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  1. Outside of topic... My first exposure to Zhu Yilong is from Guardian.... It may not have been the best drama, but this guy can show his emotions just by staring... This may be why I like him as an actor, not so much of how his character QH has been written in the drama.
  2. My two cents... If only we could hear the internal dialogue of what is going on in every characters head.... Then we can understand their actions.... Being frustrated is meaningless. Sit back and enjoy the show, it is not perfect without flaws.... The discussion is great, but a little too intense...
  3. If there wasn't conflict or drama, is it even worth watching? If characters were always perfect, wouldn't it get too boring? I'm just one of those people who like to sit back and enjoy the show. The scenes are written and directed by others, who am I to dispute?
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