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  1. This series is so fun to watch. I’ve seen Jang Dong Yoon in supporting roles so I’m happy he got the lead role in this one. Just praying that TTON maintains its balance between comedy and drama. I hate it to be like Love in the Moonlight or 100 Days My Prince in the end.
  2. Hi, can someone explain the significance of the gold frog that Nokdu gave the head godsend? I didn’t really get that.
  3. Hi all. Anyone have a link to the drama’s opening credits? I’m watching it now and it doesn’t have the opening credits.
  4. I watched the first and it was a bit confusing in the beginning so I had to watch it twice just to understand certain characters. Eun som’s father - Ragaz, did he have a twin brother? At the white mountain when the Saram were trying to make peace with the Neoanthals or the blue people, I swear it seemed like Ragaz had a twin. Or maybe it’s because of the way they transition the scene as they were leaving the mountain.
  5. I think the kiss will get interrupted during the scene in the preview but then it will occur at a later point in the episode.
  6. Hi all! I would like to join everyone here. I’ve been usually lurking and just enjoying everyone’s thoughts. So far I’ve been enjoying the drama. So glad Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na reunited for this. I honestly thought their chemistry was misused in Goblin. Initially I was put off by Yoo In Na’s acting but now I think she has a better understanding of OJS. Anyone else curious about KJR’s past? What happened 5 years ago? In terms of their first kiss, I think it will be in episode 8 — a perfect way to end the first half of the drama.
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