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  1. Episode 182 was definitely one of the best episodes.. I'm totally enjoyed watching it from the start to the end..For me, there were no dull moments in this episode.. I love the horse racing game but my favorite would be the water game..Wow, this fan named Irene must loves Running Man a lot.. I can be considered one the fanatic fans of Running Man.. but, I never thought of planning the storyline script and ideas for Running Man.. She should be one the scriptwriters for RM.. Her ideas was great..Thanks to her I laughed so hard while watching this episode 

  2. Just watched episode 10 today.. I cried lot a while watching Jang Hyun Sung visiting his dad grave.. It's really moved me when a man cries like that.. I had my tears too when Tablo visit his dad's grave but Jang Hyun Sung made me cries a lot more.. It reminds me to my late grandfather..It's good to see that Sarang can finally enjoying her food.. So funny when she cried just because she was hungry 

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  3. I just started watching this show  after  it has episode 6 already. Mostly because my roommate kept pushing me to watch it..Man.. I really enjoyed this show.. my favorite child definitely Sarang..But my favourite appa is Lee Hwi Jae.. haha.. He's funny that's why.. Poor Tablo, he's a good dad.. I can see he's trying so hard to impressed Haru.. I wished my dad was like that when I was little :-wChu Soonghoon is definitely lucky  to have daughter like Sarang..

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  4. @czakhareinaThanks for that info, I've never knew about the China version.. :-*
    @GaudiI know right.. what's with the wig.. It's US version for god sake.. People will always imagined Hollywood.. The home of film maker..It's already costing a lot of money but basically their production can only be rated as college video project..They should know how many fandom have grown since the first version produced in Taiwan a decade ago..Clearly, a proper planning need to be done before they act on it.. Like for example gain a better leverage such as finding a production house, convincing a director or producer, better castings and etc.. This may take time but it surely will turned out great with a professional guidance..Heck, they were so many independent Hollywood films nowadays and some of them have unexpectedly topped the box-office. US remake based on Asian pieces is not new, Boys Before Friends is adapted from great pieces but has been poorly executed. 

  5. I have watching all 3 versions of Taiwan : Meteor Garden, Japan : Hana Yori Dango and Korean : Boys Over Flowers.. Great drama, excellent acting despite different version.. I literally grew up watching these dramas.. I was only 11 years old when Meteor Garden airing in my country and I'm already 18 when watching the Korean version. Sadly I have also watched the US remake last week. But I stop watching it in the middle because hurm.. there's no word can described it :-w

  6. I've just started to watch this drama 3 days ago.. at first i think the ghost are quite scary, but then I really enjoyed this drama. So shame I never watched it earlier. I'm always a fan of Hong Sisters drama  and My Girl is theirs first drama I've watch back in 2005. I'm really anticipating for their next project.. ;)

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