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  1. I’m a big PMY fan but not since ancient times (lol at the term). I’ve seen 5 of her dramas though and I’m always at awe at her acting. She can easily cry like a river (SKKS & 7DQ) or be charming/funny depending on what the character requires. I’ll just say that as she or her character matures so does her acting.
  2. You’re really a good artist! Thank you for sharing your art with us. Hoping to see more! Perhaps you can finish Ryan’s painting of DM? Lol @TheRoadtoPMY I love your spazzing/rave at PMY! I feel the same sentiments and I’m a girl Everything from her looks, fashion, acting, speech, intonations are just so spot on. I fully agree about her gorgeous silhouette. I would’ve liked to see the complete painting and have it hang on RG’s room.
  3. Lol! I can see a lot of frustrations here on the bed scene. I for one am just thankful we had one because I thought they’ll totally skip it. But is it really weird to wear some clothes after doing the deed? I mean it happens in real life. I probably haven’t watched a lot of kdramas because I haven’t seen a lot with female leads showing even a naked shoulder after a bs. It’s already seldom that they add bs esp to a rom-com genre. I thought most of them are still conservative.
  4. I get what you mean and had the same thoughts before. So I tried to rationalize it by thinking that SA isn’t doing idol activities at the moment that would warrant DM’s fangirl presence. Also with SA getting busy with the arts exhibit, DM had a lot of chance to see him up close (besides the elevator run ins). DM is only loyal to one idol at a time so I doubt she’d fangirl over another one at the same time. Her quirks as a fangirl is still there. She may not change but I like that she knows her priorities in life. Her bf right now is facing some difficulties so it makes more sense she’s focused on him. Their relationship is fairly new so nurturing it is important. I’ve always seen her character as a balanced one, nothing too irrational that’s why she’s able to create another side of her seemlessly. So I believe/hope we’ll see DM’s strong fangirl side again after the ‘angst arc’ is over.
  5. Oh yes I forgot to mention the secretary and the way he holds her purse (esp the caged-liked one few ep back)! The director may be mean but I couldn’t hate her that much because I can’t take her character seriously I also love how she hates Ryan because he also doesn’t take her seriously and would even ignore her thus her need to get a higher position just for him to listen to her.
  6. I love the still shots at the orphanage. Our lead couple are both so gorgeous! Some thoughts on Ep12: - loved how our couple spent the evening playing cards and watching movie. It was fun and sweet. I’m also looking forward to Ryan’s revenge. - That red carpet entrance of XDir EOM was just so extra! Lol. I’m truly enjoying the actress’ portrayal of this weird character. - it was satisfying to see the growth of Cindy. I actually loved all her scenes in this ep. She can still be annoying but in a younger sister kind of way. I liked it when she asked why they’re teaching arts to kids instead of just donating money. It was a valid question and glad DM explained it in a manner Cindy can understand. - how cute that the little girl has a crush on our lion. But young lady, you have to get in line! - the best gf showing how much she understands the struggle of her bf. The tracing of hands is just so touching. She truly understands his struggle and is slowly leading him the way - loved the car scene! That throwback to their first meeting is genius. DM is really getting bold isn’t she...lol. I want it too! - and of course the ad-lib kitchen scene! After seeing the bts, no one can blame us if we think most of this scene was ad-libbed, right?! These two are so cute I want to lock them in a room and throw away the key . - our 2 second leads drinking away their sorrow. Glad to know DI has accepted her fate and I know EG will get there too. He’s still a very decent guy and have always been there for DM so I can’t really hate him. Even Ryan knows he’ll always be part of DM’s life. I don’t really want to speculate on what will happen to the story as I’m the type who will just sit back and enjoy and/or be surprised. But it’s fun reading your theories. Let’s just hope that it’ll be a satisfying end to what has been a great show so far. Back to the bts of Ep11 & 12 - this is just so full of good stuff that I was laughing and smiling all throughout! I’m so glad to see they’re really having a good time despite working long hours of filming. If there’s one thing I can wish it’s that they’ll developed a good friendship that’ll last even after they finished this drama.
