. Drama stories seem similar nowadays
  3. Yeah..I heard that the many tribes under them released themselves many generations later (perhaps after Kubilai Khan era?) . But before that, the Mongolian had ruled over many areas and had been continuing to conquer more . Please cmiiw.
  4. My knowledge in history should be worse than you . I only know that Genghis Khan is a ruler who unified the many tribes in Mongolia. But, I think LOCH wanted to view his achievements from the humanity side. IMHO, this version of MNC is smarter than her original self . YK is one of the main antagonists in the show. His contribution is to bring miseries to GJ-HR . He and MNC are :
  5. Ah I see. I thought that that was a movie theater :p . It's good if he is still can go around without being surrounded by fans LOL .. CFY as Shinici Kudo is a detective is interesting. But dont u think that he'll be too standout as one? . He wont be suitable as a secret agent or a spy too
  6. LOL..glad that you like it. Why do you dislike YK-MNC? I dont really like YK, but I like MNC . And there are times when I really feel bad for them Yeah, the drama did good with the ending and Genghis Khan's portrayal. The ending is pretty sweet and satisfying. Regarding Genghis Khan, he is ruthless, but I'm glad to see his dialogues with Guo Jing in discovering what is good and what is not
  7. Yeah, CKG and CH consider education as very important and choose the best for their sons. It's good to hear it. I love wuxia and adventure, and they are my reasons to watch C dramas over the K ones. I dont mind him acting in wuxia or fantasy wuxia again in the future, as long as the story and action is good . Of course, I'm gonna be bored if the story is more or less similar, so if he can act in something different, then I'll be happy . Something adventurous will be nice Ah, I read that in weibo too. It is when they were caught by fans, right? I thought that they were watching a movie
  8. I see, thanks! Ahahahaha, that's cute. Probably he is bored already with all males. Anyway, he seems to like kids. I recognized his voice right away . Yes, his accent is very good, isnt it? He switches between English and Mandarin back and forth seamlessly. I wasnt surprised that he was very fluent, because he has already attended school in USA. I read somewhere that he also went to an international school in junior high (please cmiiw). Usually, people can learn language faster when they were young. I prefer him in period dramas, because I like the genre more. I'm okay with a modern movie, because it's shorter. Still, I'm fine with everything if it is good and not an idol drama genre . Yup, looking forward to his future projects
  9. Really? I dont know, there is no eng sub. Ah yes, that makes sense, since there are no girls in the family, except for his mom LOL thanks! That's the one that I watched, but I dont think I watched it on youtube. Btw, did he shoot that for Secret Fruit movie? I've been wondering why he suddenly taught English . Yes, his English is very good and fluent, isnt it? Sometimes I wonder what if he got an opportunity to act in an American movie. He should have no problems there.
  10. I'm okay with April. It is not too long. And I hope the ML wont have any super power, because it is more similar to the original folklore. Well..it's okay to have a little, but dont exaggerate it .
  11. The kids are adorable . I think I've seen the clips somewhere, and he seemed patient to be with them
  12. Cool.. How about this one? I think this is a different one? https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4331671547054733#comment So it's better to be his fan now, because you can talk to him directly. In the next 2 years, perhaps you can only watch him from afar *LOL*
  13. Yeah..actually I'm surprised that the girls could surround and followed him like that. Perhaps he hasnt had many fans yet, so the security is not too tight
  14. Thanks LOL ..the fan sounds so excited and happy. And those girls were following him . Seriously, he is indeed very tall. The girls looked short compared to him. Hahaha yeah, my friend is a long time fan of him, so she knows a lot about his rumor. I've also heard that celebrities usually attend private events / parties of travel overseas, so that they wont be surrounded by fans
  15. Yeah, it's they same with K actors. I used to watch some K dramas and sometimes I've seen pics of food truck that was being sent by fans to the shooting location. If the actor was new (hence, he hasnt had many fans), then fans would still collect money to buy some gifts, but they chose smaller ones . My friend also once told me that there was an actor who broke up with his gf, because his fans didnt like her and kept on terrorizing her
  16. I'm always amazed on how fans could get the detail of the flights . I think it happens too to K star, dont you think so? Yeah, I agree about buying food for the stars. They were willing to gather money to buy food or something for their idols. I've also read many news about this that makes me shaking my head . Sometimed I pity these stars for not having their freedom.
  17. Actually, I'm amazed if fans can be that close to him to take a clear picture. I wonder whether the video when he was shy was taken by his fan or not, because it seems spontaneous.
  18. I think his airport-fashion is still simple. It's usually all black with jaket, then scarf. It's not too fancy and I like it, because I prefer guys to wear simple clothes to travel . Feels more natural And he said that his legs were 1 m . Probably he never thought that the interviewer would measure it for real *LOL*
  19. I have to google the size of A4. So the length of his feet only is more than 1 meter?
  20. You are multi-novel-reading too. I guess that we are reading the same you-know-what and other different material for each
  21. I know what you are guessing ..but that's just one of the things that I'm reading
  22. Hi! I didnt know that there was this forum, thanks! But I havent continued reading again
  23. Apparently, no *LOL* But I saw a clip about dramas that are going to air in 2019, and this drama was one of them, just like @angelangie said We just have to wait
  24. Hi! I havent been here for a long time. Is this OT if I ask this : so Zhao Ge is never going to air? Hi, @raziela! Yeah, sometimes I rewatch a drama in viki just for the timed comments. They are hillarious sometimes
  25. Let us support each other and adapt to the beggar costume . Just hope that this will turn out great I love all of his long jacket
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