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  1. I still think the plot has many loopholes and depressing as hell. Simply because I was balling my eyes out. My husband even asked why are you crying at this time of year and everytime it’s on. I said cuz her friend is dying and i know they won’t be together!!! N I’ll cry again whenever I see clips on instagram. Lol. I’ll miss them for sure. Happy grumpy Monday from my neck of the woods 

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  2. @tlireal I think I'm the same with you. I am still watching to support SHK but the plot itself has so many loopholes. I'm into all kind of genres if the plot is good. There’s something missing/lacking. As for Sw n YE relationship, maybe the writer is trying to say that because they were still in the “honeymoon” phase, where everything is perfect/he is perfect and BAM! he's gone. She was confused/hurt and resent men in general cuz of SW. That's just my take on it. I'm hella annoyed with CS, guys. I have a friend similar to her back in high school and I cut off ties with her selfish self once I knew how crappy she was. How could YE put up with her for that long is beyond me  

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  3. what I've learned from others is that, haters are insecure about themselves, unhappy, etc.. So they will dissect everything you do to put you down in order to make themselves feel better. If you wish to be controlled by hate/negativity, so be it, but the world is a much better place if you could turn negative to positive. I have nothing but love/respect for SHk cuz she never let haters have the ability to control her emotion and just do what she loves most and hella rich cuz of it. Lol. Ok I'm done ranting. 

    @twtwb OMG! I see that you've decided to come out of your corner to say something. You've been very quiet. 

    Episode 2 finally subbed at 100%!!! 


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  4. 2 hours ago, noor1 said:

    My problem with this drama is simply this: 1) Unless 'Jae-Guk Yoon' is an adopted brother or cousin or close friend of Sun Woo Yoon, it is an extremely cheap drama trope to use 2 brothers as lovers of a woman, and highly unlikely that a woman wouldn't know the family or vice versa (even if it was a secretive / forbidden relationship 10 years ago), or for her to fall for 2 brothers and have a relationship with each, and also, highly improbable for the relationship to be okay for everyone, especially parents. This is ridiculous and unnecessary drama trope and hopefully JGY and SWY are not really related. 


    2) The 'my heart is broken because the love of my life never showed up - and I thought he dumped me' trope is unrealistic and laughable because people have various ways of communicating with each other, and if he is that great a love, why wouldn't a reasonable and sensible woman contact him or his family to find out where he is. How can a woman not know the friends of the 'great love'? So I hope everyone including her knows he's dead and that her problem has simply been she loved him too much and no other man has measured up to him. 


    3) If she slept with JGY because he reminded her of SWY, then the drama is even more cheap, because that means she sees the dead guy in the 'brother' / relative of the dead guy! 


    4) The FL actress SHK has been working for a very long time, and is very famous, and is pretty, but frankly, is a robot, expression-wise, and so is the ML. But ML is filmed as extremely hot and SHK looks old and frigid. The 10 year age gap is not mentioned either. Why would a young successful guy go after someone that middle-aged just over a one-night stand and then get fixated because he was friends or family of her dead lover? 


    This drama is looking like an attempt to sell clothes and merchandise by showing PYTs going through a simulated hard-to-believe forced tragic-romance. And since it's SHK's first come-back drama after divorce, she is bound to make money on and off screen from this one. Even if she remains as wooden as the first frame.  


    6) I think this faux-drama is more about the FL breaking up with the ghost of memory of the 'great' love of her life as opposed to any break-up with the new guy. I think it's supposed to be a healing / progressive relationship for both because both have commitment issues in their own way. But I have a problem watching this drama if the ML is the dead guy's brother and FL doesn't know dead guy's family, and if the mechandise-placement is too much and too obvious, all the time. 


    7) OST is very good. 


    Taylor Swift's song 'All too well and 'Pablo Neruda's line 'love is short, forgetting is long' comes to mind. 


    To think this faux-tragedy drab-fest money-maker follows One The Woman!  

    Obviously, being kind is not your forte. You don't have to like the drama, but there's absolutely no need to put actor/actress down either. Why can't you just say it's her first comeback after taken a few years off? Why do you have to bring the divorce up? We can all be an adult and discuss our differences about the drama WITHOUT belittling another person. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, Pitchoum said:

    I am not criticize them, I am proud of them, especially by knowing how hard it is, like for us Korean. It is already hard to learn a language, so them learning it in few weeks is impressive. I learn English for years at School, I could only speak it, when I study in US and work in Canada on the West Coast.


    I do think the story is good, after it is a Melodrama, I do prefer this drama over One The Woman for exemple. After, it will all depends on people.


    So sorry. I didn’t mean to imply you were criticizing them. I meant to say I can’t say anything about the way they speak when I can’t speak myself. Didn’t mean to make you look negative. 
    I’ve watched one the woman and gave up after 2 episodes. I didn’t feel it. My coworker loved WWW but I can’t get into it either, so yeah, it’s all depends on your reference. 

  6. 8 minutes ago, Pitchoum said:

    The accent is cliche, especially JKY. We do not speak like that. However, I know how hard it is to speak French especially for people like Korean who has different alphabet. You can see SHK knows worrds, because her prononciation is good for some words. Not everything because there sentence I could not understand


    If the rating is not double digit, in My opinion does not seems really good especially from SBS. I do not know

    I tried to learn and still can’t speak so I have no room to criticize them. They did better than I would. Hehehe. As for the ratings, to be honest, when I heard about the plot, I was not that excited but I’ll watch it because of SHK. So I can see why if the rating is not double digits starting out. However, it’s only 1st episode. It may increase after. Let’s have faith!!! :)


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  7. 2 minutes ago, redbeanbuns said:

    Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!already finish watched first epi,n its superrrrrrr goooddddd all of it..hahaha..its really their ONS :1646639759_ezgif.com-gif-maker(1): although they say its 19+ I think its not really that hot kind of thing..it just perfect,they shoot it really beautifully n I like it..maybe if they air it at cable tv,its different story,maybe wayyyy hotter than that..all n all just wanna say,good job NWBU team!!!what ever the result is,my korean drama flame is ON again becz of SHK comeback n this masterpiece drama..

    Btw don't know anything bout france language,but when SHK n JKY utter the lines with that,its sexy :heart2beat:

    French is very hard to learn/speak. I took 3 years of French and can’t remember a thing, let alone speaking like them. I’m proud of them!! 

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