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  1. In Liu Haoran's fanpage, there was a pic of them standing together, and it was said that CFY was 190 cm there. It was more believable, considering the difference of their heights seemed to be more than 3 cm (LHR was 185 cm). I even felt that the difference was more than 5cms, but I thought that it was because of the shoes that they were wearing. Hahaha now I know why. I cant pretend that he is 188cm, coz the difference is too big . I remember that Mo Shan Shan had to jump to kiss him *LOL* . Let's see how tall he is compared to Dylan Xiong in LoA, because DX is 188 cm (unless if DX also lied about his height ) . I actually like introvert and shy guys, hahaha. I dont think he had problems with chemistry MSS and YHY, while I never heard about him being close to them on the set. Still, yeah ..I hope these traits wont be a barrier for him in dramas.
  2. Oh my ..190 cm was 2 years ago? Are you sure that he was 190 cm, because -> "today he found that there were 190 cm or more" I hope he wont reach 2 m when he is 20 yrs old, hahahahaha. Yeah, I'm sure that he is already more than 190 cm now. He is an active healthy boy, and doesnt he like sports too? I dont believe that he hasnt grown more in the past 2 years. It was also funny when he said that he didnt want to become fat anymore, and OYN suspected that what he meant was he didnt want to grow anymore. From the interview above, CFY said that he was too tall. I wonder whether he was joking or he really meant it . Awwww Yeah, they looked comfortable with each other. They should be quite close, because like they said, CFY was an introvert and rather shy . He doesnt make the effort to get to know about someone, while SYR is outgoing. And it is funny about her taking and keeping selfies of her in any position, while he prefer to have his pics while doing something hahaha.
  3. Thanks, @epinklyn! I'm curious about this drama. I really like LHR's version, and it's not easy to top that. I read some people saying that they didnt understand why CFY took this project, because LHR's version was already very good. I think, perhaps, he just wanted to try his best, and he could still ask LHR how to do it. Anyway, after watching CFY's pics and BTS, I feel that ..wow..CFY is really big and tall, isnt he? Yes, I've known that he was tall since the beginning but somehow I just realize now that he is REALLY big and tall. He didnt look that big in EN, but in BTS, he looked like a giant next to SYR and he was taller and bigger than the rest of the guys I once checked that Dylan Xiong (in Legend of Awakening) was 188 cm, so perhaps he should be as big and tall as CFY? Although, I read on twitter than CFY is 190 cm now (he has grown *LOL*), but there shouldnt be big difference in term of height and body .
  4. OMG, thank you for translating this, @angelangie! They are so funny . And CFY looked so BIG and TALL near SYR, but he still said that she was heavy *LOL* Anyway, I just knew about this thread
  5. That should be filmed after EN, but it was already planned since a year / more before that. I remember that I read the news about it before I knew about EN, because I liked With You Liu Hao Ran's version and was wondering who the actor was, who acted on his part. That't was cute *LOL* . They were acting like kids behind the camera, hahaha.
  6. I've been searching for it. It was short, just him pinching her cheek and she slapped him in return. But I havent seen her throwing a snow ball at him. They really look like Tom and Jerry, arent they?
  7. Sometimes fans can be too crazy toward their idols, like fans of Kpop idols. In my case, I just browse a lot to find infos about actors that I like. I dont even attend a fan meeting, like what my friend did when her idol came to her country .
  8. I see, thanks! Hmmm..it seems that CFY and his bro have US citizenship. Please cmiiw, if someone is born there and, at least, one of their parents have a US citizenship, then they'll automatically be a US citizen. CKG has US citizenship. Isnt that 'With You' the movie?
  9. Hahaha, you have my respect! My friend took her post-graduate while working. Her office was near home, but everytime I asked her, she always said that she was tired . I wanted to take one, but I had to do it on weekend because I often went OT, like almost every day. Perhaps my determination wasnt strong enough, so I cancelled it . I got my attention diverted at a wrong topic, because I'm surprised that C netizens got to see the pic of his passport. Oh my ..where did they get it from? Regarding his choice of major/univ, I'm curious as well. I wonder whether he'll take drama or business, like his brother.
  10. Oh so it is taken down? But I heard that some people have watched it until it's finished. Does it become a web drama instead, or is that romance part already edited out?
  11. Ah, you are right. Despite being more accustomed on screen, he also got acquainted with SYR first. That's why their chemistry looked natural, because they've spent time to know each other first. Oh, SYR is taking her master degree? That's cool! I always admire people who are studying while working at the same time, because it is too tiring for me. And it's good to hear that she and CFY consider their educations important and keep on pursuing them.
  12. Perhaps it's due to the fact that Secret Fruit was his 1st movie and he was still shy to be in front of camera. From several videos with OYN, he was still very stiff , and sometimes looked nervous. He was even stiff in the MV of him-her singing together. Yeah, his BTS with SYR are cute. I dont watch all of them, but I watched the one where she slapped him because he kept on pinching her cheeck *LOL*. So impolite ..considering that she was way older, hahaha Thanks! The thing that I really notice is how tall he is compared to the girl besides him *LOL* I think he is not good at being cute either *LOL*.
