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  1. Oh wow I didn’t know Lady Gaga is PMY’s favourite. I saw her concert in Las Vegas before and she was amazing! Glad to know I share at least a bit of same interest with PMY .
  2. A revengeful character would be interesting! I remember the imagination scene in HPL where she’s pointing a gun to Dir Eom in the hospital because she felt betrayed. She was so good in that scene that I thought she should have a drama with serious dark theme I’ll really be happy if she’ll have another project again this year whatever genre she chooses. It’s good though that she has new cfs and magazine pictorials to tide us over until then.
  3. I love her new Klug endorsement vid and pictures! She looks so gorgeous in very simple makeup. Her beauty glows within. Is she still in the US? Hope she’s enjoying her vacation time. I’m really not familiar with the directors & writers but hopefully she’d be able to team up with great ones. Yes, movie for her please! I’m actually hoping she can portray a single mother role. I know she’s still young but I think this will be a good break from romance-centric project. For me, I actually like rom-com as it’s my stress-reliever but I don’t really watch a lot of kdramas unless it’s PMY...lol. So I really enjoyed WWWSK and HPL. My fav still are Healer, SKKS, and QF7D.
  4. Agree with MTP! The chemistry is just natural. Can’t blame the fans wishing for her to end with her leads. I also want that type of project for her (no romance angle). That’s why I’m looking forward to Busted S2 because it’s a nice break for her and shipper fans . I badly want a movie for her too! Why is it she only has 1?
  5. Oh please let them release the 2nd season. They’re done filming it since Dec I think. I’m excited with her interaction w/ LSG. And I just need to have PMY back on the screen again...lol.
  6. PMY was so cute in that vid. She couldn’t even get a ticket for her own fan meet . I hope she’ll have more Vlogs in the future. She’s just adorable and charming.
  7. PMY looks so lovely wearing comfortable clothes for her travel. Glad to see new pics on a Wed where I normally await for a new ep of HPL for the past 2 mos. I haven’t been active here lately as I was spending more time reading and posting on the HPL thread. I’ve really enjoyed watching HPL incl the bts where I saw she was having so much fun despite the tight filming schedule. Thank you PMY for accepting this project and working so hard. PMY has once again endeared herself to me by her loveable portrayal of Seong DokMi. She’s such a versatile actress, great at creating her character as her own and have superb chemistry with her partner. To be honest, I love all her partnership with her male leads (sometimes even more with the 2nd lead like YAI and LDG) so each of her dramas is special to me in their own way. Now I’m adding KJW on the list I’m now looking forward to her next project. Hoping they’ll release Busted S2 soon. I appreciated her Busted family more especially JS, LSG & Sehun as they’ve shown great support during HPL shooting. Glad she has this type of friends/family in the industry. @Pmyonly I liked the gif you used...lol. I felt having the same reaction every time I’d come across such comments.
  8. Ohhh cutie Geon Woo! Because of him, I wish PMY’s next role will be a mom or a teacher. Anything that would let her be more involved with kids. Kid actors in Kdramas are just so adorable aside from being talented at a young age. When SJ announced her second pregnancy, I was thinking what if her and DM will be pregnant at the same time...lol. These bff will surely have fun fangirling while preggy but may worry their dear husbands to death . Dear fanfic writers, can you include this scenario please?lol
  9. I like this list as well. So well thought of. If I may add, the part where DM was trying to learn more about Ryan as an artist by researching on the art scene from where he came from parallels the time where Ryan signed up on the fan cafe to learn more about DM as a fan/SNG.
  10. Thank you all once again for the fast recaps, screencaps, gifs and insights on Ep15. I haven’t watched it yet but I’m glad our beloved couple came out unscathed from the whole ordeal. Now we can look forward to more enjoyable things for the finale. @tinymel I liked your view on the whole childhood trope. It’s a different take and a fresh perspective. I really don’t have big issue with all the tropes. Probably because I’m an easy to please viewer or perhaps because of the actors’ portrayal or I read the rom-com manual so I know how to manage my expectations...lol. But seriously all these tropes won’t take away the enjoyment I got from watching our couple develop and nurture their love. Arm-chair critics can tear apart the plot all they want but at the end of the day, it’s hard to deny HPL has provided one of the best couple in kdrama.
