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  1. ahh @joowonised, how could we save you when we, ourselves are drowning deeper and deeper (in moaty lake, for some). But believe me, this drowning is a fun one, a passionate one, the one you will always look forward. You will die, and live again, your ovaries ovary will burst countless time, your nose will bleed forever...
    and @farbarri, this is why I like this thread too. People are positive and kind to each other. Sensible. I stay in this thread longer than any previous ones. And we are not afraid to be an adult here... (the one I like the most... green moaty monsters reside here!)

  2. With Good Doctor is ending soon, what Joo Won said before about his character's parents are true. Even in GD, he's still has a father / parents issue. But in all drama, he expressed his feeling towards his parents damn well that I always cried with him (so many of you too... right) He is one good actor, really really good actor. My jaw dropped for his awesomeness in Gaksital and my heart ached continuously for him in Good Doctor. He is someone else in every drama, never the same. 

  3. mrdimples said: I know I shouldn't be but I am so F***** mad at people's comments about how the show should be realistic and not portray SO & YS being in love.Because autistic people cannot fall in love and cannot satisfy the partner. Maybe I am even more mad that people agree with these comments.

    I am out for tonight.

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