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  1. so my boyfriend of almost two years is currently studying for a certification for his job and is using his sundays to dedicate his time to do so. we live about an hour apart so usually when we see each other he comes to my place and spends the weekend (he lives with 5 other people in a house and i rarely go to see him because d we usually get into fights when im at his place bc it's uncomfortable - this is how he prefers it?) Because of this, he he rarely gets to see his friends since for the entire year and a half we've been together he has been driving up to my place to spend his free time with me. 


    anyways, sobecause of quarantine he has shifted the days to spending time with me from friday night to sunday morning to thursday - saturday late afternoon/night so he can go home and wake up early to study on sundays, because of that, our time spent together these days is usually:

    (1) thursday night (when he comes) we hang out till we pass out (usually 11pm or 12am for me, he sleeps at 2 or 3am usually) 

    (2) friday we both work until 5 or 6pm and hang out till we pass out (again usually me first) 

    (3) saturday he sleeps until noon - i usually wake up really early because I can't sleep past 10am, and we hang out until he leaves to go back home around 6 or 7pm. 


    so saturday is really the only day we can do anything and spend quality time together - about 6 or 7 hours. 


    a few weekends ago the weather was nice and finally our state opened up. he was very excited and suggested we go try some new places to eat and maybe even go fishing. on saturday he woke up at noon and we went to go to a restaurant near a nice park area and after we were done eating i suggested we go to the park - which he said no to because he didn't want to go without his dog (who needed tick medicine - last time we went hiking he got a few on him). his friends were also having a bbq that day and he jokingly said we should go but we didn't because we had a few fights last months when i went to his place for his friend's parties. anyways, after the park we went back to my place, took a quick nap, and he went home (around 6 or 7pm? I forgot). so he goes home, sees his friends and tells me they ask him to go fishing with them sunday morning. i didn't wanna be rude so i said "you should go" - but he told me he had to study on sunday so i figured he wouldn't go. anyways, next morning i text him and he sends me pictures of going fishing with his friends. then after fishing he goes home to take a nap which ends up being from 4pm until 10pm because he was super exhausted since they woke up around 5am to go. so he basically didn't study at all that day which he said he was going to do. 


    i don't know, but am i overreacting? i still feel pissed about what happened even though we made up. he said he has to dedicate his sundays to study but instead he goes fishing with his friends. he usually does use his sundays to study so this is a one time thing but i felt pretty hurt and not a priority because the time we've been spending together lately hasn't really been quality time (working, sleeping, watching netflix, and cooking/eating at home) 

  2. I hate my job I hate my coworkers. Literally have no friends and everyone is a two faced back stabbing a hole. I seriously think people there have nothing better to do then to make others feel as miserable as they do. I'm just gonna keep to myself from now on. My social life is no better though. I have two stupid pos friends who waste their lives away doing dumb things and not bettering their selves. God why????? Please take these toxic people out of my life and bring more positive nurturing individuals so that I can be lifted from the darkness. Lord give me courage to walk away and please change their hearts

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  3. no exactly a bad day, but something i need to get off my chest. tuesday was supposed to be an entertaining show for me, thats all. right now all i have on my mind is relationship issues. i am getting involved in something i wanted nothing to do with in the first place. first of all, B came up to me and started telling me what to do, so I got annoyed and told her to teach me (since it was her job anyways) how to do what I needed to do, then the boss came up to us and started screaming at B.

    I ran off because it was too heated and i didn't want to be part of it. Then B went crying to the vice president (?) or whatever it is he is.... and he decided it was time to get rid of the manager. and another manager. WOW. lol idk what to think about that. this manager is the one who told me she thought this company was doing well. WTF do i do? i want to quit this company. but i quit too many companies and its time for me to just stay and grow in one place. the fact that the EVP (idk what he is tbh?) wants me to take her place. i should grab this opportunity, since its great but at the same time.. WTF!!!!!! =/ idk. that's insane. making someone a manager when they dont know wtf is going on. 

