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  1. I believe that Commander Gu will be there, as the ancestor. He is loved by the viewers, so it's a loss if he is not in. But I dont understand why they are going back to the Tang dynasty? Isnt that before the timeline of Wuxin 1? Wait..in that case : Perhaps Wuxin goes back in time, because : Yeah..I dont understand, how come she was a guy? I thought that she was a girl dressed as one . In my case, I dont mind if Wuxin is in a Republican or a modern timeline, as long as the story is good and the devil girl is a real girl
  2. I read somewhere that DE's acting was mature, like someone way beyond her age, and she was considered as one of the talented young actress. That makes me really curious of her. I'm expecting to see her more than Cheng Xiao, although the later is the bigger idol. I have some similarities with OYNN. I fall asleep easily everywhere *LOL* . But I used to be a gamer . My big bro used to drag me to play PS with him (because my sister wouldnt ), and we usually played combat, action or RPG, hahaha. Thanks @epinklyn , @caranita for the article about Director Yang Yang. Yeah, CFY's perserverance is admirable. And I'm glad that Director YY has a great taste
  3. Perhaps because he is introvert and quiet, then he likes to be with an outgoing girl. I notice that too in real life, where usually quiet guys like to be cheerful girls. That's in the link given by @caranita below Hahaha yeah. Probably the prod team thought,"This kid is big and strong. Let's give him 2 boys instead". LOL. That should be more challenging, hahaha.
  4. Weird. LOCH 2017 was also aired in mainland first, then in tvb. I wonder why they delayed the mainland schedule. Are they airing other drama in return?
  5. Me too . I also fast forward S2 to their scenes, but there werent many (or perhaps I missed them?), and they were not as good as S1. I love their enemy chemistry too.
  6. Thanks! Wahh..I wont be surprised if they end up dating one day. They have many things in common. Both like simple wears, are kinda 'old souls in young bodies', close to their families, love music and even idolize the same person. They have their differences too, but they seem to be in sync with each other. CFY is really a quiet kid and dont talk much. It seems that he becomes more talkative after he shoots several movies and meet more people, like OYN, SYR . And I'm actually surprised that he doesnt like to play games . , because he seems to enjoy his time alone, and I thought that playing games should be one of the things that he liked to do
  7. I dont know, that's what I've been wondering too *sigh* I read articles saying that the production team discussed Lu Ping-Su Tang relationship with Butterfly Blue, whether it was love or not ? In the end, they decided that it was a relationship that was more than love. It was stronger than life and death, something like that .. I forgot. So, I wonder whether they interpreted their relationship as a family one, so they have to add some romance to Lu Ping through Qin Sang. But, some novel readers feel that it is indeed love between LP-ST, where there is only LP for ST and vice versa, so they don't want that to change in the drama. Yeah, I dunno why they cast such a young actress to the drama. Perhaps because they want her as a sister? Sigh . I really like DE. She is so cute and natural.
  8. I only watched Wuxin 2 in fast forward mode, because it hasn't been subbed at that time. I think the 1st one is better. But, I will check if there's the 3rd part. Basically I want to see Wuxin and that devil lady (forgot her name) fighting again
  9. Yes, it is photoshopped. I thought that it was a pic of CFY and DE doing rehearsal , but when I watched more, the sunglasses was photoshopped. They were shooting in real. The height gap is really cute . Yeah, I wonder. I once read an article saying something like 'his height was 190 cm, but he didnt admit it' *LOL* . Perhaps because the official statement is 188 cm, so most websites still write it as one . Let's see how it is when he is standing besides the 188cm Dylan Xiong in LoA later *LOL* . LoA has their lead guys towering everyone , right? Yeah, young love romance . It's funny reading them
  10. And he is still taller, eventhough she already uses a platform Why oh why does the staff have to add a sunglasses on him? Is that the part when she measured his height and found out that he was lying ? There are a lot of rumors that CFY likes Nana in C sites *LOL* . He once promoted her video in his weibo too, and some fans wondered whether they were going out or not, based on what they were saying ..hahaha. Ahh but too bad I forgot where I read that from I think someone here ( @epinklyn ? ) once said that CFY expected girls for his variety show (that Superman C version), because he didn't have any female sibling at home. I wonder, perhaps that's why he loves to tease his female partners in the set . Sometimes he was acting like my big bro was toward me (when he was his age), when he teased DE .
  11. Oww .. I see Okay, I never put attention to any of those *LOL* Agree on this! Or a trailer Or .. gifs are okay, but no blinks and icons
  12. Wow... Really? I never noticed that. I rarely wait until the end credit, but when I do, I never notice such a thing LOL I didnt like LP' hair style at first, but when the BTS video and official pics were out , I really like it . It makes him feel more mature and refined, and classic (I like a classic style). So yeah, I like both NQ-LP style. They are just different. Well..this is just based on pics on BTS videos. We'll see later in the drama
  13. NQ in the long hair style? I Iike that one too . I dont understand why he looked younger in that hair style, but he looked more mature in Lu Ping hair style, while both are long hair. Perhaps Lu Ping looked more mature because of the costume, which is a classic style for men in wuxia.
  14. Yesss ..ancient wuxia clothing. Hahaha...I think he is really suitable for traditional style . Some people looked too modern for that, but not CFY.
  15. As for permanent residence, there are some criterias for applying in China, but I dont know whether he can fit it in one of those or not (there is 'living with family' , like for spouse or minor / senior people . He is already an adult now). I wonder about it too
  16. Yes..kudos to the investigators. What sharp eyes that you have *LOL*. I didnt pay attention on what he was holding, hahaha. I just googled and it was said that Chinese didnt allow dual citizenship . So if he is still an American citizen, he cant be a Chinese citizen too. Please cmiiw
  17. I see Yeah, he is a foreigner, alright. Anyway, thanks for the pics! Love his ordinary casual style. He looked so ordinary, didnt look like a celebrity at all..and I hope he stays that way IMHO, I think he is handsome with more manly look/aura, not the pretty type like what most actors have. And he is very tall, so when he is dressed up in layered traditional clothing, he looked bigger and more mature (usually people looked more mature in traditional clothing and style). There is also his natural charisma, which makes him looked older than his age.
  18. Oh I see Sorry I havent had time to watch the newest video. But having one in a wallet is actually a good idea, as long as the handwriting is good *LOL* . It feels like having an authentic material from a celebrity . Yeah, CFY and DE are very mature. If I didnt know about them, then I would think that he was 21-23, while DE was around 17 yrs old. Usually people with mature appearence also have mature personalities. At least that's what I see in real life. I read somewhere that DE's acting was mature too, so I'm curious to watch her.
  19. Well...I've always tried to think that he is an 18 years old boy ..although sometimes that doesnt work Seriously? Did CFY give his autograph to fans on their handphones ?
  20. @epinklyn, thanks for the pics! CFY really doesnt like to take selfies, does he? His 'selfies' are all not good, IMHO ..or not aiming at his face or something. But I like it . I honestly dont really like it if a guy is showing selfies of himself . I dont like that myself either
  21. There is no way that CFY was 188cm , based on pic of him with 2nd Brother . And, is he not standing straight in that pic? His body seems to be tilted to the side a bit. It should be edited into : 190 cm (at least)
  22. Here , in the middle. What do you think? Is the difference more than 5 cms? https://liuhaoranarchives.blogspot.com/2018/07/who-are-liu-hao-rans-friends-and.html?m=1 2ndBro is 188cm? Hahaha it's fixed then. He should be at least 190 cm in 2017-2018 .
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