  7. Please let me know if the link that I posted is inappropriate or offended anyone and I’ll just delete it.
  8. Oh the waiting period is truly agonizing...glad to know I’m not the only one suffering But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Her Private Life is worth it! Love the small community we have here where we can have discussions and share our giggles and squeals with each other. Like most of you, I’m imagining the same scenario as that of DM’s own fansite cafe where the fans gather and talk amongst themselves. I know a lot is being mesmerised by the hottest leading man right now so I thought I’d share a link I chanced upon in Twitter describing WHY is Ryan Gold sexy. I think it’s a good prelude to the next ep. Just a warning though that this is a bit of a mature read so please click with caution (credit to the owner). https://mywebfoot.tumblr.com/post/184844362244/why-is-ryan-gold-sexy/amp?__twitter_impression=true
  9. Saw that vid too and I was impressed with the great editing skills! It was an awesome combination of MTG and KMS. It looks like a real show. Funny knowing that these two characters are the most memorable for each of them. Now I’m hoping they can work together on a thriller movie (but pls don’t make KJW be a psychopath again...lol). On another note, does anyone else thinks that KJW as RG has some similar vibes to Hugh Grant? The hair, clothing style plus deep voice just suddenly reminds me of him.
  10. I know PMY is really pretty but she’s especially mesmerizing on this ep Her smile is so dazzling. It’s like I can really feel the happiness radiating from her as Deok Mi who’s very much in love. She’s so cute fangirling over her own love life. Don’t worry DM, you can always visit this site & all soc med if you want to see screencaps, gifs of all your kissing scenes...lol And how do I even begin describing KJW as Ryan?! My words are not going to be good enough. I just have to agree with everyone’s thoughts in here. He’s the MAN! All the affections/kisses he’s showering towards DM will leave anyone squealing. As for EG, I know he’s getting a lot of hate right now but not from me. I just feel sad for him. He still has his good moments. His interaction with the kid is also so cute. Love the part when the kid was clinging on to his leg Maybe it’s not right given the circumstances but I laughed at the part SJ was trying to ‘kill’ her husband. The creepy song was hilarious! This drama is my happy pill right now. I can’t wait for another week again. But the waiting wouldn’t be hard this time as I now have 10 ep to rewatch with a lot of scenes on repeat mode
  11. I’ve just started watching Ep9 right now and I can’t stop laughing at the restaurant scene! The whole sequence was hilarious Ryan and Deok Mi glaring at each other at the front of the restaurant then Ryan suddenly twist his head and went straight at the door (the attitude was priceless..lol). Then DM making adorkable expressions because she finds Ryan so cute but suddenly gets irritated (apparently because he’s greedy being all too perfect) and blurting out his ‘selfishness’. So poor Ryan feeling sorry when all he’s doing is getting soup for everyone. I feel sorry for the officemates for the stressful environment...lol! Love this part!
  12. Thanks for this info! Oh I remember this special ep! I wasn’t familiar with the movie so I didn’t make the connection right away. @bliss1004 I’ve watched MEC so I was also thinking it could be from that show but it was a long time ago so I wasn’t sure. Thanks all for the response!
  13. @Ameera Ali you have some excellent gifs! yup we can’t deny the cuteness of DM on that one
  14. This is really an embarrassing question considering I’ve watched all the ep but can someone tell me why we’re referring to DM’s character as bunny? I know she wears a headband with bunny ears but is there any other reason that I missed?
  15. Wow this thread is on fire! I see we have the angst now. It’s not helping that we have 1 week to wait for the next ep! Uurrggh... the perils of live watching. I haven’t watched it yet but read some recaps and saw short clips. I wanted to see the whole ep to get the full context before I share my thoughts. However, I can already say that I’m not that mad about the ending. As others have already said, this can be a normal defensive instinct. There are people who are afraid of being rejected by someone we care. Yes, communication is the key but this 2 have only known each other for a couple of weeks? Let’s give them some time. I just remember a bts, was the picnic with the parents already shown? Did I miss it? If not then there’s a good chance the mother will help things move along between our couple
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