    =/ THIS SUCKS. i just dont want B to be manager either because she is a ... yea i'm not saying it but u know. 

  4. I met a guy on an dating app who seems to be pretty nice. He's not exactly the most talkative person but he's pretty friendly. Anyways we were chatting for about two weeks until he finally asked if I wanted to meet uP. We met up and had a good time and he talked about how he wanted to take me to other places on future dates, so I thought maybe he was interested. Anyways we continued chatting and our conversation kinda died after a day or two after the date. I decided I wanted to see him again so last Friday I asked if he was busy on Sunday and he said no so we decided to meet up again. He kept the convo going until Sunday but then He told me Sunday morning he didn't sleep well the night before (I think he has some sleeping issues) and asked if we could reschedule. A minute or two later he said he would try to sleep a bit and see if he had the energy to go out again bc he still wanted to go. I told him I really wanted to go and he agreed to go and we met up. We had a good time and he talked again about how we should meet up in the future and at the end of the date asked if I could give him a hug... The next day he told me he wanted to go out and do something again that day but he didn't really ask directly if I wanted to join him. After we talked about the subject for a bit I asked if he was going alone. Then he said "maybe I'll just stay home to do some stuff, what r u doing today?" And I told him I was hanging a friend but wasn't sure bc she wasn't getting back to me. Like wtf does that mean?? And then we stopped talking after I answered... 

    A lot of our hangouts occur by one of us talking about how we want to visit a place and the other person then asking if the other person wants to do something ...

    do u guys think this guy is not interested and playing w multiple women? I already initiated the second date... Shouldn't he initiate the third?? And if he did, wtf is that? Why can't he just directly ask me. What should I do? I do want to see him again. 



  5. say a guy you are on a date with says things about random attractive woman you guys see walking around..

    like.. maybe you are waiting in line to get popcorn at a theater and there is a girl in the front ordering who is very tall, and he says a comment like, "wow that girl is really tall..." 

    is he trying to make you jealous?

    or is he just making verbal observations?

  6. Honestly, I don't think it works for me. 

    If it does work for you then you are more than likely a very strong minded person who knows yourself well and exactly what you want in life. The only reason you are resorting to online dating is because you have a busy schedule and are unable to meet people in person. However, without these circumstances online dating is not something you need to do because you are already perfectly capable of meeting a person offline.

    For the rest of us, well some of us aren't as lucky. Most people who are on online dating - who have tried and failed (myself included) have something they need to fix in themselves -  I believe It's mostly emotional health. Online dating used to have a bad rep in the early days because it was considered to be only for the desperate and lonely. Sure, today it's considered hip and cool and most people are doing it.... but STILL you have to ask yourself, why? Why is it suddenly considered cool and hip, after so many years to meet someone with one swipe? If you look back on the past 5 years social media has really been BLOWING up - so much that it's out of control and people cannot be away from their phones. AND THEREIN LIES THE PROBLEM. People today are becoming more and more socially inept and unable to create meaningful connections with the outside world because it's SO MUCH easier to do these things on the internet. And wow, is that sad. 

    The ONLY dating app that I think works is coffee meets bagel. But ONLY when it was in its beginning stages. Nowadays, I feel like it's received an influx of people who previously frequented sites such as okcupid, POF, and tinder in order to find hook up partners and want to "try something new". (again, individuals who struggle with emotional health)

    In conclusion, I think online dating only works if you are emotionally healthy. (physical health is important too, but if you have emotional health I believe that is something easy to achieve as you have already passed over an EXTREMELY difficult obstacle many people struggle with on a day to day basis). A phrase that I constantly keep in my head is "nothing in life worth having comes easy" (people who watch scrubs - you know where I go this quote) and I really, truly believe that. 

    The REAL question you need to ask before signing up for these websites is - are you MENTALLY prepared for dating in general? Emotionally, spiritually, physically? If the answer to those three are no, don't even waste your time. You have a lot of work to do. 

