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  1. I love the gallery scene too! The way she compares her self-worth against the art pieces was great. Such a mature conversation between the two. I’m looking forward to the development of their relationship. I’m actually guessing that the driver is connected to the ex-Director. She mentioned to RG that there are other ways to make SDM resign/disappear? Thanks in advance for the live recap!
  2. Ep3 I’d say SDM experienced the best day of her life and the worst in this ep. Lucky for her to meet her idol up close. She’s gotta be the envy of her fandom. PMY was really styled prettily. Can’t blame RG for staring at her (he’s looking good himself). I was laughing so hard at the background music on the way to the apt, really ’Power of Love’? Love the reaction of RG to a wet SDM. He looks flustered and at the same time can’t believe how SDM got herself in that situation. And wow so RG lives on the same apt bldg. At first I thought it was a sarcastic joke when he said he used the elevator to get to SA’s place. So sad to see SDM being harassed this way. I hope this doesn’t really happen in real life. Good thing EG is there to save her. She’s really lucky to have him as a friend. Once again, I just lol at the running joke bet them on why can’t SDM treat him better and her response is she does treat him good and that’s the reason why he’s still alive I just love their dynamics. Seeing RG going against Director Eom was great. I thought RG won’t be able to stand his ground since he was appointed by her aside from being the owner as well. Too bad the repercussion fell on SDM as she was cruelly slapped by the evil hag. So from having eggs thrown at you earlier in the day, getting slapped in the afternoon, her evening has to end up by being almost run over by a car. Talked about extremes! It’s a good thing another hero comes along. Damn, RG shouting was intense. I couldn’t help but squeal when he shouted that SDM is his girlfriend! Freudian slip?
  3. There’s definitely a one-sided love here. SDM is so focused on SA then RG comes along so EG is pretty much at the far end of the line. But I love their relationship and I already have a soft spot for him. I got so many lol moments on their scenes and you can see he cares about her.
  4. I actually thought her curator skills were shown when she quickly handled the mold issue in the painting. As a curator, she knows how to take care of her collections. But if you’re referring to skills related to art acquisitions, it seems she’s not just given the opportunity yet as her ideas were always shunned because the lady director doesn’t listen to her but doesn’t know any better. It was rightly pointed out by Ryan in China when DM bid for a painting by a famous artist but apparently w/ diminished skills so the value was really less than it was paid for. That’s why I’m glad RG is the new director as I’m hoping he’ll let DM do her job at the same time guide her since she still has a lot to learn.
  5. Finally able to watch the first two ep with Eng sub and I just loved it!!! Honestly at first I had some doubts after seeing the low ratings but I should’ve known my taste is diff from most K-viewers...lol. I’m happy to watch simple plots but with engaging characters and capable actors. On that front, this drama has delivered. Ep 1 started slow but Ep 2 more than made up for it. Probably because the leads have already started their interactions on the 2nd ep. I really enjoyed their ‘banterings’. RG can be rude but he does have a point most of the time. It’s a good thing SDM got the spunk and can dish it out as well. It almost seems like RG is actually enjoying when she stands up against him (love those smirks!). I’m also liking the relationship of the trio friends. I’m hoping for a lot of scenes with them. They’re all perfectly casted but special mention to PMY who’s showing a lot of different persona thanks to DM’s wild imaginations. It ranges from crazy to dramatic There’s a lot of LOL moments as well esp between DM and EG. My favourite was when EG said that he knew DM would someday kill ‘someone’ and DM retort that she thought it would actually be him...poor boy! Start taking her ‘death threats’ seriously now Another fav scene is the cafe scene bet RG and DM. It was just funny how DM felt indignant about the espresso being left out of the latte. She was taking it too personally...lol. Can’t blame her when it does remind her of her own situation. Ok I’m gonna stop before I fill out the whole page. I’m now looking forward to the next ep.
