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  1. Wait .. Sophie Zang was Guo Xiang in ROCH 2014, wasn't she ? I like her there. She was very sweet . Thanks for the pics, @epinklyn! Yeah, CFY looks like in a happy mood, doesn't he ? I like the pic when he was running ( it's the last one in the spoiler tag ): He looked very happy . This is the time when he looked like his age, hahaha . Probably he is excited to go back to school. And I wanted to laugh when he was being interviewed. There were so many microphones *LOL* .. He was holding all of them, but then the reporters took several back because he couldn't hold that many properly, hahaha. Like, seriously .. he was not shooting anything, but there had been that many reporters waiting. I kinda feel bad for him for not having his freedom. LOL .. that is possible Some time ago, there was a rumor of CFY would star in an remake of a Japanese movie. After a while, there was an article saying that the news was fake. So, yeah .. in this case, we should wait and see . If it's not a fake news, then perhaps it's still in the level of negotiating / preparation, and things can still change.
  2. Wow .. Ahhhh, I hope the PD also created ROCH . Well, if it's him, then I feel more confident about this .
  3. Yeah, especially at the scene when he is with a lot of people, you can see that he really stands out. And in the 1st video, Deng Enxi has to use a platform again to match the 2 guys
  4. Thanks! Where do u check the upcoming projects? I checked LHR's and CFY's upcoming projects in Douban, and this drama hasnt been listed either. Perhaps it's because everything is still unofficial, so it hasnt been listed in anyone's projects (havent checked CKG's page, though) Well, yeah..let's wait until everything is official. Things can still be changed later. Oh ..wow Yeah, I hope it wont be a bloody one. This should be a kinda dark, emotional, sad movie, not the fluffy light-hearted one. I also hope that it wont be too violent.
  5. @angelangie, those are cool , thanks! They made group photos of each clan. They looked amazing. And, the Mongolian prince (ZM's dad) looked great.
  6. Agree! Too many freezed moments - matrix style. The fighting scenes looked awesome, actually ...so I hope that they reduce those slow motions in the drama. LOCH 2017 also suffered the same thing in the beginning, and they toned them down after that.
  7. Hahahaha I have to recheck that scene. I honestly didnt notice anything weird . It's probably because I had been waiting for him to confront her himself, then he did ..so I didnt notice anything else
  8. I was going to give u a sad emoticon, but I changed my mind at the last sentence . Are u sure it's not because of his original skin? *LOL - is this detail even worthy to be discussed* Btw, I wonder whether the last scene that was taken was the one from epi 45 (?). That's the costume when he hugged SS in the kitchen.
  9. Thanks! Nice trailer ..It has too many slow motion in the fighting scenes in the fighting scenes and ZWJ is very ..pretty. Well, the overall looked nice. Strangely I'm looking forward for ZZR and SQS more, just because their fighting scenes looked cool.
  10. Well..I was thinking of how to hide his eyebrows. I once wore a glasses with black frame, and my friends said that I looked different ..so perhaps that'll work. But the problem with CFY is more to his height, like u said . That makes him standing out, so people will pay attention to him more and finally recognize him.
  11. U guys .. ..Well, it IS kinda obvious Well..perhaps he can use a black mask, instead of a white one next time...like the guy in front of him, although I dont know whether that'll help or not. Then use a glasses, like clark kent *LOL* ..with black frame
  12. Thanks! "Although Arthur tried not to bring attention to himself while on line, reporters spotted him waiting in a big black coat and a white mask. " Who wouldnt recognize him with 190 cm tall and nice eyebrows? .
  13. Thanks! Heee?? Cencorship? Is it forbidden to have a ghost story in a modern era?
  14. Let's just hope that it will indeed air in 2019. I just wish that they do their best in the post production. Aim for the quality , instead of forcing themselves to air quickly. That's a great news, thanks!
  15. LOL ..dunno which one is right The latest news is in 2019, but before that, the news is on 2020. Let's wait until it's confirmed. Personally, I hope that it's in 2019, after Novoland
  16. Actually, some people are wondering why a good handsome actor like him often become a 2nd lead. He has the qualification to be a lead, but he is mostly not (although he already has several dramas with him as one). I think studying in Beijing is the best for his current condition, if he is serious in becoming an actor. Meaning, he doesn't take it as a side job. He has a lot of prospect projects, so it's easier to manage his schedules between study and work here. Improving his acting is a way to increase his value. IMHO, unless he is planning to work in a corporation , he can still study again later someday. I'm actually wondering whether he has planned this since he said that he wanted to be an actor.
  17. It's hard to avoid popularity for someone like him. If he doesnt like one, then perhaps he can choose to be a 2nd lead, like what Qiao Zhenyu used to do (then again, wont he be too stand out as one?) . Or he can work in a serious project in the future, instead of young popular ones like what he is currently taking. Well, that needs time.
  18. He looked so young *LOL*. How old is he here? Finally..he has a selfie that looks good
  19. Yeah. What I meant was, Wuxin could be in any timeline, with or without time travelling. However, YQL's time was started at the Qing dynasty, so how could she be in a timeline before that? Yeah. What I meant was, Wuxin could be in any timeline, with or without time travelling. However, YQL's time was started at the Qing dynasty, so how could she be in a timeline before that?
  20. Are we still not allowed to have a travel back in time? Well, Wuxin is an immortal from who knows when, so he can be in whatever timeline is available. But we know when YQL is 'born', so I cant think of other scenario . Actually, we can have YQL's ancestor with the same name *LOL* . Yeah, I'm curious on how creative the scriptwriter can be
  21. Ahh, I see. Thanks! Hmmm ... so anything can happen then If the Tang is before the Qing dynasty, then I'm guessing that she and Wuxin both travel back in time.
  22. Actually, I understand if he is not showing up. Probably he is busy, probably he is tired, or probably he just needs some privacy. Celebrities are human too like us, and they need a life as well , or some time to be alone. LOL.. it's from @caranita post, here :P. There is not much about OYNN measuring CFY, just a few seconds, I think .. . Eh, I dont think we are allowed to quote a video, so you can get it in her original post
  23. Dramapanda also said that it was gonna be in Tang Dynasty http://www.dramapanda.com/2019/02/monster-killer-cast-begin-filming-for.html Perhaps what @angelangie meant was About Mike, I read people's posts saying that he shouldnt have appeared in Wuxin 1 (aka he appeared too quickly). Dunno, I've never read the novel. I'm guessing that he'll appear again, since he appeared in S2 too. And I wish we'll have the story about Wuxin's origin
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