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  7. So I have this friend I've known since high school. He's a super nice guy and fun to be around but just not dating material.

    last year around this time I was feeling lonely and wanted someone to spend the holidays with so we dated briefly for about 2 months. I soon realized he and I were not compatible and broke it off but still remain friends with him

    recently his behavior has given me reason to believe he still thinks we are together even tho I have made it clear that we are just friends. 

    Would it be in his and my best interest if I told him that I hold no romantic feelings for him and only think of him as a good friend or should I wait till the feelings he have for me die down and our friendship is back to a pure level with no feelings involved? 

  8. men just continue to disappoint me. its usually the ones that i adore that treat me the worst. when i see the red flags why do i lose strength and give in? it's the 20th time this has happened to me. if he wasnt so tall and good looking i wouldn't have even though TWICE about leaving 

    please god, i'm so weak. why cant i just be strong? time and time again this has happened. 

    the ones who chase me usually end up hurting me so am i supposed to get with the ones who meet me halfway? i have to remind myself, if he chases you he is probably (a) desperate/gross (b) a PSYCHO or (c) a narcissistic piece of CRAP. 

    on a side note, i got a great compliment from my director today. she said i am catching on alot faster than she though =) *zing!* point one for me!!!

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  9. I recently got out of a relationship with a guy I met on OkCupid. At the beginning he was very sweet and nice and would call and text me very often. 

    When we finally met up, I was instantly attracted to him and decided to continue and maintain the relationship. After about 4 weeks of talking to one another he asked me to become official with him. I thought it was very cute how he asked me and decided to give it a shot.

    After our second date, he asked me if he could meet my friends. I was a little uncomfortable about introducing him to my friends due to a bad experience I had in the past with an ex boyfriend. I decided I would take it a little slow and wait until I could fully trust the guy I was dating to introduce him to my friends.

    Many things he did in our relationship (that only lasted about a month) came off as shady. In addition, he had a very bad temper and difficulty communicating when we had issues. (when we would hang out or talk on the phone he acted happy and like nothing was wrong but later would text me to tell me he was angry).  

    A few weeks ago I told him that I would introduce him to my friends this upcoming labor day weekend, but decided last Sunday to change my mind because a week before he flipped out on me and started acting shady again.

    The day after that, i messaged him and he broke up with me and told me never to speak to him again 

    My question is 

    (a) Why was he so desperate to meet my friends?

    (b) I understand that I did not treat him nicely sometimes either but why couldn't he communicate and work out our issues rather than running away and resorting to texts as the only form of communication? 

  10. the IT department at my company is pissing me off. they are loud, obnoxious, worthless creatures who do nothing but gab on the phone all day about the most stupidest irrelevant crap on earth. they all need to be outsourced no joke. incompetent nincompoops, these scumbags really try to bully everyone in the company because they know how to fix a computer. i swear to god, if one of them comes at me again i am gonna rip them a new one. NO LIE... a bunch of whiny men who act like babies, thats what they are. 


    COME AT ME BRO. i'll take the BOTH OF YOU ... i ain't even playing! 

    they make my blood boil .... 

  11. if a good friend of yours who was in a relationship announced to people on Facebook that he was cheating on his girlfriend would you not get involved? (lets just say his gf doesn't have fb)
    also, what is your opinion on a person like this? 

  12. okay so lets say you were talking to this girl and asked her if she wanted to go watch a movie and she seemed really excited and said "okay! when?!??" 
     two hours later you received a text from her saying that she has a dinner to attend and if you guys could reschedule. 
    would that be considered rude in ur opinion? would u be offended? 

  13. have u ever gotten a boner and tried to hide it? what are ur methods? 
    @writerstale someone i know asked me for a hug and then 2 minutes later said he had to run to the bathroom and had a book on his crotch the entire time after .... maybe I'm thinking too much!!?? lollololol!

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