  11. @NaYouSabi? Your posts are brilliant! If I can give you all the positive icons, I will. I’m loving and hilariously laughing at the scripts you’ve put in the screen shots/gifs. And I agree on how amazing SDM is and glad you shared your POV on EG because I have the same thoughts as well. I’m looking forward to the rest of your posts.
  12. So the lion knows how to apply lipstick too?! And he seems to enjoying doing it. That Soompi list for a perfect kdrama bf needs to be updated! Was it a case of ‘since he took it off, he needs to help her put it back on?’ These two are just adorable and perfect for each other. I can’t even entertain the idea of separation for them.
  13. MinYoung, please take pity on KJW. You caressing his nape & ear is not helping. I can’t tell if his reddish tone is now his natural skin tone . Loved the bts!
  14. Thoughts on Ep14: - I remember someone on this thread got disappointed at DM for not rushing to RG’s side after getting a call from an earlier ep. Well you got your wish here. She just needed to install the gps . Poor Ryan, he’s starting to get beaten up by DM a lot of times now..lol. Love seeing Ryan’s fussy hair. He looks so damned fine! - happy to see SJ & SM being able to fix their relationship. They deserve another chance. SM realizing how he fell in love with SJ’s smile is a good start. - I’ve really warmed up to SA’s character for the last couple of ep. His desire to help his mom was touching. He wanted his mom to open up to him and realize that he’s now a grown man whom she can rely on. - glad to see RG confronting his mom for the truth and that he didn’t fully believed her at first. That’s a realistic reaction for him. He needed time to process everything & get another insight (which is of course from DM). It’s really hard to forgive the mom even if she didn’t intentionally abandon him. - I know EG is not a fav character in here but as I’ve said before I’m all good with him so I was happy when he decided to ‘return’ as DM’s friend. He really just needed the time to accept and move forward. Their relationship will always be special and it’s nice to see their banter again. DM needed her old ‘punching bag’ again so she won’t have to use her lion Sidenote: PMY looks so youthful in her get-up. - Oh My Gosh! This phrase when uttered by our resident crazy Dir Eom was just hilarious. Can’t stop myself from laughing so I had to repeat again & again. A good break from the emotional scenes. I just love to hate her - i was in awe at how the little boy in the painting was slowly revealed! At first it seems like all bubbles again but as the mom turned around, there he was... YJ, her beloved son. Those happy memories finally came back to Ryan. He can now believe that he was loved. Great scene! - the scene between DM and SA is so cute! I want more of this esp now that they may be family soon! How lucky can she get?! It’ll be fun seeing their interactions in the future. I do wonder if SA knows her other identity. I’m hoping for a scene where they’ll celebrate DM’s bday and SA will be invited as Ryan’s brother. The guests of course will be her family - her parents, bff-SJ, EG and HJ (she’s kind of semi-adopted now right?)! I’ll bet each guests’ reaction will be hilarious. Three fansite masters plus their idol in a close setting will be fun! - Lol at the face of DM when she said no to the makgeolli place because Ryan was heavy when drunk. She really seems dominant in their relationship Glad that HJ is now part of the office staff. She brings life to the party with her frank remarks! I love her now (actually 2 ep ago)! Lol - last scene - this was my wish after the hand tracing session last week so I was excited when I saw the prev stills. I’ll gush again at PMY’s beautiful silhouette! That messy bun was just perfect for her And I was so mesmerised seeing Ryan concentrating on his tracing. I mean how hot can he get?! I wished this scene has gone much longer. Isn’t it a great coincidence that KJW is a lefty doing this scene w/ PMY. Him being on the left side allowed PMY to show her left-side angle as she always favors this side of hers. A right-handed man can still draw the silhouette but it’ll slightly be a bit awkward from that position or he would’ve blocked the shadow (not sure if I’m making any sense...lol). Anyway, that declaration of love between our two lovers is . DM shedding a single tear shows how great the emotion she’s feeling at that moment. What a great scene!
  15. I’m a big PMY fan but not since ancient times (lol at the term). I’ve seen 5 of her dramas though and I’m always at awe at her acting. She can easily cry like a river (SKKS & 7DQ) or be charming/funny depending on what the character requires. I’ll just say that as she or her character matures so does her acting.
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