  13. I think it's because he is very tall, while his mom is very pretty and quite famous as well, so they attract people's attention despite wearing ordinary clothes . He also has very good eyebrows, and people can still see a handsome boy behind the cover. Yeah, it should be easy to guess. Same here. I've always had problems with male dresses for fashion shows. Simple are better for men, that is my principal *LOL*.
  14. My problem with ZWJ is also the same as you, guys . Actually, his characters are more realistic and closer to a normal guy in real life, but I cant help to be annoyed whenever I see him wavering between those girls . Actually, all girls in the story are more decisive than him :P. I always feel that, if the situation didnt force him to, then he wouldnt (be able to?) decide which one that he likes the most. Yup, I also like (and dislike) HSDS 09 with Deng Chao because he felt more decisive and mature then the other versions. It feels like Zhao Min is trying hard to seduce him , because he is just so cool and charismatic. Ady An is lovely and badass, and she is one of my fave Zhao Min. Yup, I agree that she is one of the best things in that version. The problem is I dont think ZZR has an equal charisma with her, so everyone will surely root for ZM all the way. Othet than that, the special effect and fighting scenes were cool, but there is something that I dont like with the directing style, so I dont feel emotionally invested in this. I like ZZR in Alec Su's version . She is very elegant and classy. Yup, the action scenes are pretty bad there. Still, the non action parts are pretty good ..although some are too dramatic @40somethingahjumma, Steve Ma's version? The only things that I like are ZZR and Yang Xiao there .
  15. Hiii @40somethingahjumma, how are you doing? Yup, I also want them to use the older ending, not the new one. Love the old ending better. In my case, this is actually my least fave out of the trilogy. But, I love the fighting scenes, especially : Well, there others ..but those are my most favourites. I also hope that they wont use too much slow motion, like the matrix style. I saw some like that in the trailer.
  16. You're right . I think it doesnt suit him either Thanks! The kitchen utensils looked nice ..
  17. I'm curious about Leon Lai too . Yeah, I'm also disturbed by some comments *LOL*. That's also why I decided to stay away from EN 2, because I want to be in peace . Well, I still check on the news sometimes, but not often . I've also read that comments about Shen Yue, hahahahaha. Not that I didnt see it coming, but still . So predictable. Yeah, it seems that he baked them himself! I also didnt realize it until someone said that there was a video of him baking a cheescake .I watched it and he did make one until it's finished! I just learned to make one, and I was like,"Damn ..I just learn how to do it and he already did the step-by-step exactly like how I was taught?" . I feel awful ..
  18. @mei2018, @caranita, ohhhh ..okay thanks. I went back to check and I found it, sorry Sigh ..whatever . I dont think she even bother to check the posts below that or asking around on the internet. People like that don't deserve this attention
  19. Hi, @mei2018 . Is that an old post ? I just checked the new posts, and I didn't see it. Anyway, in my case, saying him being irresponsible is baseless, because he never signed any contract for Season 2 yet (well, that's what I read on the internet. Please cmiiw ). If they wish him to fail, then so be it . Things will go back to themselves, if they wrongly accuse an innocent person
  20. From what I've been reading about him, I'm 90% sure that he is a perfectionist . If he has blood type A, then it's confirmed *LOL - a person with blood type A is usually a perfectionist*
  21. He will be stressed if he is dating a girl who has a habit of coming late *LOL* . But because he is patient, then perhaps he'll prepare something to do while waiting for her next time .
  22. I think his time management is really something . He seems to be quite strict with himself, and have a strong will. I have a friend who is kinda like that, but I think CFY is even worse
  23. Thanks a lot for the article, @caranita Wow ..he is very mature. And he was still 17 years old when he was doing this interview, right? Really .. really has my respect here. This is something that I can not do well either . My schedule is a mess *LOL* .. and I've been trying for yeaaaarrss . I'm so envy with anyone who can do that, and CFY is still a teenager It's not easy to handle elders, and only softhearted people like handling little kids. But he seems to be a very patient boy, so perhaps he wont have problems with charity works like that. Yes, I agree with you, @caranita. He can be a producer or a director. He should be able to manage things well and to plan ahead. His way of thinking is also methodically . I really love this part : "No matter what career you are in, you must first feed yourself. If there is extra money, the first will honor the parents, the second will help some people who need help, from a young age to see Mom and Dad doing charity, I think I will do the same." Not every young people think about their elders and charity when they have money, seriously. His parents have taught him well. I hope his brother has the same way of thinking. And love this part too : When I am with my family and friends, I will definitely not use my mobile phone to brush my friends circle and Weibo Btw, I like all of his clothes, here
  24. I've never watched dramas of his mom . From the pics, he has a lot of similarities with her Well, actually everything can happen in dramas . All secret agents are handsome and and pretty there. I just thought that CFY was also very tall, so it would be harder to mingle around and try to look 'ordinary' *LOL*. Yet, I agree with you that he can be good as anything.
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