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  1. so, from what I read here...i'll wait till the next episode be subbed. if it is a cryfest...then i need to be prepared. with kleenex and some munchies. i am here to enjoy this drama no matter what's going on. (^o^)v i just want to thank everyone here who were posting the live recap and images!!! I can survive for a few days as long as read y'all recap! I'm amazed at the subbers too! now that's dedication. sometimes other people forget that these subbers have other things to do and they're doing this for fun and not getting paid. So i truly appreciate them. I'm so glad i'm busy this week, so i can distract myself from watching the drama. I'll do a marathon this weekend. hehehehe. Thank you all!!!
  2. It is like sweetness overload!!! The way WH looks at YJ is just heart melting. OMG. I want to have a man like that. It is simple, but the impact is big! its like there's an arrow just gone through my heart! Swoon-worthy! LOL Thank you for all the ones who posted the live recap!!! I love y'all!!! I'm at work and I couldn't watch, plus I won't be able to understand either. hahahaha. I'm waiting for VIKI to finished the sub to watch it again, yeah I already watched it without subs...but it is soooo good! This drama is just so refreshing! I love how YJ had the hunger strike, then she went on with binging. LOL...I so love YEH!
  3. I can't stop watching the GIF with YEH massaging CMY's neck. It's so adorable! And that upper look he gave her was just cute!!! They are very comfortable with each other. I don't think I ever liked any of YEH's leading man as much as I like him. I think if they do go out he will take good care of YEH. Again, thanks for all the Xman clips and the awesome GIFs! I want to see the massage GIF again. LOL.
  4. First of all...Thank you all for the live recap!!! I always appreciate Y'all and all those still images Y'all posted. I so love this forum! I'm not going to watch the latest episode because I know I'll be crying and would want to throw my computer down...lol. Plus its Thanksgiving, so time to eat and be merry and not to cry. Y'all recap will get me through next week! I learned from the very beginning not to pay attention to the ratings. I love YEH and all the movies and series she did. Plus, how can they show this at that late time slot?! On a working / School days too! Everyone would be zonked out by 9 pm. Tsk tsk tsk. So, the ratings are just a bunch of **** I just throw it outside my window and enjoy this wonderful series. Honestly, I don't know much about the main guy, but watching this series, OMG...I'm hooked on him. I want to have a man like that!!! I think he is my favorite leading man with YEH to this date. Love his character in the series and the way he delivers it is just swoon-worthy. I do love the character development on each one. I think once they have this hurdle fixed, another hurdle that involves her father will be next. Again, thank you everyone for all your posts!!! I'll be lurking here and there...hehehehe...then posting my thoughts.
  5. I hate that wannabe wife to be. So evil! I just want to smack her silly! Then again, for her to make me hate her so much, she's one good actress. I don't think I've seen her somewhere before. YJ and WH...wowwwwww...I can never get tired of them flirting with each other. So refreshing to see the main guy not beat around the bush. I just hope he fights for his love and not stupidly sacrificed things for nothing. I would just go and get a press conference and tell the world he is in love with YJ, that his no good father wants to do with him and that richard simmons of a girl who created all the lies to ruin YJ. But then if that happens the drama will be over. LOL. i want more of YJ and WH. We all know after all the crying and the anger...there will be a happy ending. right??? i want marriage and two years later to see their twin kids running around! hahahahahaha. if that won't happen, then I'll write it for my fanfiction!
  6. KHJ is so scary, makes you wonder if these things really happen in real life. But I'm loving this drama so much!!! The acting is just right! Love YEH and now Im liking CJM! Its going to be a long week.
  7. @oly40 You are the bomb!!! Thanks for those previous scenes!!! I'm freaking love this drama!
  8. whoa whoa whoa...I thought there were some connection with the fire when they are both suffered the same thing...then the firefighter who helped him was definitely a woman...could that be YYJ's mom? who saved him? Oh woooowwww.
  9. I know right? I'm surprised they didn't drag it too. YYJ has a good head on her shoulder. Once she sees the real thing she didn't push it anymore. The same time she knew herself and how she ask for help so she won't crumble. I love the character development so early the series. I can't wait to see episode 4!!!!
  10. I keep on re-watching episode 1 and 2...waiting for English sub for episode 3. Almost done on Viki! I finally subscribed to Viki just to watch YEH's new drama. hahahaha. I was watching ep 2 so much that I noticed a few things...when she woke up after being drunk...that part she started cleaning up...there was a part that her face was already nice and clean, then the next scene her face went back to being disheveled. I just love YEH's acting. Love it when she switched from being playful to being serious. You can feel in the atmosphere the way she acts. So thankful for this new drama! Oh and the guy is growing at me now. hehehe
  11. OMG!!! I'm so excited! I can't wait for the sub to come out. I'll try to ignore VIKI for the next two days and just camp here. LOL. The story is picking up since all the characters have been introduced. I'm so curious what's going on, but i have to be patient. Thank you, everyone, for all the updates. I saw a post regarding arrange marriage. My family loves this. Especially when they find out we're still single. They will say something about they know someone with a good personality and have money and such and such...I used to get upset, but then I realized, why get upset? I should just play along. hehehehe... I scare them away!!! They don't like stubborn and 'Americanized' person whatever that means. I just say what's on my mind. Well, i can't wait for episode 4 too! I want to know why he agreed with the arrangement! and I love that the reporter is on YEH's side. hehehe
  12. I've been camping around here hoping will see another preview for episode 3. While waiting...I was thinking how i want to smack that guy that dumped YEH. Not familiar with their names yet. hehehehe. Anywayz, i know her friend and fellow actor has a crush on YEHs character. Me hating the characters and loving the rest is just proof how good these actors are! They made want to smack and kick one while the other one I just want to hug and pinched their cheeks. I love this drama. Can't stop smiling. I know I'll be crying later since YEH is good at making others cry when she cries. hehehe
  13. I loved YEH since her X Man days then Goong, Vineyard Man, Coffee Prince, Lie to Me, Marry him if you dare and others! I have her dramas! I support her 100% All my stories have her as my main lady! hehehehe.
  14. I'm loving this drama already! It's been a while since I posted at soompi, but I just want to say I'm excited about this drama. I'll enjoy the ride! Love YEH! Oh and thank you for all who are sharing videos and photos of the drama! I just need this to continue the stories I wrote and probably create new ones!
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