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  1. I’ve been lurking this thread since the day I started googling Meteor Grden 2018 and OMG I am so happy to read your comments, thoughts and insights to every episode. This week is kinda bittersweet for me as a fan of the show. You know that feeling when you want to know whats gonna happen next but you don’t want the show to end? That’s what I am feeling right now and I bet you guys too. This version is indeed a rollercoaster ride for me/us. When I first watch this I was like? Meh? Really but boy after 2 episodes I am whipped. I can’t stop. Twitter, IG, you name it. I am a stalker of the show and of course #DyShen (I can’t help it! They ate just tooooooo adorable and I hope and I pray that someday.. someday they will be reunited or can date IRL. But who knows? Hahaha) And to think that I have to wait for Netflix to upload the episode. I will miss the show definitely. I’m already telling my friends that for the comings there will be some serious random crying, withdrawal once this show ends. Sorry for the random drama. I just need to let it out since I’ve seen the previews for the next episode. I can’t help to be emotional too. Hormones!!! I do have a question tho. I’m actually trying to keep up with the episode and the manga but it seems that everything is happening in a blink of an eye. In episode 36 they are lovey dovey and now Shancai is in London? What is happening? And how are they gonna fit everthing with 6/7 remaining episodes. There are a lot of pictures that are still not airing. Like the one where I think Shancai is sleeping in the classroom and Dao Ming Si is watching her sleep? How are they supposed to end it? I hope they don’t just end it senselessly. Huhuhuhu
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