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  1. Hiii Hey, thanks for the concern! Sorryyy, havent been able to post a lot. Things are quite hectic at work since last week. I have a project, but the schedule was changed and I have several deadlines here, ( coz that's not the only things that I have to dooo ). Soo .. Yeahhh I've been chasing deadlines over deadlines, Bye..I'm hiding again!
  2. I havent watched this properly, just randomly watched some parts. Since the original story is basically the same, it's not hard to follow this one. Little Wujis are all cute. The mature ZWJ kinda looked too healthy for a supposed to be sickly ZWJ . Still, he looked great, though. I've only watched one fighting scene (Yang Xiao in epi 12), and I agree that they overdid it with the slow motions. Too bad, coz the fighting choreography looked great . They should reduce that in the future.
  3. IIRC, LHR had to be so skinny for his role in Demon Cat, so that he would look great in his costume. He also looked thin in NIF 2, and I read somewhere that it was because he just slimmed his body for his previous project (was it Demon Cat?)
  4. They(Lu Ping - Su Tan should be the OTP in the novel, while Cheng Xiao (Qin Sang) has a one-sided love for him. But in the drama, I dont know anymore
  5. Yeah agree LOL ..if there is some romance between DE-CFY, then probably it'll be more like brother-sister who protect and sacrifice for each other. I dont mind, though .
  6. Ohh no wonder. That's scary ...receiveng the script on the spot and act right away. I'm sure that he has practiced a lot before this. And yeah, it's better to come early when his mind is still fresh . Waiting will make you feel more nervous Is there still another test after this?
  7. Yessss that's how I feel too. Personally, I feel that DE's aura matches more with CFY than CX-CFY. And in the novel, the pairing is Lu Ping-Su Tang , so it fits. It's still confusing to me. This should be the press conference of LoA. Lu Ping is with Su Tang, while Qin Shang is with Xifan . Usually, a pair should be put together right? Well, I'm pretty sure that QS is not with Xifan, but I just dont understand why they didnt put Lu Ping with Qin Shang if she was the FL / love interest. So, probably it's like what @epinklyn said about love-hate relationship and soulmate
  8. Eh? Seriously..I'm SO untidy *LOL* ..but that's what I would do. . Perhaps because that's how my Mom has taught me (yes, she is the tidy one ). Even if it's only 1 document, then I'll use a folder map. If there are several ones, then I'll arrange them in order the night before, so I dont have to go through them all to find the a specific one :D. It's because I dont want to be bothered by small things in the important day Anyway, yay for My Best Summer!
  9. Actually, I'm a bit surprised that he is the only one who does that . I'm not the tidiest person in the world, but I wouls do the same thing to my documents. Thanks! Well, it's an important day! Kinda reminds me when I took the test for university entrance. I was so nervous too and slept early before that. Awwww good luck
  10. I like her too. She looks cute and natural, and more mature than her age. Cheng Xiao is also very pretty, though. They are all gorgeous girls with different vibes.
  11. Thanks for the updates, @epinklyn! Jiahhh ..if I were him, then I would be nervous because of being disturbed by reporters before tests. Cant they do that after the test is done? Seriously ..the kid needs to concentrate. Luckily, it seems that he has already used to receive such attention.
  12. Yeah .. It's actually still unclear to me, since there are also BTSs of them (LP-QS) fighting. So, we have to see later
  13. Yessss this is it!!! Thank youu for finding it. They are funny, arent there?? It's really a junior bullying the senior . These pics really dont feel right. He looked so serious, but he was holding a pig toy Yeah..this promotion is interesting. It doesnt give a vibe as an idol drama, does it? It feels like a reminiscence of your school era. I'm really curious about this now I have a friend at work who was almost similar. One day, he was coming to my desk to chat. The next thing he did was tidying up my phone cable *LOL* .
  14. I thought that I saw an article dayung that he was in Japan? But I forgot where I read it thought. Yeah..it's better to wait until it's official, or probably check his fanpage to be sure.
  15. I think this is about Detective Chinatown the series (not the movies). I've read a long time ago that Cheng Sicheng was planning to make a series/drama version of Detective Chinatown, and he offered a part to Cheng Xiao. But, I didn't remember reading about Liu Haoran being there too.
  16. Ergh .. when Ghost was a hit, CFY hasnt even born yet. Eh, but he loved watching old movies .. so perhaps he got some inspirations from there *LOLOLOL* . Perfect muscles .. yeah, perhaps he'll get perfect finger muscles
  17. I watch this in fast forward for the action scenes and OTP and the pretty pics/colors. I dont understand what's going on
  18. Hahaha you're right, I meant pottery *LOL*. Sorryyy, I was in a hurry when I posted that I also dont understand why you should train ur muscles using pottery, probably it's just effective for fingers and hand muscles (noo, that's not supposed to be romantic! ) . Perhaps he just loves doing something unique so is making some excuses for that .
  19. I also heard that it would air this week, so let's see whether it is true or not
  20. @caranita, LOL at Dad making CFY learning through the chaos, hahaha. I agree with him. Being used to chaos will make you be able to adjust to a harsh environment, like delayed schedule, sudden changes, etc2. I read some article saying that CKG described him as 'order madness', like he arranged his clothes neatly/in order, and he put the alarm clock in a certain position . He is also a perfectionist (we were right, girls! ) , that is, he strives for excellence when doing something (erasing his writing, then writes again, IIRC) . And ..the article also said that he likes poetry *LOL* , in order to control the muscles in his hands. He is really unique
  21. LoL..I didnt notice the flag . Oh ..he was able to hold them all, but some station TV/website names were covered, so the reporters took them back . Yeah, he was very polite and patient . I think he was kinda nervous and/excited (because he wasnt as quiet as he usually was in other interviews) , but he still looked calm . I want him to be an antagonist too, hahaha. Then again, I prefer him and LHR to be brothers / close friends, with LHR as the wise one, while he was the emotional/careless one ..hahaha. The reason is just because LHR is older, so he should be a big bro About whether he is ready or not, I think he is okay to be an antagonist. He can learn more too by playing different types of charactee I love that pic too . Luckily he hasnt become a Beijing student yet while shooting EN. Otherwise, perhaps he wouldnt bully her because she was his senior
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