  6. Thanks again for the live recaps and screen caps!!! Are you talking about ABH’s character? Because the synopsis said that he’s a childhood friend. The teaser also mention that they’re all 33 yrs old. Also, based on the special ep it seems he has a one-sided love with SDM.
  7. Thank you so much for the live recaps and screen caps! Appreciate your efforts. From the caps alone, I’m excited to be able to watch this w/ Eng subs. PMY and KJW both look so gorgeous on screen.
  8. Yes PMY really can create good chemistry with her leads that would make you want to ship them...lol. It also seems like she’s bringing out the fun side of KJW. Based on the bts, KJW compliments her bright personality which makes shooting much easier and they look like having so much fun. I’m actually enjoying the bts more right now
  9. Reading the Soompi article, I’m glad to know that there seem to be some depth on the fangirling story. Quoting the director, “it’s about people who live passionately by loving and cheering passionately for someone else”. I like this statement. We all know there are people who ridicule or look down on fangirling but what we don’t know is the extent of happiness the fans get from being one. I’m so giddy viewing stills from the Special Ep and can’t wait to watch it after work. I hope there’ll be eng subs or would someone be kind enough to translate even if it’s just short summaries? I’d truly be grateful.
  10. I’m happy to see the leads already have good camaraderie. They look so comfortable with each other and I can definitely see the chemistry. Even with the short bts scenes so far, I can see them already being friendly. I like that they coordinated their looks during the conference. Maybe I’m just bias but I’m good with PMY’s dress. She’s confident and pretty to pull off the dress. KJW looks good too in his suit (glad the pants weren’t too short).
  11. PMY is so cute being naughty with her boss..lol. I’m glad she’s been given a dinner treat by her agency. They’re treating her good.
  12. All these stills and bts pics makes me really want to wish Apr 10 comes sooner! I’m so excited and can’t hardly stop refreshing instagram, twitter, soompi and YT everyday just to see any additional pics and vids.
  13. I think I’m the only one who just recently watched this for the first time. I’m just glad I was able to catch a few people here rewatching the drama and giving their thoughts again. I was surprised too when I keep seeing this thread with new posts so I checked it out. It feels like this drama has never gotten old. It’s surely one of the most enjoyable drama I’ve seen. Even if I’m so late, I’m happy to be part of the Healer bandwagon now...lol.
  14. Thank you @stroppyse and everyone else for sharing your thoughts on each eps. I enjoyed reading it and it was the perfect timing as I got to marathon Healer just over 2 weeks ago and finished it in 3 day! That’s how much I enjoyed (and got addicted to) this drama. I’m even rewatching each ep from time to time since then. Not sure when I can move on yet. I know I’m so late but now I understand why I keep on reading good things about Healer even 4 yrs after it has ended. I’m a big PMY fan after her drama last year so to get my fill, I’ve started watching her older dramas. I can say that Healer is one of her best. Her character was well written and she executed it with so much vibrancy. If I’ve watched this back then, I’d have been a fan much sooner probably a shipper too as I enjoyed her chemistry with JCW a lot. I just love all their scenes together. I also got a good laugh at all of JCW various ‘what the heck?’ expressions. He’s so good at it! Btw, thanks for mentioning about the deleted scene where JH found the list of questions for Healer in YS room. I was confused on why he’s filming himself while answering those questions. And of course the OST is still stuck in my head. I’m just frustrated as I can’t find Eternal Love from our local itunes. I only saw the version with MLTR singing it with a Chinese singer. It’s a good version but I still want the original . I’m surprised to learn this song was just made for the drama. I listened to a lot of MLTR songs years ago. No wonder I can’t find this song anywhere from their albums.
  15. Leon is just so cute in the video. He really seems to be like a toddler clinging to her mom...lol. He’s not camera shy either. It’s funny when PMY cuddles him too tight. This is just one of the poster, right? We could still expect for another one? This poster is good as PMY and KJW are both gorgeous but I also want to see the ‘fan’ version of SDM.
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